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Mini TelePro Shovel T6

Voile Mini TelePro Shovel T6

$31.17 $47.95 35% Off

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Mini Shovel

Voile Mini Shovel

$25.97 $39.95 35% Off

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Snow Eco Shovel

ARVA Snow Eco Shovel

$27.96 $34.95 20% Off



T6 Tech Shovel

Voile T6 Tech Shovel

$42.22 $64.95 35% Off

5 5 (5)


B52 Shovel

Backcountry Access B52 Shovel

$38.97 $59.95 35% Off

5 5 (4)


Ultra Shovel

ARVA Ultra Shovel

$48.96 $69.95 30% Off

3 5 (1)


AviTECH Shovel

G3 AviTECH Shovel

$39.57 $71.95 45% Off

5 5 (14)


Mini Ovo Light Shovel

ARVA Mini Ovo Light Shovel

$32.97 $59.95 45% Off



SpadeTECH Shovel

G3 SpadeTECH Shovel

$38.97 $64.95 40% Off

4 5 (5)


Beast Shovel

Ortovox Beast Shovel

$35.37 $58.95 40% Off

4 5 (1)


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How to Buy an Avalanche Shovel

The Last Step in Saving A Life
Avalanche Shovels

The fastest beacon search ever doesn’t do you any good if you can’t dig out your friend. A bomber shovel with an aluminum blade should be considered essential for backcountry travel. Size, shape, and handle type are personal preference, so check out the options and get the shovel that works best for you.


A plastic blade is nice for building snow forts, but it isn’t strong enough to dig through concrete-hard avalanche debris. Aluminum is the only choice for safety in avalanche terrain. Some blades offer a serrated edge or pointed shape for extra digging power.


A fixed-length shovel is lightweight and makes for easy storage in a backpack, but a shovel with an adjustable-length shaft gives you the potential for more leverage so you can move lots of snow quickly.