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Sweet piece

    This is a sweet rear derailleur. I had a DURA-ACE prior to it and I don't even notice the difference between the two. It shifts like a dream and I have no complaints after 1,000 miles of racing and training. The new pewter color looks great on dark frames too!

    Quality Gruppo

      The Ultegra SL gruppo runs true to it's billing. It delivers Dura-Ace shifting (snappy, accurate shifting) without paying the huge price for the dura-ace label. Especially with the weight loss present in the SL gruppo, these parts are definitely worth the money. My RD is still shifting accurately as ever after many thousands of miles in horrible conditions.

      Unanswered Question

      Have a 9speed Tiagra rear derailleur, if...

      Have a 9speed Tiagra rear derailleur, if I replace withc Ultegra 6600, do I have to change the shifters?

      I have a 26 year old 10 speep Fuji road...

      I have a 26 year old 10 speep Fuji road bike that I love. The derailleur needs replacing due to dropping the bike. Are derailleur's universal fit? (i.e. should this derailleur fit my bike.)

      If you are planning on keeping your 10 Speed drive train your 5 spd chain will not fit this Derailleur. Now with out seeing the frame it is hard to tell if it could be upgraded to a new modern Drivetrain. Your local bike shop should be able to recommend options for your broken Derailleur.

      how do i know if my bike is a 9 speed or...

      how do i know if my bike is a 9 speed or a 10 speed

      I am updating my 1972 Peugeot PX10 10-speed...

      I am updating my 1972 Peugeot PX10 10-speed road bike from college. Nice bike, alloy frame, 21 lbs. equipped, all original components, except the original Simplex front and rear derailleurs. I don't think these are made any more. A number of years ago I had a bike shop put on some lower quality Shimano front and rear derailleurs. I want to put on quality derailleurs now. Will an Ultegra (SL or base Ultegra)(or 105) rear derailleur work on a five-sproket free wheel? Can I simply adjust and narrow the "throw" to travel over five rear sprockets instead of a nine or ten-sprocket cassette as in today's road bikes. In addition, will the Ultegra (or 105)front derailleur (two-ring) work on my bike (also, of course, with two crank rings)?

      If the cheap rear derailleur worked, the more expensive one should too. Where you will potentially run into problems is if you try to move to an indexed system and mismatch components. If the cheap derailleur predates 8-speed drive trains, I'd still want to try something for an 8-10 speed drive train before spending money.