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Medium on my road bike

    I wasn't sure which size to get for my road bike so gave medium a try. Thankfully, it is a perfect size, holding a 700c spare tube, mini patch kit (includes two tire levers), two CO2 cannisters, and a multitool. It has a separate compartment for door keys, money/cards and ID card. I've yet to need the expansion. Additionally, the strap to clip on a rear light is a plus.

    There is no need to worry able bag wobble as the velco straps go easily and securely around the seat post and through the saddle bars.

    It looks a little large for my bike (compact WSD) but it carries all of the essentials that the small bag just might not be able to.

    Medium is great on my flat bar roadbike

      I use this for hitting the local bike path as well as trips around town (20 miles give or take). I keep a multi tool, tire levers, tube, co2, cell phone, keys, tp, and who knows what else all without unzipping the expansion. Also, I think it looks cool, which really is the only reason to buy it... :-)

      Medium not for road bikers

        The construction of this bag is great. Well thought out and the small zipper in the front is great for small things not getting lost in the big compartment. The only other comment I would like to make is that the medium bag is not made for a road bike. It is very big and will drag you down! I personally measured the front of it and it is 5.5 inches wide by about 4 inches tall without the expanded compartment. I'm sure this bag is great for long mountain bike rides tho. Hopefully the small will work better for my road bike.

        Storage Versitility without Bulk

          I use this bag for short training rides and multi-day expeditions...the seat-snug shape and expandable compartments keep it out of the way, and provide quick acess to items you may need in a hurry during a race.

          Great price/very worth the money/time

            I was surprised with how much stuff this will hold....if you want it real compact, it has the expandable zipper. Stuff I fit in w/out even expanding, a spare tube, a pump, gerber-tool, blackburn multi-bike tool, electrical tape. when i opened up all the way, i could even fit a beer in it too!

            Fix the flats under your butt

              Somehow this bag can carry an extra tube, 3 tire levers, patch kit, crank bros power pump pro, and multi tool... and still zip shut the expansion compartment. So you never have to worry about bringing equipment for fixing flats. It's all under your butt.

              Now we're talkin'

                Previously I purchased the small SERFAS saddle bag and was really unhappy with it (it was tiny). With a little more research this time around, THIS ONE is JUST RIGHT. It's not huge, but there is enough room (comfortably) inside to hold car keys, a cell phone, a snack and some money / slim wallet (may or may not even need to expand it). The expansion feature gives it just enough additional space to add your partners cell & keys as well. Don't think huge, think compact but great use of space. The other nice thing v/s some of the others is that this SERFAS bag is waterproof (not water resistant). So if you are biking in the are good to go. THIS ONE is well worth the bucks. Grab this one and don't waste your time on the other. Also: Other reviews are noting how it hangs under the bike seat. You won't have any problem what so ever UNLESS you ride with your seat really, really close to the base of the frame (/ tire). It's just not that large a saddle bag.

                Juuuuuust right

                  Looks a little clunky when expanded, but can fit a spare tube, phone, hex wrench, Gu, money, tire levers, and keys with room to spare. I like the extra small zippered pocket -- has a hook, great for keys. Zippers seem solid and close/open smoothly.

                  Great Bag

                    This bag is bigger than one would think at first glance. Don't expect to store a water bottle in it, but it can still hold an astounding amount. It sits well under the seat of my bike, but it does portrude out quite a bit, and if you don't tighten it properly before going, it will hit your tire. I recommend this bag a lot, and also its price is really unbeatable.

                    It fits just right

                      The size of this bag is perfect for a multitool, your wallet, and keys, all before you expand it. Attaching this bag is quicker than getting your bike in the back of your truck. Like the other reviewer, I can also fit a light underneath the bag on the seat post (required in my locale for night riding). The strap for mounting loops under the bag for extra support and there's an insert that keeps the shape of the bottom of the bag so loading things in is easy. The bottom of the bag is coated so mud flung up doesn't soak what's inside. There's also a little reflective strip on the back, which isn't a huge deal but it's a nice indicator of the thought put into the design of this bag. There's also a small compartment on the lid of the main compartment that should hold a few bills or a small set of keys. I think this is great bag, even more so given the good price.

                      Sweet Bag

                        This bag is great. It attaches securely and before even expanding I can carry my Blackburn Airfix, an energy bar, my keys, an extra tube, money and ID. The material is rugged. If you keep your seat really low you might have difficulty fitting it under the seat along with a reflector or light. But my girlfriend has her seat adjusted almost all the way down and still managed it. I imagine that would be an issue with any saddle bag.

                        What is the length of this bag from front...

                        What is the length of this bag from front to back when it hangs on the bike