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Save yourself from the numb.

The Flite Gel Flow is designed for riders who find traditional saddle designs a bit too pressure-packed along the top of the length of the saddle. It's identical in every way to the Flite Genuine Gel, with the crucial distinction of having a cut-out along the middle of the saddle. This cut out relieves pressure, while gel padding in differentiated thicknesses surrounds the cut out to ensure that the transition from saddle-to-cut out isn't overly abrupt. You get all the signature details of Flite saddles: A 10% carbon composite shell, plus thin "self-modeling" padding directly beneath its full-grain leather cover. It weighs the same as the Flite Genuine Gel at 220g. 130mm wide, 280mm long. Available in Black and White.

  • Titanium rails dampen vibration for a smooth ride
  • Full-grain leather cover will last a lifetime
  • Silicone gel inserts increase comfort without adding much weight