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Seirus Xtreme All Weather Glove

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The Seirus Xtreme All Weather Glove provides the performance of bulky all-mountain handwear without the bulk.

A low-profile design and a waterproof breathable membrane put the Seirus Xtreme All Weather Glove into its own category of versatile all-mountain performance. Durable four-way stretch material stands up to freshly sharpened ski edges and high-speed groomer crashes without worry. Seirus lined the Xtreme All Weather Glove with microfleece to improve wicking and increase warmth while you ride.
  • Item #SIR0011

Tech Specs

[shell] Weather Shield, [palm] nylon
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Very Durable But Not for All Weather

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Large

I have used these gloves in settings ranging from arctic ice sheets to winter climbing to general hiking and backpacking in the snow or in cold conditions. While the gloves have performed very well, there is a VERY important issue having to do with the fact that they ARE NOT WATERPROOF:
The inner lining of the glove comes loose from the outer part when wet. This causes the glue to coat your hands which is fine because it easily washes off and this stops after a wash or two.
Besides that, the gloves are properly durable and adaptable to many uses. The material dries off fairly quickly. Mine are coming apart a bit on the cuffs where the seams are breaking but that is due more to the wear and tear that they have lived through than anything else.

Nonetheless, BEWARE of getting them wet.

Great and functional

    I recently used these on a ski trip in New Mexico and they were perfect. They kept the wind off and the water out. The only problem I encountered were that they aren't extremely breathable. My hands got a little sweaty (a testament to their initial warmth) which in turn froze the liners to the shell of the glove. Overall worth it, but you will definitely want to let them air out from time to time (they dry out quick) during the day.

    Negative Star Rating

      As another reviewer stated, they actually make your fingers colder than without gloves. Never would have thought this was possible. Not waterproof. The quality was great but unfortunately failed on every other level.

      Might as well not wear gloves

        I was excited when I received these because of how thin they were, with the promise of being very warm and waterproof. I bought these mainly for skiing because I don't care for the big bulky gloves that I had. While they are very lightweight and allow for good dexterity, they do not keep my hands warm at all. I stopped using them for skiing and they aren't even warm enough for just walking around outside in the cold. Sometimes I felt as if they actually made my fingers colder than not wearing gloves at all.

        Tight, But Chic

          My hand is 7" from wrist to tip and 7.5" around the non-thumb knuckles. The medium's fingers were too long for me and there was too much extra space in the palm - but it did feel "just right" around my fingers. Nevertheless, I decided to go for the small, as I hate fingers that are too long. The smalls fit my finger length perfectly - but it's very snug around my palm and very VERY snug around my fingers. That said, I have a strong feeling that the glove will stretch a bit with use, so they're a keeper. They're easy on the eyes (but probably wouldn't use them if you have temps in the teens) and yes ... they're waterproof.

          buyer's lesson?

            Thinking I'd matched up my glove size correctly, I found the gloves to be on the tight side. This means that a 3.5 mile bike commute in 34-degree weather left my fingers painfully frozen. Later, these same gloves did not keep the my hands driy in the rain on a cool day. Too cold to type again. Oh well, where to go from here?

            Top notch customer service

              Received a pair of these as a gift. Used them primarily for snowmobiling and skiing. Started to come apart at the seams. Called Seirus and they gave me a RMA #. 1 week later I had a pair of brand new (updated design) gloves at my door. Great customer srevice!
              As far as the glove goes, love em. Warm, waterproof and comfortable.


                I bought these gloves with one purpose in mind: Winter Photography.They're much thicker than I anticipated but they're still thin enough to give me moderate control over my SLR. These bad boys are actually warmer and more waterproof than my (old) Dakine snowboarding gloves which pleasantly surprised me a lot. I can see myself taking these boarding on non powder days. They're great for driving too. They immediately warm up after you put them on and they have grip on the thumb and pointer finger (and palm) so you have good control when driving in the cold.Overall: Very well built glove, and while not perfect for what I intended to use them for, they have proven to be extremely versatile and useful for much more.

                Update to my review from last year: I changed my review from 5 to 3 stars. why? because durability is a problem here. I've taken care of these gloves and have loved them. but they recently started to become unstitched in multiple places. I have since replaced this with some new winter photography gloves: the transfilers: http://www.backcountry.com/pow-gloves-transfilmer-glove-mens I stand by my original review about the performance however. they perform and function well.

                Xtreme "No WINTER" water gloves

                  These Xtreme Frostbite water gloves will leave your fingers cold, expectations bruised, and your wallet thin. I think when a company makes a claim like "Xtreme and All weather" they should deliver a glove that holds up to all weather without the use of a liner glove (keep in mind these are $50 gloves). These ARE very water proof, no gripe there. However, you wear these gloves in snow or a chilly wind and your fingers will immediately be it's victim. Do not be fooled by the price point these gloves are not a superior product. These are a 3 season backpacking ultralite, rain proof glove... which is how I intend to use them and in that parameter I think it's a good glove. But the idea that this glove is "all weather" is laughable and should be $25. GOOD: 3-season ulite backpacking as a slightly warmer alternative to liners, these will be perfect for precip gloves....BAD: does NOT hold up to low temp winds or snow. Let's call it like it is Seirus.

                  Xtreme "No WINTER" water gloves

                  Seirus All Weather Glove

                    The Seirus Xtreme All Weather Glove is a good idea that will perfect with some fundamental redesign. Although I am a fairly pettite woman, the Men's Medium Xtreme glove is a little tight in the cuff and hand, leaving my hands to become cold too quickly. The manufacturer should size up the glove to fit the typical hand. On the other hand, the Seirus All Weather Glove is perfect! I layer this glove with a silk liner, and it is the best glove that I have found that provides the user with warmth, flexibility, and finger dexterity. Despite the bitter winds and cold of a Michigan winter, I can still wear my Seirus All-Weather gloves while I manipulate buckles, nozzles, hoses, and animals (horses). This is high praise because I have been searching for 10 years for the perfect glove, having found that most warm gloves are too thick for adequate dexterity.Although I doubted that a lightweight glove could do an adequate job in winter, I'm now a believer that the Seirus All Weather Glove can keep the user warm when engaged in active work! I will be a regular user for years to come.

                    Very versatile glove

                      Dexterity is unparralled with these gloves. They are waterproof, however I would not use these as my primary glove in continuously freezing weather. They are snug and suggest sizing down to secure a tight fit. I usually wear medium in gloves, but these fit best as a small on me. I bought these for backcounty camping and daily use in eastern US winters. They are great for daily activity and cold stearing wheels on the way to work in the morning too. Overall much warmer and better than my "windproof" fleece gloves (now i no lnger use them) but not the substitute for my serious winter insulated gloves. For everything else in between these are the perfect gloves.

                      "All Weather?" No.

                        These gloves do not keep my hands warm, even in 20-30 degree weather. The fingers get especially cold.

                        They are water resistant 99% of the time, but some seams at the fingertips get saturated and can leak if really wet.

                        Luckily for me, I bought these to wear primarily in NON-FREEZING, windy, rainy weather. I think they will be fine for that. But I would NEVER take these skiing, even spring skiing - they just aren't warm enough.

                        If you really want a nice pair of gloves, the brand Manzella is the way to go. Believe me on this.

                        Unanswered Question

                        are these thin enough to use under powder...

                        are these thin enough to use under powder mittens and still be good by themselves for hiking etc. Like that they are water proof/breathable. Two birds one stone??????

                        I'm looking for a good glove to bike to...

                        I'm looking for a good glove to bike to work in. I'm a new transplant to Oregon, it's rainy and in the 30s-40s all winter, and my fingers get cold very easily. Would this glove be a good option? Does anyone have any better suggestions if it's not? I don't have a huge budget, but would be willing to pay up to $30-$40 if it means my hands are relatively dry and warm.

                        If you easily get cold hands, i dont think these gloves would be warm enough. I if where you i would go for something like the TNF Montana, which is a good entry level glove that provides good warmth. I used mine for biking to school in 30 F too, and was good for the first 1½ mile, after that i got too warm, but i always give it hell when im on my bike. If you biking in a medium tempo, without too much exercise, the Montanas will be good down to the 20's, maybe even 0 if you buy them large enough for a power strech glove inside :)

                        I need a new pair of gloves that provide...

                        I need a new pair of gloves that provide warmth (temps in the teens and 20s), comfort and a fair amount of dexterity. Will these do the trick? How do they match up to the Arc'teryx Stinger Glove? Are there other gloves you'd recco?

                        Best Answer

                        These are not warm enough for 10s-20s on their own. Lowest comfortable temp is about mid 30s, if it's not very windy (they're not quite windproof). They're fairly disappointing in that regard. Others have said that they're good in the 20s with a liner, but I haven't tried that out. They're a tight fit, so would probably need to go up at least a size with liners, and not sure how easy they would be to take off with liners.
                        Dexterity is quite good (if your fingers aren't frozen that is).

                        Hey there,

                        It depends on how long you're in the cold with these gloves. I've been out in 20/teens for shorter amounts of time photographing or driving to campus and have been fine with these gloves. Would I wear them for hours on end while boarding? No, they won't be warm enough like dodo said. And they are a tight fit - so if you go the liner rout, definitely size up.

                        Do these gloves have sealed seams.... are...

                        Do these gloves have sealed seams.... are they TRULY windproof (which seam sealing helps to ensure)? Also, anyone got any beta on how water resistant they are ... I will use them for basic backcountry XC skiing on fair days and snowshoing .... so they'll get occassional snow immersion but not full.... basically, when I fall.

                        I would call them wind-resistant. Tag emphasizes breathability over windproofedness. Compared to windstopper you will feel the wind. If your hands will spend much time in the snow you will likely need a liner.

                        Life time warranty by the manufactor. How...

                        Life time warranty by the manufactor. How does that work. I have not heard of the before.

                        how low of a degree will they keep your...

                        how low of a degree will they keep your hand warm

                        I am looking for a pair of gloves suitable...

                        I am looking for a pair of gloves suitable for running and cycling in. I typically do my training in the morning before the sun comes up when the temps are in the upper 30s to lower 50s (I'm in FL). I would prefer something that is not too bulky and will cut down on wind. Is this a good choice, and if not, can you recommend something?

                        Chris, yes these are ideal for the activities you are describing. They are not bulky at all, I would say compression type glove really. I actually got a small and I usually wear a medium in other gloves. They fit great, and the water beads off if you run them under the sink. I would not use them as my primary winter deep-snow glove, but they are perfect for almost all "normal" winter or wet weather activities.

                        So, I had the Serius All Weather Soft-shells,...

                        So, I had the Serius All Weather Soft-shells, which did wonders up to about 40 degrees (maybe 30). I'm wondering if these will provide the same dexterity, but are a little more warm/waterproof.

                        Are these gloves good in freezing cold...

                        Are these gloves good in freezing cold tempertures like up to -30!