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Sea To Summit's Pocket Shower zips into a three-by-six-inch pouch, so there's really no excuse to be stinky on your next camping trip. With the same waterproof fabric and roll-top closure Sea To Summit uses on their standard dry sacks, the durable 10-liter Pocket Shower won't leak, and the twist spout adjusts the flow of water from a trickle to a free-flowing shower. Hang the Pocket Shower from two D rings with 20 feet of included lightweight cord and come back after a day of hiking to a sun-warmed shower.

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doubles as dry storage

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

did some backcountry hiking in Alaska and wanted to make sure our belongings would stay dry in our packs with river crossings etc. took this little shower along in case we needed a warm shower. its not intended to be used this way, but it did double duty being stuffed with some clean dry clothes and did a fine job of protecting them in one of our packs. we didn't end up needed to use it as a shower, but since it was doing double duty protecting our gear, i felt like its weight was negligible and it was a nice option to have, in case. thinking of bringing it with on muddy mountain bike days to rinse off the bikes a bit as well.


    Let's say the Sea To Summit Pocket Shower is exactly that. If you're looking for warm warm or high pressure streams then look elsewhere. But for those hot days in the desert or day 3 of camping at a festival, you'll be glad to have this. Easy to use and gets you clean.

    It Does It's Job

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    April 2015 - If you are looking for high powered water jets hitting you at every angle, this is not for you. The stream of water that this awesome shower provides is just enough for a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There is usually just enough left over to stand there and do nothing. This is my first solar shower and theres nothing to complain about. It holds water and with a simple twist of the nozzle, water comes out. Tip: close the flow of H2o while you are soaping up.

    UPDATE: Been using this thing everyday for 15 weeks now in my tiny house. It's still going strong and works like it did on day 1.

    Sometimes that water will gather and instead of a little shower, it will turn into 1 line-stream of water. In this case, turn it off and back on (maybe a few times) and the shower of water should work again.

    May 2016 - It's now been over a year. I bought the nemo - Helio Pressure Shower a few weeks ago, just to try it out. It's nice to have the pressure, but it's a lot more work than this pocket shower. If I had to choose between the 2, I'd go with the pocket shower. It's easy set up and take down. It stores smaller and weighs less. Its just easer to deal with.

    Also, this thing is still holding up well. No holes and still works great.

    It Does It's Job

    well made, but flawed by design

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I'm surprised by all the 5 star reviews. I've used various solar showers for years while on climbing and cycling road trips, so I've taken literally hundreds of showers from black bags, and this one is far from 5 stars.

    This bag is well constructed, lightweight and the wide opening is super convenient for water capture from streams and lakes.

    However, the fatal flaw is a shower head attached directly to the bag. The consequence: very low flow from the head. Why? Because the water pressure at the head is a function of the height of the water column above the head. So even when the bag is full, you only have a 12" water column. As it empties, the water column gets shorter, and by the time the bag is half empty, there is so little water pressure that the water doesn't even spray from the head, it just trickles out of all the small holes and forms a single, slow stream.

    If the head were attached to a short bit of tubing, say 5' of vinyl or silicone tube, it would make this shower FAR more useful. First, it would increase the water column (and therefore water pressure) by 6X or more, so the water would actually be a useful spray from the head, and remain so until the bag is emptied. Secondly, a short length of hose provides more versatility in use; you don't have to tie the bag above you, for example. You can just set it in the notch of a tree branch, and crouch below the hose/head. Or hang the bag from a bike seat when the bike is on a car-top mount, and then stand on the side of your car. No tubing means you MUST be directly under the bag, which limits you to either ideal tree situations with reasonable ground under them, or having a partner hold the bag over your head. And even in those cases, the water pressure problem remains.

    A re-design with tubing -- perhaps w/ a quick release fitting -- would also permit the obvious second use case mentioned by many other reviewers: using this showed as the "dirty" water bag in a gravity-fed filter scenario.

    Another sad step toward domestication

      Many times I have been out without a shower for 2 weeks and a couple of times 5 weeks or more. Even though my 2 boys, 5.5 and 2.5 years old would not have a problem with my idea of backwoods hygiene, my wife would have none of it. I stumbled upon this product here on this website and because of its light weight and small size and cost I thought I would buy it just to placate the motherly desire for clean children that my wife and all mothers, (mine included) seem to have genetically embedded deep within them. Despite the fear of any psychological damage to my children I took this shower on our last little outing and it was a great success. I named my oldest child "Birth" and the youngest one "Control". They seemed to have no lasting damage from being washed down out in the woods. When no one was looking I too got under the water and it was dang nice. The black bag heated the water nicely and there was enough for three of us to get pretty clean. After I poured some gently heated water in the bag to refill it my wife was also able to enjoy washing up. This thing has turned out to be great for rinsing stuff off and you can get clean far enough away from the water source so as not to worry about polluting it with any body funk runoff. Great product. Ken


        We use these after packing in & setting the shower out in the morning on a good sun facing rock when going out fishing from base camp on our day hikes. It's great to get a warm shower & get all the mosquito repellent/sweat off before retiring to the tent. It is nice to "mosquito guard" each other - as my husband & I do!! Saves from some uncomfortable bites in tender places!! Though, I like to do my hair in the morning so I don't have to go to bed with wet hair [I can take a little colder water for that - but I love the review earlier who said to just heat up some water & put it in - that would be good for the overcast days, too] turn it on, get wet, turn it off & lather up, then rinse ~ saves water. I love being in the back country & love being comfortable with all the "creature comforts" that keep me happy

        Before I found this.....

          If you told me about showers on the trail before I found this I would look at you like you are crazy. This thing is light weight but packs a punch. You can get about 2 showers out of one filling. It is such a nice feeling to have a bit of a shower after a few days on the trail. This WILL come with me on my trip down the CT. One thing I have noticed is the cord that comes with is is too thin to be useful with it. If you hold it from the cord when it is full it will cut into your hands. I just took off the cord (saved it for other uses) and added a little thicker 550 cord and it works great.

          Best Portable Shower for BkCntry

            Super lightweight and small. At about 5 oz, this will hardly register in your pack, but it will keep you sane, after a few days of sweat and dirt, you can get cleaner again. It holds an obscene amount of water, that as stated below will hold for other washing throughout the day, rinsing dishes, washing hands, cleaning your dirt attracted dog.

            Best Portable Shower for BkCntry

            Extra luxury, worth the weight!

              I bought this after a hot summer trip to the Smokies. After realizing that the campgrounds had no showers and having spent 4+ days on the trail before hand, we really really needed a shower. I didn't want to buy one of those ridiculous 5 gallon showers you can get from walmart so I went with this one. The pack size is great, perfect for backpacking but still holds enough water to get a good shower in. If you are expecting water flow like your shower at home, forget it. You get a steady flow of water but you will have to do a lot of scrubbing and rinsing to get your self clean. I like this thing, sturdy construction, simple design. Its a nice luxury especially if you are sharing a tent and want to keep your wife happy!

              lf you like a leaky shower,

                If you like a leaky, drippy shower you will love this.

                G'Day Chris -

                Our experience at Sea to Summit is that leakage from the showerhead is caused by overtightening, which deforms the internal 'O'-Ring.
                But - no worries; if you send your shower back to us we will re-seat that 'O'-Ring and have it working perfectly again. Absolutely no charge.

                Shoot us an email at


                Barry Robertson
                Sea to Summit Customer Relations Manager

                Worth The 5 oz!

                  I have used the Pocket Shower for both work and pleasure. I stayed in the wilderness for a week doing surveys; hiking all day from site to site. Sure I used the lakes up above alpine levels, but once we descended below that elevation I was using this shower. This pocket shower worked great for campsites near streams hardly flowing. We dug a hole in the creek to collect water, filled up the Pocket Shower, and hung it in a tree to warm up. It does take a long time to warm up, but where I was it was warm. A cool shower was welcoming. We were able to rotate two to three people through one full load of water (10L). However, this really depends on the person and how quick/long they want to shower. I tested a full bag to see how long it would last without stopping. The test took approximately 14 minutes for all the water to drain out!
                  It is very easy to use and you just need to turn one the knob to adjust the water flow. Once emptied, it was simple to put away. It comes with a case that you can just stuff back into. It is very durable and instructions on use are straight forward. This also comes in handy when you have a group of people who are not comfortable stripping down to simply jump in a lake or stream. Simply collect the water, find a spot for privacy, and shower away. Also by using the shower you don’t have to worry about possible contamination of streams or lakes. Worth the 5 oz! Plus you could always use it to hold water in camp for boiling. It holds 10L! Now that I have one, I don’t leave home without it.

                  If you are camping near water, why dont you have this yet?

                    This item is the only thing in my UL setup I am not willing to ditch in the pursuit of having a pack so light it would make a school kid jealous. This thing is sweet. Ive never tried to sun warm it, I always add some hot water from the stove.(filled it with clear creek water and warmed it in scummy hot springs a couple times also) The thing that makes this so sweet is it has so many functions: shower, faucet for washing hands/dishes away from the water, camp water storage, dry bag, pillow.Mine has proven fairly durable so far. Only one complaint, just about everytime I get ready to use this in cold weather, it gets windy as hell and I freeze. I emailed Sea to Summit about this but they never got back to me.

                    sun shower?

                      yeah it is of course too small to really heat up in the sun in most conditions. yes a clear window with reflective interior would help(also making it less compact). if any of you campers out there own a stove(like me) just boil 1 or more pots of water to bring up river water temp. voila! awesome shower for clean freaks like me!

                      How much does it weigh?

                      How much does it weigh?

                      If I wanted to use this to clean dishes...

                      If I wanted to use this to clean dishes or take a shower and I was all paranoid about dirty water (if you've ever been to egypt you'd understand) could i easily hook up my water filter to this? Its a katadyn Hiker.

                      Is there anyway of connecting a hose to...

                      Is there anyway of connecting a hose to the pocket shower so it could be used to gravity feed an inline water filter like the Sawyer?

                      Best Answer

                      Are you then still looking to use that set-up as a shower, or are you trying to feed the in-line filter for drinking? If it's for drinking, check out the big range of reservoir bags from companies like MSR. They've got the Dromedary bags, Dromlites, the Autoflow, and the Hyperflow Gravity Kit. If you're just looking to filter water for washing up, I bet you could find a threaded nylon fitting with a barbed nipple on it to replace the shower head, and then slip on a piece of vinyl tubing to match up with the diameter of the inlet on your filter. Good hardware stores have all kinds of stuff like that.

                      Can this item pull double duty as both a...

                      Can this item pull double duty as both a pack shower and a dry bag or semi dry bag (water resistant)?

                      Best Answer

                      Yep, since it is made from the same material as dry bags and seals just like one, this product can be used as a dry bag. I am not sure though if I would feel comfortable throwing it in a river or doing something that extreme with it, but for anything up to and including heavy rains it would work well.