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good stiff traditional twin

    These are a good stiff ski. They are more traditional than I had been led to believe. Yes, they are a twin tip, but there is really no early rise in the tip or tail, so forget about them skiing like a JJ or an S7, as some others have suggested. That said they cut through crud and cut pow like nobody's bidness and more than hold an edge on hardpack.

    Kinetic Energy Transfer Tool Deluxe

      Scott Nails It with this Big Mountain Twin Tip.
      Lightweight yet super stable on hard pack at all speeds up to 55-60 mph, Super Edge hold on Ice with minimal torsional flex due to the Multiple Sheets of Titanal. These skis are perfectly happy making short and long radius turns. But where this ski really shines is in the chop and powder with plenty of float and a powerful yet Intuitive rebound. Also, the fun factor is off the charts with the oversize twin tips, as flat spins in all conditions become a regular occurrance and naturally lead to air bourne 180's & 360's.
      Plus the retro modern top sheet graphics get people you either luv em or hate em.
      I definately love these.

      Kinetic Energy Transfer Tool Deluxe

      agreed. I've been on the '09 191 for two seasons now (NTN setup). GREAT tele ski if you're a big guy. I'm 6'8" and 245 lbs. Soft enough in the tip and tails to smear it, but the metal under foot gives some real bite to rail it when you want. Too bad they're discontinuing this one, but just ordered a backup pair for $150. Yes that's right. A STEAL!!!! Don't expect to mount them any time soon though, the bases on these skis are the toughest I've had in 25 years of skiing. They'll sit in the closet and wait their turn for a couple more seasons for sure.


        I'm a beginnerish skier, first season but I'm logging at least 4 or 5 days a week shredding the mountain. Lots of powder and chopped up fields, small cliffs and backcountry jibbing with the occasional groomer just to get to the lift. I weigh about 145 and have the 71's. I could have gone with 81's, but got a killer deal on the short guys.

        I love these things. They float like whoa, turn real nice either long flowy turns or quick hops through tight trees. I like how soft the tails are, I feel like I can really smear em all over the mountain. I wouldn't quite call them snappy, but maneuverable and predictable. Also feel real stable at moderate to high speed, and give nice soft, stable landings. The only reason I knock a star off is cause the topsheets have shown wear pretty quickly, though it seems more superficial than functional.

        Nice graphics (I got the 08's with the steezy 70's van/babe graphics) and they get lots of compliments too, if that matters to you.

        Consistent All Mountain Slayer

          I don't know much about these as an alpine ski, but for a traditional wide, do anything ski, these are great. I've tried them from a few different years and they're all great. Hammerheads make these the perfect one ski telemark quiver. I like the even flex, good pop, and wide landing platform. The P4 would be perfect for someone who skis mostly powder, cut up fresh, and mank, who likes jumps, cliffs, and switch landings, and wants something that will rail on groomers. These things do it all. I also like the S6, Goat-mamas, and Seth's. All similar skis, but I'd opt for the P4.

          steppin' up

            After snapping my gold Gotamas last year, I wallowed in misery trying to find an adequate replacement for those epic boards, lusting after something with a little metal in it to add a bit of rigidity and pop, not to mention a slightly stiffer tail, than the Goats had.My quest is now complete, and I'm in love again. The P4 is a big, burly board that a skilled skier can manipulate with ease, excelling in the deep but adept and dependable on all other conditions I've experienced with it. Rock-hard re-frozen rain crud (gotta love skiing in the northwest), with or without a dusting of fresh on it, melts into an edgy, playful surface with these sticks.The tails are softer than I had expected, but still a step up from the old Gotamas (the only weak point on the Goats, besides where I broke them, was their soft tail). They provide a stable surface cutting through the chunder, knocking chicken heads/death cookies from their path like a locomotive with a cattle guard through a flock of turkeys.I'm 180 lbs, expert skier, riding the 191 on an NTN setup, which provides a bomber connection between myself and the ski--a highly recommended upgrade from the archaic cable bindings that are ubiquitous in the telemark world.

            P4 goodness

              These are great skis, and kill it in the powder, soft snow, and corn. They are surprisingly resilient, in less than primo snow conditions. The skis hold a great edge, and are super stable when you want to open em up and let em run. For a 108 waisted twin, these babies are super fun and a great all around ski.

              What is the verdict on groomers? If it...

              What is the verdict on groomers? If it has been few days since a decent storm, I’m likely to do high-speed laps on groomers all day. Will the P4’s behave themselves?

              Best Answer

              These pigs slay on groomers and decent conditions - but any ski with 108 underfoot will be a little skiddish on ice/super sketch hard pack. That said, I have not skied a better ski than what Scott puts on the market. The P4's are maniacs around the mountain with Pow, Chucktimber, Corn, and chop. I have also skied the Punishers and that is by far the best day to day ski if you only see powder days when bob barker is in town. I did venture outside of Scott for the super fatties, and went with the Hellbents - if your gonna hit some AK blower menk then I would also reco these highly - they are actually not too sketchy when trying to get back to the front side of the mountain... my 2cents

              got a question for the masses. Im a...

              got a question for the masses. Im a relatively expert east coast skier at 5'10, 170lbs skiing on 172 line anthems right now. Im moving out to cali and im looking for a pair of ridiculous powder boards with the ability to rip groomers and crud on less-than-epic days. Should I go with a ski like the gotama or the mothership? Or do you think the p4 has got what it takes? Will the 191 still be too much ski or will the early rise and reverse camber really shorten it enough to not be overwhelming?
              Thnaks for anybody who chimes in

              First off the early rise is not the exact same as a reverse camber it will help generate more flotation in pow, but will still remain stable. I would not go with the 191 at your height and weight especially after coming off a 172. I would stick with something around 180 and 95-105 at the waist. These would definitely work for you as powder specific boards just stick with something a little shorter then 190