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Scarpa Triolet vs La Sportiva Trango EVO

    Allen gives a good assessment of the Scarpa Triolet with respect to the La Sportiva Trango EVO boots. I own two pairs of the Trango EVOs as well as a pair of the Trango Extremes (slightly warmer and stiffer version of the EVO) and have put hundreds of miles on them hiking and climbing all over the US in all seasons. I also own a pair of Scarpa Cumbre boots (heavier, warmer version of the Triolet). While I love the climbing performance and light weight of the Trangos, they have less padding both in the footbed insert (thinner by 1-2 mm than the insert in the Triolet) and don't have a thick spongy pad underneath the insert like the Triolet has. At the end of a long day of hiking/climbing in the Trangos, the balls of my feet frequently hurt and feel bruised. I recently purchased the Triolets and find them more comfortable over a long day. They definitely have a stiffer sole and are slightly heavier. But that's worth it for the superior comfort. Also, the Triolets protect your feet better when kicking steps on snow. That said, both boots are excellent. If one fits your foot better, that's the boot to get. In my case, the Triolet's fit slightly better because the center point of the toe box is asymmetric with less of a curve on the inside step of the boot. That allows my big toe to point straight forward instead of being forced toward more toward the center of the boot. I wear EU size 48, which is the largest size either boot comes in. The Triolets are identical in length to the Trangos measuring heel to toe on the outside of the boot. But the Triolets "feel" a couple of mm shorter on the inside, most likely because the thicker footbed raises my feet 1-2 mm more than the Trangos. That places my toes slightly higher inside the boot where toe box starts to curve over my feet. That's not really an issue, but it does give them a slighly snugger feel. Another big difference is in how the rear of the boot cups your heel. Both the Cumbres and the Triolets are constructed with a slightly more curved heel box with more padding than the Trangos. That design cups your heel more snugly and prevents the heel from lifting. I once tried a pair of Scarpa Inverno plastic boots and found that design uncomfortable on my heels because those boots are so unbelievably stiff. That design works beautifully on the Triolets and Cumbres though because the leather and synthetic fabric of those boots is much more flexible. The end result is that the Triolets hug your feet and minimize heel lift. The Trangos have a straighter heel box that doesn't cup the heel as well so they lift a little more. Again, both the Triolets and the Trangos are good boots, but with subtle differences. Go with the one that fits the shape of your foot best.

    Great boot much better than La Sportiva

      I had two sets of La Sportiva Trangos that both leaked right out of the box so GORE, after their lab tested them and under their Lifetime Warrantee Program, offered to replace them with any boots I wanted so I bought these and a LS Nepal EVO. This GORE service is unbelievable and well worth always buying GORE GorTex products.The Scarpa Triolet do everything the Trangos did with a much better fit with a larger toe box and mid foot, and better function and feel with the same weight. They are waterproof and very comfortable right out of the box, they hike and climb well with no break-in needed, and so far still look like new. The rubber rand is better connected unlike the Trango's which always come unglued at the toe, and the side leather material holds up better than the Trango side material. I have also noticed that on 5-8 mile approach hikes the Trango users would complain that the balls of the feet would hurt and everyone said it felt like walking on concrete and I would agree. Even know the Triolet is supposed to be a step up in stiffness from the Trango EVO or the Trango Alp, The Triolet doesn't seem to do that and I note a padded layer under the footbed. I have also used these with moldable SOLE footbeds. Great Boot, highly recommended, better fit for normal width (95-100mm width) feet , better durability and feel than the LS Trangos that seem to be so popular.

      Scarpa: Go Up

        that's their slogan and these fall right in line...great rocker on the sole so they hike as well as described...stiff enough for fairly vert ice...nice rubber for rock...great all around boot...quite warm and waterproof too...just be sure to keep'em doused in nikwax since they are a leather/synthetic boot...they are more rugged that the Trangos but do not fit the same...these are more a medium volume foot type boot but fit VERY well if made for your feet...remember not all boots are equal so just because they may fit for somebody else they may not necessarily fit for you


          These Scarpa Boots are the Bees Knees , the real deal , brilliant boots , light 'n'quick ! If you have long walk-ins to alpine climbs you love and need to get done , these are the boots for you . They feel like trail running shoes but give awsome support . It is important not to tighten the laces up too tight . I tightened them up really tight the first time , as I had done for my plastic invernos ! Big mistake , also Be carefull not to overtighten your step in crampons . Too tight crampons are not needed and can cause foot pain .
          To sum up , Brilliant pair of boots !
          These boots will take care of you in the hills!

          Simon Bentley,
          Joshua Tree , Ca.

          Worked fine in the North Cascades

            Picked these up for a 5-day, late-Summer tromp on Mt Baker. I ordered these and two different models of La Sportivas. Ended up sending the Sportivas back. Spent very little time to break these in - only 4 miles of day hiking with a 40-lb pack + wearing in the office. Despite lack of break-in, they performed fine on the mountain. I did finally feel a bit of cold and numbness after about 5 hours kick-stepping platforms up to the summit. But then again, these are not high-altitude, double-plastics (expect some loss of warmth). They dried pretty quickly once you remove the insole and left them in the sun/wind for 4-5 hours at the end of the day. They worked fine with my Grivel G-12s.

            Excellent construction

              Overall excellent construction, support, and fit. I have wide toebox and although it doesn't look liek espcially wide toe-box shoe, it fits well- very comfortable. Good for temps down to about 15 F, at least for me. Need "New-matic" style crampon.

              What is the fit and performance differences...

              What is the fit and performance differences between the Triolet and the Summit?

              Best Answer

              Ah wonderful. I love comparing products.

              Okay J, let's start with the Triolet. It's a nice boot for summer mountaineering. The sole is rather flexible for a full shank boot, but still provides ample support for scrambling over rocky terrain and climbing up to 5.8/9. The boot is not insulated, so you'll want something warmer if ice climbing is more your thing. The Triolet is fairly light and has what I would call a soild "medium" fit. It's not really narrow, nor is it wide.

              Now the Summit. I have these boots and thus far they have been great. If you can get the fit dialed, they'll perform just about anywhere. Compared to the Triolet, the Summit fits much wider. I had some troubles with heel lift since the Summit has a higher volumn last than the Triolet. These suckers are super warm, but not sweat-inducingly so. They are stiffer than the Triolets, so front-pointing on vertical ice is fairly comfortable. Indeed, they are heavier, but a much better "all round" mountaineering boot.

              These boots are both waterproof (Gore-Tex lining) and crampon compatible. The Summit will take Grivel GSB style crampons and has two welts (toe and heel). The Triolet only has the heel welt.

              I would reccommend the Triolet for summer mountaineering and glacier travel. It's light and sturdy enough for most terrain you'll encounter without needing ice tools. For vertical ice or cold excursions I would suggest the Summits for sure. However it all comes down to how well they fit your feet. If possible, try both of these boots on before purchasing them. Hope that helps

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              How does the Scarpa Triolet compare to the...

              How does the Scarpa Triolet compare to the Charmoz for warmth and rigidity? I would like a boot for general alpine mountaineering but also able to use them for some ice climbing too(not neccessarily verticle) just mixed routes?

              are these pretty arm? my scarpa SL M3's...

              are these pretty arm? my scarpa SL M3's are not at all, i wonder if it's a scarpa trend.

              Unanswered Question

              How does this boot compare to the Scarpa...

              How does this boot compare to the Scarpa Freney XT GTX? I'm looking for something I can use mostly for ice climbing, but likely some alpine climbing as well and am wondering which boot would be better suited.

              How does the Scarpa Escape compare to the...

              How does the Scarpa Escape compare to the Triolet's?

              Triolet is more of a technical mountaineering boot for approaching and climbing on snow, rock or ice once you’re in the high country. The Escape is more of an all-around boot that’ll cover the bases from backpacking to light mountaineering or glacier travel. It’ll climb, but the Triolet is a lot more technical for climbing. If you like the Triolet, also check out the Charmoz, which is the same boot but built with lighter weight materials.

              I like the sound of these boots . I have...

              I like the sound of these boots . I have a pair of old purple coloured invernos and they are heavy for a long walk in . Will these triolet boots accept the switchblade style step in crampon that Black Diamond used to sell . Thanks.Simon , Joshua Tree , Ca.

              I have a problem with heel lift in the la...

              I have a problem with heel lift in the la sportiva trango evo light, would this boot be a better fit for my foot?

              Depends on your foot, check um out... Try on as many boots as you can. Some boots fit some feet better. also you can get "custom" linears, just go to someone who is a proffesional not your friend next door. This not only will make it feel better, but it should slove part of your heel lift, also try the boot a size smaller, see if that solves your problem.I also tried the Trango Evo Lights and the Trango Alps and experienced heel lift. The Triolets fit the bill, especially after I used Superfeet inserts (green ones). Same here & for my narrow foot, Scarpa's tend to run a little wide. The Asolo's fit me perfectly.