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Tough to beat!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is why I'm always reluctant to trust reviews, there seem to be a lot of bad reviews but I feel that the claims are not accurate or simply someone buying a product that they don't understand.

I have used these boots for over 6 years, thousands of days in the backcountry and I have to say that they're among the best boots out there. From days at the hill to 12-hour ski tours, I have done it all in these boots, all without blisters, or any discomfort to speak of.

The biggest positive is that after years of extended use, these boots are still functionally the exact same as they were new. The liners have held up with no rips or tares, all of the buckles still work, walk/ski modes work like new!

Honestly can't find a bad thing to say about these boots. Obviously they're not the lightest boots on the market but probably some of the most versatile.

At then end of the day, fit and comfort should always be one of the most important measures for a good touring boot and the Tornado knocks it out of the park. Add in incredible durability and you have an outstanding boot!

forward lean

    i read some of the reviews on this boot that complained about the lack of forward lean and the ability to presure the ski tip before skiing these boots. i skiied the 24.5-25 shell. i noticed the same issues. if you look at the beefer instep strap on the smaller size, it hits the bottom of the shell overlap for the top buckle. the boot can't flex forward becasue the instep strap acts as a stop. it appears th eissue may be different on the newer (red) tornado.

    Learn something new everyday!

      Ive had these boots for around 2 years now and i cant really fault them.

      As a Brit who skis recreationally (in Europe) for 2-3 weeks and manages to get another 2-3 or so through work a year these have done me proud. Decided to buy them after being fed up of stomping around resorts and wanting to do more "touring" with my own gear as opppsed to hiring. Plus as an instructor they help when walking up and down the pistes for hours!

      Pros, the fit, now very comfortable indeed, done myself (Cheers TGR), weight is great, flex is just about right (around 100 with black tongues and booster strap) stiff enough to drive the skis (Icelantic Pilgrims& Stormrider XXLs) on everything ive skiied, provide decent feel for the pressure when loading and unloading, a decent walk mode that does the job for lift served back country and stomping around the resort with my family. Simply ideal for me (lift served and piste skiing). If i was skinning for my turns then i would invest in Garmonts, i dont and these are ideal for me.

      Cons. Not many if you accept it for what it is. Slightly narrow fit in my experience, can let water in if you leave snow to sit on them and melt, rubbish manual - took ages to find out about the 2 forward lean settings, minimal canting adjustment and the sole wears quite quickly (but i have used it alot..)

      If you are A, a downhill racer or B, a serious AT skiier who skins just as much as skis - dont buy them. If you arent and want something that does both well then do. (esp at the sale prices!!)

      Not for Touring

        I bought a pair of these to do both downhill and touring. I did not realize that they didn't have a rockered sole. When I got them, I was like "so what?" But on my first outing with them into the backcountry, I realized how uncomfortable a non-rockered sole is for walking in anything but soft snow. These boots are heavy, too. I would more or less classify them as a downhill boot with a walk feature, not a real AT boot.

        Beware of Flimsy Plastic!

          I ordered a pair of these and before I even took them to the slopes I noticed a tear in the black plastic flap that attaches the lower buckles to the boot shell. Since sending these back to BC (who, by the way, were superb with making the return) I've noticed this same design on other Scarpa boots. I will never buy a pair of Scarpas that has this design [flaw]. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that Scarpa, whose products are generally stellar, manufactured such a weak piece of plastic on a pair of their $600+ boots. I went for the Hurricanes instead and have been incredibly satisfied...if you've got the few extra bills, go up a notch.

          The worst of both worlds

            Revisiting my earlier review, after many more days on these boots. Bottom line, heavy and uncomfortable for touring, too soft and not enough forward lean for the down. This is really a flimsy touring boot without the benefit of a good walk mode, lace up liner, and rocker lug sole, it tours bad. For the down, it not stiff enough, and will always put you in the back seat. Everyone I know that has these thinks they're too soft. Everyone I see skiing them is in the back seat. They might fit well in the shop, but they perform poorly.

            Good boot--some reservations

              This boot is good, but it took some learning and getting used to. First, alot of people think this boot puts you way in the backseat automatically. Most of these people often aren't aware that they are in the rearmost of two foward lean settings which are adjusted by leaning forward or back with the switch in walk mode, and then locking in. If you are in the back position, you feel like you're standing almost straight up, and can never seem to get forward. In the front position, this boot has a similiar forward lean to a tecnica race plug. With a .5cm lifter under the heel you can achieve a downright racelike stance. The only problem is that with the boot in the forward position the boot is noticeably softer, esp at warm temperatures since the stiff tongue won't provide as much resistance. In cold temperatures however (as with many other boots), this thing is impressively stiff... I feel it is comparable to a the 130 race plug from tecnica (bu I also have a booster strap on my tornado pro)

              a few words of caution about sizing: it's hard to know if you have the right size with this boot until it's baked. Im a 27.5 in most boots, and the 27.5/28 (same shell in the tornado btw) felt way too small unbaked, so I went with the 28.5 tornado. After baking it felt good, but now it's starting to get packed out. I feel like I could have achieved the same comfortable fit with the 27.5/28 after baking but wouldn't be packing out quite as quickly... but then again my feet are always warm even on -20 degree VT/NH days in these boots, probably because of the extra room... so proceed carefully here; maybe go big for comfort and warmth, or small for a more performance feel... if you go big I feel like you won't get the same edging ability because your foot will swim in the boot a bit more.

              finally on the uphills do yourself a favor and just take the tongue out completely (don't even bother with the touring tongue). if you go to the hassle of changing the tongue between tour and ski, just keep the ski tongue in your pack, and tour tongueless. by doing this I've been super comfortable and in control while skinning mellow skin tracks or climbing hairy mixed ice/rock/steep snow. it's a bit of a pain to get the tongues back in, but a pain i think is well worth the effort.

              all in all, i like the boot. it would be 5 stars if it had dynafit compatibility even considering the wierdness/learning curve i described above.

              OK Medium Stiff AT Boot

                First off, know that these boots run large. I wear a 10.5-11 street show, a 27.5 in head alpine boots, and I had to get the 26.5 in this Scarpa. My first impression skiing these boots in bounds was "holy crap I can't get out of the backseat"... It was scary, even with the forward lean adjusted all the way forward.
                After some research (no thanks to the manual) I found that these boots have a walk, and TWO forward lean positions. You must be flexing the boot hard forward while flipping the switch, to lock into the forward position. After finally getting them dialed in I found them acceptable in terms of lean. Even with the stiff tongue they are, not nearly as stiff as my head rs100 with intuition liners, and this demands a different less aggressive type of skiing. For touring, I found the softer touring tongue to bind and bite into my shins, so I have to leave the stiff tongue in for touring.
                Note that this is my first pair of AT boots, and I come from a racing background, so take that into consideration.

                These boots are da Bomb

                  Never having been a skinny skier I didn't know what to expect with Scarpas. Much to my surprise I couldn't tell the difference between them and my Technicas. Great comfort and exception responsiveness. There was a learning curve on the forward lean: Take the liner out, turn the screw to the max, and watch the gizmo move. That being done mold the liners, put in the stiff tongue and let 'er rip. These boots work great in my alpine Markers and so so in Dukes and Jesters. Out of the box the heel is just a little think, after walking in them it evens out. The walk mode makes the trek to the lifts pain free and skinning with the Dukes is a delight. Word to to wise: They are generous in sizing. I tried 28.5 as are my Technicas and went down to 28, could use a 27.5. Scarpas are sized on whole size differance in half size is all in the liner. Great product.

                  Unanswered Question

                  HI Just bought these boots, very comfortable...

                  Just bought these boots, very comfortable and behave like downhill boots. But what is the idea with the sole, where do I get the "rally" sole? And yes no one told be there is no rocker on the sole. I guess a pair of trainers in my pack might be an idea for some of the ridges!!!
                  If anyone can suggest the seller of this "rally" sole I would be most happy. Thanks

                  Are these sized the same as SCARPA's tele...

                  Are these sized the same as SCARPA's tele boots? I have a t-1, size 30, and wonder if I'd take the same size in this. I added a custom footbed to the T-1s and they fit very well.

                  Best Answer

                  Sorry Ryan, they do not use the same last ( did I spell that correctly) as the Tele Boots. Scarpa AT boots a wider similar to Garmont Tele boots, and thier Tele boots are similar to Garmont AT boots which are narrower ( always an exception, in 2009\10, some of Garmonts Teles started to be narrower and AT boots wider). there are endless threads on this subject on

                  I ordered a pair in October. For various...

                  I ordered a pair in October. For various reason they are just not being mated to teh AT bindings. The shop says that they are incompatible. Is there an alternate toe/heel piece?

                  anybody know the sole length on a pair of...

                  anybody know the sole length on a pair of 28s

                  Is the walk mode only for walking? Wouldn"t...

                  Is the walk mode only for walking? Wouldn"t it be good for steep powder decents where I need more flex, perhaps even steep bumps like double or tripple black dimond?

                  hey sorry to bother about the size. I know...

                  hey sorry to bother about the size. I know you already talked about this but I am a 11 size and a 28.5 (tight, not the conform) in alpine. This size is pretty tight for me and I could get a 29 in alpine boots. So I was thinking to buy the 28 but after reading your answer I kind of confuse. Can you help?

                  it sounds like we have similiar feet and i have the 28.5 scarpa tornado pro. they work, but are a bit loose after hard skiing for a few months (the liners are packed out now). if you plan to be out on mega long tours I'd get the 28.5s for comfort/warmth, but if you only plan to be out on day trips i'd get the 28. once you do the thermomolding they fit ALOT differently than before.

                  I bought the Scarpa Tornado because they...

                  I bought the Scarpa Tornado because they are one of the few boots that will fit on a downhill and AT binding. I took them out for the first time to the resort with the downlhill tongues inserted in the boot. The boots are extremely comfortable and I really like how light weight they are. The problem is that the boot will not allow me to lean far enough forward to ride on my edges. It forces me to ski in a very upright position.Next time I go out I will try the walking tongue which allows me to lean farther forward but is there anything I can do to allow me to get my knee out farther towards my toe?

                  Nick have you tried switching the boot into walk mode , then lean all the way forward and staying forward click into ski mode. There are two forward lean positions you may be clicking into the more upright position which happens when you click into ski mode upright._______________________________________________________________________Also, there is a little screw on the side of the boot that adjusts the amount of forward lean that you can give the boot. You will see a sticker around the screw that indictes which direction to turn it in to increase the lean. Scarpa boots take a little while to get used to, but once you do...sick.

                  I have a size 11.5 shoe, should I get a...

                  I have a size 11.5 shoe, should I get a 28 or a 28.5?

                  Best Answer

                  Hello Scarpa rep here. I think it depends on wether or not ou like a performance fit or a comfort fit. I am a size 11 and I take the 27.5-28 shell. I would say if your a solid 11.5 I would go with the 28.5-29 shell ( same size shell different liner). The liners are custom heat moldable and will fit even better once you mold them. Hope this helps. Also, it is worth nothing that if you get custom footbeds, which I would recommend, then the sizing can change quite dramatically. I have a 11 R and 11.5L foot and went with the 28.5 and a custom footbed. After I had the footbeds made, I then went through with the heat molding and the outcome was great. Even better was the fact that, if the footbeds took up too much volume above the arch, you could grind them down a little but, which I ended up doing to gain a little more volume around the arch. But, to each his own..your best bet, once you get these, is to go see a professional boot fitter.