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If you can’t get it done in this boot, you can’t get it done.

The Scarpa Terminator X Pro Telemark Ski Boot gives you the combination of a seriously stiff upper and NTN compatibility to help you rip the steepest backcountry lines with ease. In fact, the Terminator X Pro also works with TLT alpine touring bindings, so can lock down your heels without buying a whole new pair of boots. This tele boot ranks as the toughest in the Scarpa line thanks to a burly Pebax shell, moldable Intuition Precision High liner, and a four-buckle system with an added power strap. It also includes a Vibram sole to make your approach postholing a bit nicer.

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Scarpa Terminator X Pro Telemark Ski Boot - 09/10

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is this a good boot for an AT skier who...

Posted on

is this a good boot for an AT skier who may want to try tele skiing in the next few years? I am upgrading from the original Struktura but want a boot that is more focused on backcountry than sidecountry. This boot seems like a good weight and stiffness despite the bellows, but if someone else has 'experience' with the boot, that'd help. I have only tele skied a couple times, but am interested if I could score a set of skis/bindings that I don't have to buy another pair of boots for. Also, can you kinda-sorta tele ski in Dynafit AT bindings?

Responded on

Hey Chris, the TX Pro is compatible with both NTN tele bindings and "tech" style AT bindings, but since you are primarily an AT skier I would recommend you buy a dedicated AT boot. For the type of skiing your looking for the Maestrale I think would be perfect. If you really want to try Tele in the coming years you can always use rentals to see if its for you, but for someone who is a dedicated AT skier you should get a dedicated AT boot.

And just to clarify you cannot tele in a Dynafit bindings (or any AT binding for that matter).

I'm telemark skiing in Switzerland and...

Posted on

I'm telemark skiing in Switzerland and looking to upgrade my old T2s and binding to the X Pro and NTN. Scarpa advertise that you can use the X-Pro for TLT bindings as well. Has anyone every tried that and how does it compare to a 'TLT' Alpine boot?

Best Answer Responded on

I am riding in Switzerland too, the Scarpa TX Pro is the best compromise if you want to have a backcountry touring shoe, a telemark shoe and a freeride shoe. The Scarpa shoe fit in the NTN, the TLT and Fritshi bindings, that way you can use one pair of boots for all application, even carving on curdory slops, the shoe is very stiff and perfect fit to the foot as it is a thermo in liner.

Unanswered Question

Has anybody used these as an AT boot? ...

Posted on

Has anybody used these as an AT boot? What does it compare to? Any big cons?

4 5

good fit; too soft

I like soft bellows and big cuffs, My old favorites were Crispi XRs. The big yellow boot that flexed like leather. These sounded like they were going to be perfect for me and I liked them out of the box. Nice fit with the best liners on the market, lots of room in the toe box, easy to get in and out of and comfy to walk in.

All aspect of performance were good but the bellow is just to soft for East coast hard pack. I might have enjoyed them back West but out here I need something that pushes back more. To bad the comp doesn't have touring features or I might have tried that. Maybe next year.

Terminator pro or Garmont prophet? I'm...

Posted on

Terminator pro or Garmont prophet? I'm looking for a new boot for my bishop bombers. I used to ski the 8 year old Crispi XR 4 buckles with a super soft bellow. Now I have the newer Crispi XR 4 buckle from 2 years ago made with carbon fiber and all that crap. It's stiffer than a t-race and I hate it. I love a stiff big cuff to stand me up landing jumps big a nice soft bellow for that smooth tele-feel. I wear 28.5 in Crispi. Whats that in Scarpa and Garmont?

Best Answer Responded on

The Terminator pro and the Prophet (and other NTN boots) will not work with Bishops. I prefer the T Race, or T1, but Garmonts have a softer forward flex and bellows. Bishops only accept standard 75mm duck bill tele boots. 28.5 means 28.5. It is a standard measurement called Mondo size. 28.5 means about an 11. There are sizing charts available on the page. Hope that helps. Happy turns!

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Thanks for your help. Let me try this again. Which has the softer bellow; the Prophet or the Terminator? Are ether Scarpa or Garmont know to run bigger or smaller than their stated size?

Responded on

Prophet's are easier to flex, but don't flex as far forward. Terminator Pro's have a smoother feel, with more resistance, and more travel forward. Garmont's are often referred to people with wider feet, but the new Scarpa NTN boots are higher volume, and have a large toe box. The fits between Garmont and Scarpa have always felt matched to me. I by far prefer Scarpa, because I think they hold up longer, and don't flex as much laterally.
To correct my earlier answer, or at least clarify, NTN boots will fit in a Bomber Bishop, but they will eject from the toe bail, and they won't give the resistance that you'd get with a 75mm duck bill boot. Read about why the Bishop has the toe bail vs. a box.

Scarpa Terminator X Pro & Rottefella NTN Binding

Scarpa Terminator X Pro & Rottefella NTN Binding

Posted on

Responded on

Scarpa Terminator X Pro & Rottefella NTN Bindings,

the fit is great, what should I say! I just started telemarking in those boots!
I usually have size US9, the Scarpa are 28 and they fit perfectly!

I honstely don´t know if these are the 2010 or the 2k9 model but I haven´t had a problem yet and been skiing in them for two weeks every day! I jut knoe that my friend broke last year! So I guess mine are the current! At least I hope so!

Unanswered Question

Hi, currently skiing Candycane t-races,...

Posted on

Hi, currently skiing Candycane t-races, and looking to upgrade to NTN. how does the tx-pro compare in stiffness to the candycane?
Also, do these boots share shell sizes like the old boots do? if so, is it the same shell size for the half size above, or below?
Are people still having de-lam problems with these boots, im in Australia, so cant swap for another size easily...

3 5

They're okay, but...

I'd posted a completely positive 5-star review earlier, but after skiing these 20 days, I've had a change of heart. Initially, the Pros seemed up to the job, driving my Hell Bents well w/blue springs on 2. Now, after skiing several different snow types, I have to say the boots just don't have the power I was hoping for. That's even after swapping my blue springs for reds and dialing them to 3 (I'm 5'9", 165lbs), and adding a Booster strap (like the Comp is already equipped with). The fit is decent and I'd still recommend them to someone primarily using them in the BC or someone less-aggressive on thinner skis. As far as fit, I wear a US 9, 26.5 T1, and the TX Pros fit is virtually identical. Hopefully after I exchange these for TX Comps I can sell my T1's, 01's, etc....?

They're okay, but...
Responded on

Okay, I take it back. After skiing these for 20 days on a variety of fatties, I've switched to red springs, and they're still too soft. I still like 'em in powder, but other than that, they just don't have the power needed for packed pow, crud, bumps, hardpack. Not what I'd thought at first. I'd still probably recommend these for someone primarily using them for BC use. Just ordered a pair of Scarpa TX Comps. Hopefully they will handle better?

5 5

Works superbly, totally different from last year!

I have to agree with Ben, its unfair to list these with last year's reviews.

I had last years boots, and really enjoyed them 'til the broke. I've now spend 8 days on my new boots and I love them.

They are definitely more powerful than last years, so it took a bit of time for me to get the right "feel" on the back ski, but once I slowed everything down they started to sing.

Really looking forward to the season ahead now!

5 5


OK, they were worth the wait. The X Pro is so comfortable, so versatile, and so rock-solid that I don't think I'll ever put my old alpine or duck-billed telemark boots on again.The NTN cartridges provide the tension under the boot, so the toe is much softer than a duckbilled boot can be, so walking in these babies is effortless. Touring is a blast, and I am very impressed by the myriad adjustments available on this boot for custom fit.I am curious just what the "TLT speed plates" that come with the boot are intended for, as I can't figure out how to incorporate them with either Dynafit bindings or this boot, and there was no documentation on this additional device in the box.

I do think that it is unfair that Backcountry.com is listing this year's model with last years, considering that:1) Last year's boot was recalled, and this is an entirely re-engineered boot;2) The bellows on this year's model is, from what I hear, significantly softer than last year's was--making it a very different boot that deserves a clean start.

Finally, a note on fit. Perhaps it's just because I come from a "performance fit" past, but the sizing chart is off for this boot (in my humble opinion). I usually wear an 11.5 or 12 US, which translates to a 28.5 or 29, but my foot swam in the 28.5 and fits perfectly in the 27.5. When sizing, remember that Scarpa puts the half-size with the next-higher full size in the same shell (Garmont, by contrast, pairs the full size with the higher half-size). This means that the 27.5 and the 28 Scarpa are in the same shell, while the 27.5 Garmont is in the 27 shell.

Responded on

what you call the "TLT speed plates" is labeled the "TLT sliding plate" which was included with my Scarpa Terminator X NTN boots. I believe this TLT plate, clips into the slot, just behind the TLT toe plate. This is the same slot, you clip the TLT ski crampons into. So if you have to use the TLT ski crampon, you have to remove the Scarpa TLT accessory sliding plate.

Responded on

what you call the "TLT speed plates" is labeled the "TLT sliding plate" which was included with my Scarpa Terminator X NTN boots. I believe this TLT plate, clips into the slot, just behind the TLT toe plate, to prevent excessive boot sole flex, and premature release in a TLT binding.
This is the same slot, you clip the TLT ski crampons into. So if you have to use the TLT ski crampon, you have to remove the Scarpa TLT accessory sliding plate.

Responded on

Yeah, that was my first thought too, but it doesn't fit there.

Update on my earlier review: I've now ridden in these boots in the G3 Onyx (TLT, and without the slider plate discussed above), the NTN, and alpine bindings, all with good results. The boot flexed more in the Onyx than I was really comfortable, but in alpine bindings they feel soft but not unreasonably so. I didn't fall, so no release was required, but the forward pressure, toe height, etc. all looked good on the workbench. They also fit perfectly into crampons, something that 75 mm boots just couldn't ever do. I'm a huge fan, and will be sticking with NTN for the forseeable future.

Responded on

Incidentally, the label on the bag says "TLT Speed Plates," not "TLT Sliding Plate" in the U.S. The packaging is apparently different in Switzerland.

2 5

New boots are comming

Just got a call from my dealer and new boots are being shipped from Italy to The Netherlands as I write this.

When I get them I will post some pictures and details regarding "riding" them hopefully next week.

Cheers, Chris.

2 5

Great idea but still needs some work

They have had some issues with the bill de-laming and if it happens to your boots you can send them back and they will fix them but what i have been told is they cant fix it untill march. I work at a backcountry gear store and that is what we were told. so if you can make it through the season giver, but scarpa knows the problem and they will fix it for you.

1 5

A news about Tx-pro in Japan

I am a Japanese telemark skier living in Japan, and I am a user of Tx-pro and Tx.
Therefore I inform you of news in Japan about Tx-pro.
A recall on TX-pro is already announced in Japan by a Japanese distributor of SCARPA.
The distributor announced it so that there was a defectiveness point in Shell of Tx-pro when a shell might be broken during the use by the combination with NTN binding.
And the distributor collected all the products which they sold (about the thing without the abnormality) and announced that they changed it for an improved product (they will receive these products in the end of March from SCARPA).
These were announced on the homepage of the distributor (if you understand Japanese, you can confirm this by choosing Japan among the homepage of SCARPA as an area of the distributors).
Tx is not sold in Japan for this season (so I purchased Tx from Backcountry.com of the United States through the Internet).
Therefore, it is not mentioned about Tx in Japan.
However, that the destruction of similar boots happens were reported by various Internet articles.
When I think about the safety in the backcountry, as for me, I must use the old system till improved boots are available.
I was experiencing that these boots give me the splendid performance.
So I am disappointed because for the exchange time of the product is the end of March.
And the reason is because it means that I cannot use these boots at the time of best state in Snow season.
Therefore, I wish SCARPA gives us quickly response.

1 5

Stay away from these boots for now

I agree with David that these boots are great, however, there's a production fault and I've broken 3 pairs in six weeks. The store ran out of replacements and now I'm grounded in the middle of winter. People say that Scarpa started producing new boots that are guaranteed to not break, but they're tight-lipped and won't say when the new boots his the stores. I'm considering switching from NTN back to classical tele bindings.

2 5

Fantastic 'till they break

Amazing boots. Great control, fit, power, etc. Absolutely loved 'em until I broke the toe/bill/bellows on day 6. After some research online I found out that lots of the TX Pro's have been cracking this year. So they're fabulous, except that they break. If they fix it, I'll be back on 'em in a heart-beat. But in the mean-time I'm SOL.

Are these really lighter than the Terminator...

Posted on

Are these really lighter than the Terminator X boots? The specs given here show it almost half a pound lighter for size 27.

Responded on

Well, the pair in a men's size 27 weighs 7 pounds, compare that to the other boots you are looking at. You can find the information to the right, under the 2 rows of pictures, the weight is the 3rd from bottom. That's where my numbers came from... TX Pro: 7lb 4oz. TX: 7lb 11oz. both for size 27. I'm just wondering why the 4-buckle TX Pro is lighter than the 3-buckle TX.

Responded on

If you look at the Scarpa website, it lists weights for TX (1 boot, size 27.0) as 1618g and TX Pro as 1670g. So TX Pro *is* slightly heavier, as you'd expect.

Looks like a mistake on Backcountry's part. They have correct metric weight (3340g) for the TX Pro, although it appears they cannot convert into pounds correctly. That's 7.36 lbs, or 7 lbs, 5.8 oz by my reckoning.

The Scarpa numbers for TX are 3236g or 7.13 lbs, or 7 lbs 2.1 oz.

Can these boots be skied with Hammerhead...

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Can these boots be skied with Hammerhead bindings? What about Bombers? I bet they'd work fine w/ Bombers, but not sure about HH's. Maybe the heel block assembly will not accept a traditional tele binding heel throw? I recall a dvd that came with original versions of the hammerheads in which Rainey recommended cutting/grinding the duckbill back to the centerline of the 3-pin holes, and it's still mentioned on the newer 22Designs website. Also, are these boots comparable in performance to the T1's? Thanks much.

Responded on

They can be skied with both of the bindings you mentioned, and they're a bit stiffer than a T1.-----------------------------These are not designed to work with any other binding than the NTN. However, there is discussion on telemarktips.com on whether or not they will work with the Bomber.

Will the TX Pro work with all randonee...

Posted on

Will the TX Pro work with all randonee bindings, or just Dynafit? Ie. will they work with my Fritschi bindings (in addition to NTN bindings)?

Responded on

I do not believe this is fritschi, naxo, duke compatible (David just cross checked with the Scarpa website - only compatible with Dynafit TLT bindings.)This is correct all of the Scarpa Bellow style AT boots will not work with anything but dynafit as they can back flex and pop out of the heel.

Responded on

I work in the ski industry and ski my TX with NTN, dynafit, Naxo and Marker Dukes. There is a bit of flex under the Marker and the Naxos but they do not flex out you just have to set the slider under the ball of the foot properly. I don't know about the fritchis have never tried them.