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Great boots!

    I've been skiing these for one season as well and concur with the citicism about them being overly flexy when in ski mode, but the middle buckle arrangement does a fantastic job of securing my heel and I can honestly say these are the most comfortable ski boots I've ever worn, full stop! I understand there's an optional black tongue that is significantly stiffer that I'm going to try and locate to see if that improves the ski-mode significantly while not compromising the excellent walkability of the boot for touring that I've enjoyed so much.

    A good light alternative with some minor drawbacks

      I've been using these boots for one season now. What I like about them: They are relatively light, flex nicely for skinning, are Dynafit compatible, bright in color (in case of avalanche), and offer a good amount of warmth for anything above 10 deg C. Things I am not too keen on: For my preference, they are a little too flexy. They tend to slip slightly on the heel when going up hill. Would I buy them again? Touring boots have come a long ways in the last couple years and I think I would try something new that is more rigid and better able to keep my heel in place like the Black Diamond Boa system.

      Unanswered Question

      OK, So I am relatively a newby to Touring. I ski the Rossi Alltrac 130's and understand there is a huge difference between touring boot stiffness and alpine boot stiffness. I would rent Scarpa Maestraels 28.5 when on long tours. Huge difference between the two boots. I can see the need for both and this is the route I want to take. Would the Sprit 3s be a good alternate for longer touring days and just use my rossi's for the resort/short tours?

      I've been using Garmont G-Rides for a few...

      I've been using Garmont G-Rides for a few seasons, now I'm looking for something that will better drive my big ski's (181 K2 Mt. Bakers mounted with Freerides). Looking for a boot that will meet my current ratio of 60% resort 40% backcountry. Anyone have an opinion as to whether the Spirit 3's are good for me? How about the Spirit 4's?

      Tony, The Spirit 3 is geared more for someone doing more backcountry than resort. I'd probably recommend checking out the Skookum for the ratio you describe. It will give you a lot more power than either the Spirit 3 or the G-Ride , but will still tour pretty well.

      Hi - I'm considering either the Spirit 3...

      Hi - I'm considering either the Spirit 3 or F3 for a lightweight boot this season intended for touring. The only major difference I see in the boots are that the Spirit 3 is also DIN-releasable AT compatible whereas the F3 is Dynafit - only. The Spirit 3's also weigh a few more ounces....

      Can anyone speak more to the differences in these two boots - specifically in terms of stiffness and downhill characteristics?

      So the F3 has a bellows in the front much like a tele boot. That is why it is not compatible with any other AT binding other than Dynafit. The F3 was modeled after our famous racing boot the F1 but is designed to ski downhill better. The F3 is a super efficient touring boot designed for lightweight efficient touring . We have a bunch of speed weenies/ Long Walkers around here in Crested Butte that love this boot. The Spirit 3 however will be bit stiffer for the downhill it wont offer the mobility that the F3 does but is a great comprimise between uphill and downhill performance. Hope this helps.