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If you dream of one day ripping every ski in your quiver with your beloved NTN Bindings, wake up from the past and get the Scarpa (Rottefella) NTN Binding Plate/Heel. Attach this heel piece and binding plate (pair) to your back-up tele ski and then easily install the front of your NTN binding (sold separately) into the metal plate’s slots. With the identical NTN heel piece and a couple minutes of work, you can drive your favorite binding on a ski that fits the day’s conditions. Now, you don’t ever have to resort back to old-world tele bindings and or have to sell any precious organs to get a whole new NTN Binding system.

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Is this mounting plate compatable with older free rides with metal plates and four hole patterns?

Are the screw holes on the NTN plate...

Are the screw holes on the NTN plate compatible with any other AT or Alpine bindings for swapping between the telemarking and alpine skiing?

Are these plates compatible with the new...

Are these plates compatible with the new version of the binding for this year?

Disclosure: I don't own NTNs yet....

Disclosure: I don't own NTNs yet. Questions:
1.What's the procedure like for removing/attaching the binding chassis from/to the baseplate?
2. Is it likely that the binding chassis could be improperly attached to the baseplate, or is this system fairly fool-proof?

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It is very easy to swap from ski to ski. It is as simple as loosening two screws and sliding the plate off of the rails. The only word of caution is to only hand tighen the two screws when attaching it to the new ski. If you overtighten it is very easy to strip them.

I disagree with the other response to these questions, and have extensive experience in mounting, re-mounting, moving, swapping, and otherwise messing with NTN bindings and plates. The procedure is theoretically simple, and yes, only two screws need to be hand loosened or tightened to move the binding forward, backward, or onto another pair of plates (skis). Unfortunately, the tolerance between the screw heads that hold the plate to the ski and the binding itself are so close that it is very difficult to slide the binding on the plate. I have cut myself on the metal plates almost every single time I've so much as adjusted the binding on the plate, and moving the binding to a different plate is certainly no easier than moving the binding one setting on the plate. The screw heads holding the plate onto the ski can be ground down to make the swap easier, but swapping bindings between plates is anything but easy to accomplish comfortably.

what does the plate do? do you have a...

what does the plate do? do you have a picture how to use the plate?
does the plate come with the NTN binding if i buy the bindings?

The NTN binding comes with a mounting plate, heel piece, and front binding. This accessory allows you to mount a second pair of skis with just the mounting plate and heel piece so you can move the front binding from ski to ski without having to purchase a complete binding. Basically it is an inexpensive way to use one binding on multiple pairs of skis.

What is the plate for? does the plate come...

What is the plate for? does the plate come with the bindings?

This is an addtional mounting kit. So if you have a pair of NTN bindings already can buy this kit ( instead of another whole set of bindings) to mount another pair of skis. The Binding Chasis ( main part of binding) Has two screws it slides off and you can slide it on to your other pair of boards ..pretty cool and cost saving .