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A huge range of motion, stiff downhill performance, and super-lightweight, eco-friendly plastics come together to create the Scarpa Maestrale Boot. Max out your daily vertical when you flip into walk mode and utilize the Maestrale’s 40-degree range of motion in the cuff, which fast-forwards lengthy approaches. At the top of another untracked glade, lock the cuff at either 18 or 22 degrees and then press your ankle into the medium-stiff tongue for fast, liberating turns from top to bottom.

  • Pebax Renew shell material is durable, performs excellent in cold temps, and comes from renewable non-food plant sources to reduce fossil fuel waste
  • Vibram Mistral sole features shock support and tread worthy of tough couloir ascents, while it fits seamlessly into AT bindings
  • Alpine Axial tongue closure uses a hinge to open the lower boot for easy entry and exit while also successfully adjusting the boot’s volume
  • Intuition Pro Flex liner stretches with your strides going up but transfers the power of your downhill turns with its stiff tongue and collar
  • Wiregate Tour-Lock buckle clasp secures your buckles so a bump from your ski’s edge doesn’t open them during a demanding push up a steep, exposed face
  • Quick-step fittings and Fitting Indicator System makes your TLT binding system easier to click in and out than ever before
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Nice boots but hard to find crampons for

    Got my boots 2 weeks ago just before we start to have the first snow fall in the Andes ( Chile) .

    Iam a 14 size shoe and got the 31.5 mondopoint. Fits just fine. Maybe next time I would go for the RS. A bit stiffer.

    The only problem I can't get to fit a pair of crampons on it. I tried the grivel G 12 , BD sabretooth and the walking/ski mode get in its way. Does not clip past the vertical.

    Does any one know how to solve it?

    What crampons fit the Maestarale????

    I found the sarken Petzl to work but the dont have the long bar in Chile and neither in BC.

    Saludos de la patagonia!!!

    Maestrale Magic...feel the love.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I own the Technical (all black) version of this, but they are exactly the same and when choosing a boot it's obviously most important to get the right fit because you're going to be wearing them a lot hopefully and want the most comfortable and at the same time need performance, oh ya and also want them to be light-weight. I'm a measured size 8.5 and went with the size 8 (26) and at first they felt a little too tight but after 14 or so days in them now they feel perfect. They are so light yet almost too stiff on the downhill for me, but that is ok. They seem to be a little softer if you don't crank the buckles too tight on top and just keep snug and would rather have too stiff then too soft anyday. Awesome range of motion in walk mode, nice deep heel cup, amazingly light for such a tough boot. Highly Recommended.

    Brett, you have 8.5 shoe and your foot did not "swim" in the 26 shell ? ... I am curious as the your skiing level/style and size (wt) if you don't mind. you mentioned that the boot was almost too stiff ??? I am trying to decide between maestrale and maestrale rs ... thanks

    Perfect backcountry ski boot!

      When it comes to technical touring boots the Maestrale is hard to beat. The boot provides plenty of comfort for the hike up and killer control for the way down, just don't forget to switch them into downhill mode! The boot's buckles are especially engineered to provide extra flex on the way up, but can easily be tightened up for quality downhill performance. In comparison to the Maestrale RS, this boot is not as stiff, which for me is perfect because I am not dropping large cliffs in them. The less stiff boot provides more comfort so that your not dying to take the boots off by the end of the day. Other than its technical benefits, the orange boot goes great with my green skis! For added comfort I would recommend buying separate soles, and getting the boot heat molded to your foot.

      Perfect backcountry ski boot!

      Year three

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      In great shape. No structural issues. Hardly any wear on soles despite lots of walking. Buckels still function with no problems. Liners are in good shape. You can see a little they are worn by the rivots holding the buckle attachment on the foot. Started taping once I notice and it hasn't gotten worse. Likely because, I'm in biggest liner the shells should hold.

      Year three

      Nice boot!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Good fit on a narrow foot. Solid performer by At standards. Soem others walk better and offer more support. Bu the Maestrale is a time proven boot for any ski up to 100mm for and any conditions. Size down if you wnat them for skiing. Size up/shoe size if you are planning long tours.

      Great Boot - period.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Didn't think I could be this happy with a boot. 100+ days and not a single problem. Super light but still sturdy. 4 buckle system ensures they stay snug. Intuition liners make these ready to go from day-one especially if you get them molded. Still using the stock inserts. Amazing range in walking/touring mood. Vibram soles handle snow, pavement, and rocks like a champ. Use in combination with Dynafit Radical - great match. Width problems can solved with liner sizing within the same shell size (ask your boot fitter). Probably equivalent to 100 stiffness so if you prefer racing performance/stiffer boot the RS might be a better choice. I wear a 10 1/2 shoe and 280 Maestrale.

      Flexible and Wide fit

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have been using these for a full season and they are indeed light and very flexible to walk in.

      Whats not mentioned in the other reviews is the fit. This is the widest AT-boot you can get from Scarpa, and alot wider than anything from Dynafit. If you have wide feet and want light weight, this is one of the few shoes that realy work without to much blocking. Nice to know if your a bigfoot feet like me :)


      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I picked up a pair of these this year for side country and some longer trips, and I have been very pleased. The custom form fit made them surprisingly comfortable, and they proved very versatile. While boot packing they also performed very well. I am not going to pretend to be a touring boot expert, but I am very happy with these after a full season in the Alps.

      Light light light

        What an awesome boot. Spent a full ski / sled season with these and they held up wonderfully. No problems with any of the straps / ski mode buckle that others have reported. I ski this with the Dynafit Huascaran and have had no issue driving a 115mm ski. The range of motion is amazing and walk mode super comfortable. No problem spending 10+ hour with these suckers on. I wear a 10.5 shoe and got the 27.5.

        Light light light

        Good so far...

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        I am happy with this boot so far. They are very light. The flex is plenty stiff for me. They tour very well and the liner is very comfortable even without molding (which I haven't done yet). The liner is pretty warm as well.

        My only 2 issues are as follows 1. The side of the tongue bites into my shin. I think heat molding will eliminate this. 2. I require canting. I have my alpine boot soles canted. I am not sure how to fix that on a dynafit setup. Maybe shim the bindings.

        Broke, replaced, replacement broke.

          I liked them when they worked, but in their second season the boot stopped locking into ski mode. Of course this happens at the top of a long hike, because that's when you need to switch from walk to ski.

          In my case I was in Kashmir, India. I had to ski down very carefully and then hire new boots until I could get near somewhere they could be serviced. I was surprised and extremely lucky to find what must have been the only pair of boots in the village that were my size and took Dynafit bindings.

          A Scarpa agent in Chamonix then looked at them after I contacted Scarpa HQ in Italy. The agent said they needed to be replaced. While they evaluated them I had to hire boots.

          I skied the replacement for 4 days. On the 5th day I reached the top of the Stockhorn near Zermatt and the boot refused to lock again. I had to hire other boots in the meanwhile.

          They have now been sent away again for evaluation and repair/replacement but my confidence in them has gone.

          If this had occurred on a multiday ski tour then the trip would be over. If it had occurred at the top of anything more technical I might have had to climb down.

          I simply can't trust them anymore. I've also had to keep spending money on hiring boots and have had multiple days of skiing totally ruined because the boots keep failing.

          Looking online, this has been a common problem and the Scarpa agent that replaced them even said the boot had several design flaws including; hinges on the front entry mechanism breaking, canting being destroyed by normal use, and buckles coming unscrewed.

          I intend to choose a more reliable boot in future.

          Awesome boot

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          What more needs to be said than Andrew McLean, Noah Howell and Andy Jacobsen ski these boots. Fits is great, Climbing mode has a huge range of motion and the downhill performance is ridiculous. Buy them, stick your feet in them and ski.

          Great touring boot with one issue for me

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          This is a great, lightweight boot. The range of motion in walk mode is awesome and the boot is really light for how stiff it is. I ski on a 107mm underfoot and this boot drives the ski just fine with a Dynafit binding. It's my first AT boot so I don't have a whole lot of comparison but my more experienced friends love the weight, features, and design. If you're looking for a side-country boot I'd go stiffer ie Mobe or Snookum. But this is a great boot for full-day or multi-day tours.

          My only issue is a comfort one that might not affect other people. I had these boots custom fit but this issue isn't a liner/footbeed issue I don't think. I just can't seem to get the buckle above my arch to a comfortable setting, even with the micro-adjust. It's either too tight and hurts my feet or it's too loose and doesn't feel very secure. I seem to remember it on both uphill and downhill. I'll continue tweaking and try to remember to update this come winter. I have a higher than average arch but nothing crazy. Just a little higher than average.

          Used with Volkl Nunataq and Dynafit bindings. 6'tall, 160-5 pounds with gear, and ski in the San Juans around Telluride

          surprisingly uncomfortable

            No matter what I tried I could never get these to be comfortable on my feet. I had them heat-molded; I wore them around the house any chance I had; and, of course, put a bunch of hours on the slopes. After a while I realized I was over-tightening a bit too much, but even after that realization my feet would be screaming when the buckles and power strap were lightly tightened. I used the laces for the inner boot but it came down to two basic scenarios: I could over-tighten the buckles in order to get sufficient power transfer (and consequently cause enormous pain in my feet) or I could lightly tighten the buckles and power strap in order for my feet to be sufficiently comfortable but then sacrifice power transfer and consequently performance (the buckles would also become completely loose after 1 run).

            Gotta agree with James here...

            Totally fickle tension between to tight and to loose.

            And add that the tongue bootliner sucks too IMHO.

            The walk mode is sweet, but I think that I will replace the liners with wraps that will reduce the ROM on the walk mode :( but increase the stiffness and hopefully alleviate the shin pain too!

            Hard to go back to alpine boots..

              I bought these boots for my boyfriend as a xmas present after watching him suffer through a previous season of backcountry touring and boot pack hiking in his alpine boots. After going on our first backcountry trip of the season in these, I don't think he's even used his alpine boots at the resort anymore. He LOVES these! These are undoubtedly lighter than standard alpine boots when just comparing the weight of the opposing boots in your hands. These boots have also convinced him on the Intuition liners and now he wants to get them for his alpine boot (the only way he said he'll go back to skiing in them). Yesterday after a long powder day on Mammoth, he put them on walk-mode on our way home and said "I feel like I'm wearing sneakers!"

              I just purchased this boot and I have never...

              I just purchased this boot and I have never owned AT boots before. How should an AT boot fit for length. I have skied for many years and I fit my Alpine boots tight, but should these be a little longer for comfort during touring?

              Best Answer

              Hey Null,

              I would say it depends on your preference. I know many skiers who like the tight fit on their AT set up because they don't want it to mess with their downhill performance. I like my AT boots to fit more comfortably than my downhill ones because I will be hiking in them and like my feet to be comfortable for the uphill and downhill. I still got mine fairly stiff, just not as stiff as I would look for in a downhill boot. I don't feel it compromises my downhill performance. I wear a 10.5 shoe and got a 27.5 Maestrale boot. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 1-800-409-4502.

              Will Scrapa Maestro mesh with Volkl Nunataq...

              Will Scrapa Maestro mesh with Volkl Nunataq (170) with Atomic tracker 16 binding? Currently I have Volkl RTM80 (176). Can I use the boots on my current Alpine Marker IPT (non AT) bindings?

              I am new to backcountry - need suggestions/help with the gear.

              Update -2

              Thanks Grant Burton for the input to go light.

              I am narrowing down to K2 Coomback (174cm), Dynafit Titan Boots (27.5)(has AT/Technical interchangeable soles), Dynafit TLT Radical FT binding, and will complement the package with BD expedition or Whippet self-arrest poles.

              This will ensure that I get a good value/equipment which will grow with my vertical back country (BC) experience - future proof.

              The set up will keep me happy inbound and outbound - took me a while to figure out the equipment.

              Though Scarpa is a great technical boot I'll wait until I earn my stripes. What do you think?

              Best Answer

              Hey Gerry,

              That sounds like a sweet set up for tearing up the sidecountry! I would recommend something lighter if you were looking into week long tours into the backcountry. However that sounds perfect for someone who is transitioning from downhill skiing. As for boot compatibility, there are not many non AT bindings that will work with AT boots. The sole exception to this is the the Marker lord bindings, for now. Let us know if you have any more questions! you can also call us at 1-800-409-4502.

              Hey Gerry,

              I'm happy to help. That sounds like a killer backcountry set up! I have a pair of the dynafit radical FT's and love them. I would only recommend a heavier, downhill specific binding if you were launching off large cliffs inbounds. As for the dynafit boots and K2 skis I think you have found a great match! Your set up should be light weight and comfortable. You will be good to go for inbound and outbound skiing, Enjoy! As for the Scarpa boots, I'm sure you'll earn your stripes in no time.

              Will these fit in Marker baron bindings ...

              Will these fit in Marker baron bindings

              I'd like to be able to use these with a...

              I'd like to be able to use these with a 12-point, steel crampon when ascent/descent conditions aren't right for skinning/skiing. However, the front bail on my bd serac pros fits poorly on the wide front welt of these boots.

              Has anyone found a good fit with these boots and any particular crampons? I've ordered some of bd's wider toe bails for the serac pros, but I'm not sure they'll fit either (and I'm worried the wider bail won't work with my other boots, Nepal Evos).

              Any help is greatly appreciated.

              Best Answer

              Grivel G20/22 seem to work as do the Camp Aluminum versions. Best fit is likely the Grivel Haute Route but is it not fully steel, just the front half. Going to be difficult to get one crampon working on both your Nepals and the Scarpa.

              Can you get fittings to allow use of DIN...

              Can you get fittings to allow use of DIN bindings?

              Best Answer

              Andy, I'm sure you meant an alpine style touring binding. These work great with those. I have several friends who use that exact combo. Mainly because they hate trying to manage the tech bindings when they have lost a ski in powder. I'm not sure it makes much of a difference but they think DIN is easier for them to get back on. These are great boots, I wear them every time I go out.

              what is the last width on these? I am...

              what is the last width on these? I am trying to roundup the narrowest to choose from.

              Are the liners easy to form fit at home?...

              Are the liners easy to form fit at home? Where can i find the toe caps they use to fit these at the shops?

              Heat molded liners are pretty easy to do at home. I've done it 4-5 times with various boots. Your best bet is to use an electric oven and keep the liners away from the heating element. I'd avoid heating them in a gas stove.

              Toe caps aren't the easiest to track down, but you can make your own out of materials at home. Your goal is to spread your toes a bit to create some extra room. You can cut the toe section off of some old tube socks and use those or put some cotton balls between your toes.

              Do these AT vibram sole boots fit in to...

              Do these AT vibram sole boots fit in to standard alpine bindings as well as TLT bindings?

              Vibram-soled boots typically do not fit in standard alpine bindings; they're too thick. My Garmont's have switchable soles, so i can use the lugged soles for my AT bindings, and the flat soles for alpine (but, I never do). Unless you see a switchable sole listed (I don't), they won't fit in standard alpine bindings.

              I like what I've read about this boot, and...

              I like what I've read about this boot, and definitely the price. It even was one of the "winnners" in this year's backcountry magazine gear guide issue. The only concern I have is skiing on the resort side. I can't afford alpine and at setups and will ski on the resort with wifee, other times, etc. Backcountry mag says they're not "resort rippers."

              Are my concerns about using them on for the resort warranted? Not stiff enough, etc.?

              Thx, Jeff

              Jeff.. you know its all personal preference. these boots do only have a 100 flex so you need to make the call . They definately will not fit in alpine bindings they must go into an AT binding. If you looking for a resort ripper with Dynafit fitting try the Skookum or Mobe .. skookum being a good blend of both worlds. If your going to use a Dynafit binding for the resort as well as Bckcountry I would say this would be good. If you trying to drive a ski that is more than 120 underfoot the maestrell could be a bit sqirlley for you.

              Jeff.. you know its all personal preference. these boots do only have a 100 flex so you need to make the call . They definately will not fit in alpine bindings they must go into an AT binding. If you looking for a resort ripper with Dynafit fitting try the Skookum or Mobe .. skookum being a good blend of both worlds. If your going to use a Dynafit binding for the resort as well as Bckcountry I would say this would be good. If you trying to drive a ski that is more than 120 underfoot the maestrell could be a bit sqirlley for you.

              If you are looking for a boot to use for both resort and touring I'd check out the Tecnica Cochise or Cochise Pro Light boots. They are significantly beefier and stiffer so you'll pay some weight penalty, but they should perform significantly better at the resort. They also get great reviews for their comfort in walk mode.

              Is it harmful to put G-fit liners in these...

              Is it harmful to put G-fit liners in these boots, and vise-versa, would it devalue a pair of garmont radiums to put intuition liners in them?

              Not at all. People swap liners all the time. Aftermarket liners have so many positive attributes to them that bootmakers are starting to use them in their boots as the "stock liner" most commonly seen with Intuition liners being used with Full Tilt, Dalbello, and Scarpa boots. People take Intuition liners and swap them into their Radiums, and their Black Diamond boots quite frequently, they are higher performing, better molding, and warmer than the stock liners. It is a great idea that many already implement...Go for it!

              Hi! Currently I'm using normal Alpine Set:...

              Currently I'm using normal Alpine Set: Armada JJ and Atomic Hawx Flex 80 with binding set to 8 (my weight 66kg/145lbs). Most of the time (now) I use lifts and than walk and climb. With my girlfriend I also spend the time in resort.
              I want to switch to an AT setup and think about getting the Maestrale with Dynafit ST - already tried these boots in a shop and they fit great!

              I'm unsure about the combo JJ & Dynafit ST & Maestrale!?

              What do you think?

              Don't put an AT setup on JJ's. You can't really skin well with skis that are as rockered as the JJ's. If you want an AT setup, I'd recommend something like next year's BD Zealot's which are gonna be kick-ass (I hear from people who already tried them). I absolutely love my JJ's but would never put AT's on them.

              Hi, I'm looking to pick up a pair of these...

              Hi, I'm looking to pick up a pair of these but am unsure about sizing. I wear a 10.5 shoe size and my current alpine boot is 28.5, which on the mondo scale translates to an 11.5. Should I be looking for a 28.5 AT boot as well or will the mondopoint differ for an AT boot?

              I just bought a pair of Maestrales. I wear a 10.5 shoe but got a 27.5 boot. Tight out of the box but I think they'll be perfect after molding and packing out. Shell size seems perfect, and I thinking jumping to the next shell would be too big. After a couple of hours buckled up they are already feel better. I have moderately wide forefeet.

              Tried these on the other day and really...

              Tried these on the other day and really was impressed. Though in the shop the flex did not concern me all that much, I am wondering from those who have toured with them, is this boot stiff enough to drive a 115 waisted ski? I am not a hard charger and prefer shorter turns and being more playful in the pow.

              Is the size 28.5 and 29 use the same size...

              Is the size 28.5 and 29 use the same size shell?

              I tried on the Maestrale 28.0 and 29.0, bought the 29.0 and ordered the 28.5 too since I was between sizes. Had both the 28.5 and 29.0 in hand, both had the same shell size with a boot sole length of 322mm and the 28.5 fit better because of the thicker liner. So yes, in Scarpa, the half size is the same shell size as the next full size up.

              Hi! Does anyone have a warmth and (crampon)...

              Hi! Does anyone have a warmth and (crampon) climbing comfort comparison with the Inverno?

              Best Answer

              The Maestrale should be almost as warm as the Inverno. It should be adequate for any adventure in North America. As far as climbing goes the Maestrale is a ski boot first so it won't be a good as the Inverno, but as far as ski boots go this will be one of the best for climbing performance/comfort. Bottom line if your looking for a ski mountianeering boot this boot is perfect.

              How big of a ski could you power with this...

              How big of a ski could you power with this boot, and what type of snow conditions?