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Scarpa Diva

    I have a thin heel and thus Scarpa's boots tend to not fit well. With the intuition liners it's hard to tell whether they'd fit after being heat molded. BD boots tend to fit better on me, but that's just because of my thin heel. I have a hard time wearing ballet flats because they slip right off, and these boots had a lot of wiggle room. So, I'm going to return them and probably go with BD. Nice lightweight boots, but poor fit for me.

    I heart SCARPA Divas

      After skiing Scarpa Magics for years (trashy and hard to power)... I got these and they are amazing!!! They are warm, lightweight and charge on the down. They are much warmer than the BD shivas. I ski them mostly in Dynafits and a bit in Fritschis. I molded Superfeet into the liners when I had them cooked and immediately wore them on a long traverse with zero blisters. They were comfortable and as nimble as ski boots can be to scramble in too!

      Best AT boots I've owned!

        These boots are my go-to backcountry boot for day touring to long ski mountaineering trips. I use the stiffer Tornado tongues to improve downhill performance and I don't feel like this sacrifices touring performance (definitely recommend swapping them out, especially since it's super easy!). I have bushwhacked, traveled overland, and skied well over 100 days on these and they are still in pretty good shape for what they've been through!

        The Divas rock!

          I got these to replace my Scarpa Magics that were way too flimsy. I skied my first day on the Divas inbounds to get used to them, and it only took 1/2 a run! These babies are rock solid. They feel just as supportive as my alpine boots and they are light as a feather! My second day on them was an hour skin up to super variable snow. I still felt super stable in these boots. My old ones would have had me rocking from being in the front seat to the back seat the whole time, but the Divas kept me over my skis the whole time!

          can you tell me what the Boot Sole Length...

          can you tell me what the Boot Sole Length (BSL, stamped on the side of the boot shell) is for the Diva - size 23 and 24? Trying to figure out if these can fit into my girlfriend's currently dynafit mounted skis without needing to remount and it would be great to know the boot sole length. Thanks!

          Unanswered Question

          I want to ski on resort and off. Using...

          I want to ski on resort and off. Using just this boot. I want a pair of cheep carver groomer skis and a pair of light powder backcountry skis. Right now I'm in transition from tele so I am aquiring alpine gear. Bought just the boots thinking I could go from there, but it turns out I can't just throw these boots into any old resort ski.
          *What bindings work for this boot? I've heard dynafit are too light for the resort, and frischi break down, Marker Barons or Dukes might work for resort if they have a "swivel?" toe piece. Looking for some sort of list. Thanks.

          Are these boots comparable in warmth to...

          Are these boots comparable in warmth to other AT boots? I tried them on and compared to standard alpine boots the liner seems fairly thin, which I imagine is to keep the boot light. Do you sacrifice warmth in most AT boots?

          I haven't tried many other AT boots, so can't offer a comparison. The new Intuition liners are the best available for warmth and very light as well. I have super cold feet and have to use toe warmers for touring in temps below ~10 degF, but I think that's the way it would be with any boot. Having some additional room in the toebox (you can create this during the heat molding process) will allow room for trapping a warm air pocket or using stick-on toe warmers. If you have extra space in the boot, you could also add a piece of foam underneath the liner to add another layer of insulation.

          Is the Scarpa Diva crampon compatible?

          Is the Scarpa Diva crampon compatible?

          It all depends on the crampon. The sole of the Diva is alot like the Spirit 3, and I have had good luck getting crampons to attach to them. That said, regardless, the answer is probably "yes." If you are using a kombi-type attachment system, those types of crampons will fit on almost anything, so you're in luck. If you have have a toe bail with a heel lever, the chances are good it will fit on the Diva. However if the toe bail on the cramp is especially narrow it may not. See if the cramp will fit on a normal ski boot. If so I'd say you're in luck.

          what is the sole length of the size mondo...

          what is the sole length of the size mondo 24 plastic boot...trying to figure out what size of fritschi freeride binding this is compatible with

          The sole length is usually stamped on the inside of the heal (not on the base on the side) of the boot. i.e. my technica's are a mondo size 23.5 with a 274mm sole length. The BD fritschi freeride smalls fit a 245-300mm sole length so your boots should be fine in this size binding, but double check the sides of your boot for a sole length.

          What size do I need?I'm a 36 eur..

          What size do I need?I'm a 36 eur..

          I am 37 - 37.5 in street shoes (USA W7) with long volume foot though not terribly narrow in the forefoot, narrowish heel and slimmish leg. I ordered the Scarpa Domino in a 22.5 which was too small. I ended up ordering the 23.5. Keep in mind that in Scarpa, the 22.5 and 23.0 are the same size shell. Same with 23.5 and 24.0, etc. (This is different than many boot makers.) My guess is you would want a 22.5/23.0 (they are the same shell size). I tend to downsize a bit. IMO, the charts are useless! My impression is that scarpa runs a tad small. Respect the snow gods!

          Hello,I would like to know if these boots...

          Hello,I would like to know if these boots match with alpine bindings? And I don't understand what AT and TLT mean (I don't speak english very well). Can someone help me please?I hope I will get an answer. Thank you

          They work in alpine bindings, but you should probably get alpine boots if you're just skiing alpine. AT stands for Alpine Touring, which means that the heel detaches so you can hike up, and the boots in turn sacrifice some of their stiffness to be lighter and easier to hike in. If you're not going to be hiking, get alpine boots.You may also want to look at the Domina from Scarpa this has all the attributes of an alpine boots IE : Din compatible sole. But is comfortable and has a walk mode for touring , and just makes the boot comfortable all around

          TLT stands for tourlite tech if you are asking in reference to the dynafit bindings. These bindings are compatible with many alpine touring (AT) boots. The bindings are extremely light and fit with dynafit compatible boots that have metal inserts in the toes and heels.