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The Scrapa Booster Climbing Shoes' highly asymmetrical curve and down-turned toe provides solid power and feel to your toes on the most technical sport routes and boulder problems. The hook-and-loop closures allow quick entry when you get psyched to pull down your project. Unlined suede uppers mold to your feet for a precise fit and equally precise footwork.

  • Aggressive shape and down-turned toe edges like crazy
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off
  • Discontinued Vibram XS Grip soles give you all the friction you need
  • Unlined suede upper will stretch about a half size
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  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

Bought a pair of these a couple weeks back when they were on sale. I guessed on the size as there is no where near me to try on scarpas to get an idea on the size. I wanted to really downsize to a tight fit for hard bouldering and sport. I normally wear a US 9.5 or 10 and got these in a size 8. Needless to say they are very small. I'm not sure if I'm breaking them in or if they are breaking me in. Despite that the I think the fit is pretty good; no airspace in the heel cup and a good curl to the toes. The toe box is set pretty wide which is fortunate for my wide set toes. Overall good fit and still breaking in.

The shoes feel pretty boxy right now and are not very sensitive, but I think that will change as they break in.

As for climbing, they are great. The rubber is super stick (tacky to the touch out of the box). They edge like a dream, and there is plenty of rubber for toe and heel hooks.

My only real con is how stiff the toe box is, but it will loosen up in time.

I would suggest a pair if you're not looking to spend the extra on the new boostics or sportiva solutions

I like them even better than my Vapor Vs

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

These shoes are great. I find Scarpa hug my feet like no other brand can. Snug, consistent foot contact all around, but never painful (except the first two sessions - can't do much about that). They perform very well and look pretty good too, if that matters.

Sizing: I wear a 10.5 street shoe, size 44 Scarpa Vapor V, and 44.5 Scarpa Booster. All fit beautifully. No need to cram your feet into something so small, you can't feel the holds.

I think there is better...

    In my opinion I think there are much better shoes out there. I love Scarpa, but it seems like they were intentionally trying to make the heel cups on the Boosters 5 sizes too big... I still just don't get why the heels are so big! If you want to stick with Scarpa then I would suggest trying the Vapor Vs... But! again in my opinion, I am still in love with La Sportiva's Solutions.

    Pretty good

      I got them about a week ago and took them back with in the week.. one of the best shoes for the toeing in to anything and has a wide toe box which is nice if you have a wide foot like i do. The heel hook had a huge pocket and was very thin, making heel hooking hard and kind of painful. I wear size 10 street shoe and when down to a size 40 or 7 1/2 in them, but they still had the pocket in the heel.

      all in all a pretty good shoe

      Love them

        Aggressive? yes and all the wonderful precision that goes with it, but since the 4mm rubber stops just below the ball of your foot, easy to open up and smear.

        Comfortable!! Very snug tight fit, but good padding under the leather on the top of the shoe, so while responsive and tight, not pinching. even after a 4 pitch trad day my dogs weren't barking too bad.

        As far as being technical, I prefer bouldering (though leading sport and trad is a blast also) and these crush.

        Nothing bad to say, except I'm nervous on getting them re-soled do to the weird rubber configuration, but worth it to have such a comfortable, smearable super aggressive shoe.


          The best sport shoe ive had in a long time. i climb at rifle and pump o rama felt like 12c after i strapped on the power of the boosters. THey also arn't too bad for smearing as some may suggest. Exotic headach on independence pass was no trouble for these shoes, smearing intended.

          Scarpa Booster

            Don't know if you can still get a pair. I got mine 1/2 price as they were end of line. I always have 5 or 6 pairs of rockshoes. I try every innovation and usually end up wearing my 5.10 Annasazis. The Boosters really shocked me, they wrapped themselves round my narrow feet and although they hurt a bit for three days, they fitted beautifully after that and definitely allowed me to climb a grade harder - Wow!

            Scarpa Booster!

              Don't let other reviews fool you, the heel works just fine. I was initially worried as the heel fit kind of funny, but after some use I would definitely say I like the heel better than my old la sportiva miura vc. The booster's heel is the most sensitive I've climbed with and it molded to my foot with more use. The rest is just as awesome, the shoe's design forces your toe into a position that really creates a powerful boost when you need it.

              Break-in wasn't that bad. The first few days of climbing were tough but not terrible, unless you're not accustom to a down-turned design, then they might seem pretty rough.

              Sized one size down from my regular street size, I got a size 42 and my street size is a 43. I've got a medium sized foot as it's not too wide or thin.


                i love my boosters. they absolutely kill overhangs, with practice they can also be a great slab shoe, believe it or not. they make small foot hold big and big foot holds ledges. the heel feels a bit floppy but if you really trust heel hooks they work fine. it took a few weeks to break them in, which was torture, but after that the leather forms to your feet which makes them have a vacuum fit. im on my third pair now and will not buy another shoe until the booster is discontinued.


                  I have only gotten a few chances so far to use my new boosters, but I really do love them. They are a great shoe for bouldering which is what I bought them for. There is nothing the boosters aren't good for when it comes to bouldering with them. BUT I must say that my heal doesn't fit perfectly into the heel pocket of the shoe because it is so deep, or maybe my heel is just a weird shape. Overall they are an awesome shoe. FYI my running shoe size is a 45 and I got the boosters in a 44.

                  Scarpa Boosters

                    These shoes are radically down turned. If you need that/are in to that, then these may be awesome for you. I also thought the heels were pretty baggy, more so than the 5.10 Anazasi. But, this may be foot specific.

                    The craftsmanship on these shoes was superb. Great stiching on quality materials. That's pretty reasurring these days.

                    All in all, the Boosters seem great, but not my style.

                    Miss them

                      I rolled in the boosters for a year and a half but i ripped through them and had to settle for mad rock conflicts from my local climbing store and I miss my boosters dearly. After you climb in them nothing will ever be good enough again.


                        The sizing is a little off from the older scarpa shoes and they take some time to break in. Try them on before you buy them. If you need a steep climbing shoe these do the trick. Get the scarpa vision v if your looking of a great all around shoe including the steep stuff.


                          Just recieved these about two weeks ago and you get what you pay for. Very downturned and aggressive, I didn't find the break in to be that uncomfortable but others would disagree. The rubber is phenomanaly sticky and the toe is treaded just right for toe hooks. I find the heel a little loose. Its fine and should mold after more hard use though. I mostly climb indoors as there is very little real rock in Illinois. Should be taking a Devil's Lake trip soon and I will report back then! Overall very nice shoe, not comfortable, but helpful in sending tough boulder problems.


                            I love these shoes. They are like nothing else i have ever worn. they are uncomfortable for a little while but once they are broken it they are amazing. the sizing is definitely a little off from La Sportiva, because i tried on a 39.5 Testerossa and i couldn't fit my foot into a 39.5 Booster. This is definitely my all time favorite shoe

                            i've got a 6.5 anasazi, fits amazing. what...

                            i've got a 6.5 anasazi, fits amazing. what size booster you think? def worried about the heel cup...

                            I have a solution 36 i have a 36...

                            I have a solution 36

                            i have a 36 katana

                            should buy some scarpa 36????

                            Can anyone help me decide between these...

                            Can anyone help me decide between these and the women's five ten blackwings? I'm looking for an aggressive shoe for mostly bouldering and overhang lead. And I'm a girl, if that's relevant.

                            How good are these shoes for crack climbing...

                            How good are these shoes for crack climbing and friction climbing? has anyone used these at Indian Creek?

                            Best Answer

                            I've had two pairs of Boosters (and resoled em - I like these shoes a LOT) and would NOT recommend them for crack climbing. These get pretty tough on my feet on multi-pitch sport and I try not to wear them for that. Not an expert on crack, but I think these are best for bouldering and aggressive sport routes.

                            just bought these and my toes feel like...

                            just bought these and my toes feel like they're going to die. is this normal or did i buy a size too small? i wear a 10.5 normally and i bought a 42.5

                            Best Answer

                            Generally with climbing shoes you want them mad snug to begin with, just wear them when you're chilling on the couch and they should stretch out with time. If the pain is too intense to stand, I say go up a half size. If you're into SUPER aggressive overhanging bouldering, tight shoes will serve you well, but if you're looking to climb for any period of time or just use these as your swiss army shoe, I would size to something I could stand. Just use your best judgement.

                            How is te heel cup on these? I have a...

                            How is te heel cup on these? I have a pretty shallow heel, so most five tens just slide off when I crank too hard off a heel hook. Are these deep/shallow/good/bad for heel hooking?

                            ok, i know this is probably a lame question,...

                            ok, i know this is probably a lame question, but i'm interested in starting to climb. with the holliday season pressing in i asked my really good friend what a good starter shoe would be and he came back with these. anyone have verification to this, and if he's wrong what would be a better alternative?

                            Best Answer

                            I think your friend is playing a joke on you (or your playing a joke on me and I'm falling for it). The Booster is about as far as you can get from a beginner shoe. I would recommend your first shoe should be something flat lasted like the Thunder, Veloce or Force. Try on as many as you can and pick the one that fits the best.

                            Unanswered Question

                            Would it be fair to assume these fit like...

                            Would it be fair to assume these fit like the Mago's in terms of toe box, heel, and length? I love my Magos but would like something easier on/off for bouldering and with a bit more rubber on the top of the toe.

                            Whats better for overhanging bouldering...

                            Whats better for overhanging bouldering the Scarpa Booster or the La Sportiva Solution?

                            I don't have either of the shoes however have had several La Sportiva and absolutely love them. I was comparing the both and both seem like great shoes! Obviously I am bias but it looks like the solution has more rubber on the heel as well as on the toe, which means great "hooking" for overhangs. Also, I would imagine the leather would form to your foot better allowing for a more comfortable fit. Anyways, take what I say with a grain of salt; hope it helped!

                            I am looking at getting a pair of boosters...

                            I am looking at getting a pair of boosters for bouldering. No one has them to try on in South Australia so i have to buy them without trying them on. I wear like a size 42.5 - 43 street shoe and my evolv's are a 42.5 and fit tight. What booster size should i get, i want them to be tight but not unbarable

                            Is there any Scarpa climbing shoes available for sizing in your area? I have found that many of the manufacturing use roughly the same sole size. I would think trying on a similar Scarpa would give you a rough estimate of where your foot would be as far as sizing for the booster. Hope that helped, and good luck!!

                            I wear 42 street shoes and my boosters are a 381/2. The break in period is painful but once you get them worked in a bit they're an amazing shoe. The heel is meant to stretch a TON so even if they seem small (I would recommend 39's for yourself) they will eventually break in (probably 2 weeks of solid climbing). They should feel like ballet shoes when you put them on and you should want to rip them off after every run on the wall.

                            do the boosters resole well? already wore...

                            do the boosters resole well? already wore a hole through the toe cap.

                            So my foot fits perfectly in a 42 1/2 Vapor...

                            So my foot fits perfectly in a 42 1/2 Vapor V shoe and none of the retailers around here sell Boosters. Sense they are both Scarpa shoes would they both have around the same fit size wise?

                            I am looking for strictly a bouldering...

                            I am looking for strictly a bouldering shoe. Does anyone have any input on whether i Should get the Booster or Scarpa's Feroce?

                            It really depends on fit. You'll climb the best in the shoe that fits you better. Other than fit I've noticed the booster provides more power to the big toe making really small holds easier to stand on. The Feroce has a slightly pointier toe and works a little better in tiny pockets. You really won't be disapointed with either shoe, so again it really comes down to fit.

                            Hey, I wear a 42 in the Techno's, what...

                            Hey, I wear a 42 in the Techno's, what size should I get for a good fit with these?

                            Best Answer

                            That all depends on how you want them to fit. The Booster is very asymmetrically designed shoe, it will feel a little tighter for that fact alone. But if you are happy with the way your technos fit and want the same fit but more aggressive, you would probably be safe with a 42. If you aren't happy with the sizing of your technos or don't want these to feel tighter you may want to adjust up or down a half size. But what I would really recommend is going to your local outdoor store and trying them on. Climbing shoes are very tricky; no two shoes will fit the same. Trying them on is the only way to be 100%.

                            How do these shoes compare to the La...

                            How do these shoes compare to the La Sportiva Solutions?

                            i own the solution and have tried the booster at a Demo. the Solution has a very pronounced "Nib" of rubber on the pinnacle of the Toe which focuses your weight to this minuscule point. Meaning that on roofs you can hook a hold with the end of the toe rubber. the Booster lacks this feature and also can have a bulbous heel that forms a pocket around your foot if it doesn't fit right.

                            I wear a size 9 street shoe (asics) and a...

                            I wear a size 9 street shoe (asics) and a size 9 in 510 shoes (anasazi lace), what size should i buy in these?

                            Do these shoes or the Mago stretch at all.?...

                            Do these shoes or the Mago stretch at all.? says its made of suede and lorica. if so, how much smaller then my galileos should i buy them at. galileos were synthetic and didnt stretch.

                            HiI wear a 43 street size... what size of...

                            HiI wear a 43 street size... what size of scarpa boosters should I get. I intend to use them for sport climbing only...

                            I'm looking to buy these shoes for my all...

                            I'm looking to buy these shoes for my all around gym climbing. vertical, but mostly slightly overhung to very over hung. I know they can handle the extreme steep over hangs, but do they work well on the vertical and slightly steeper routs and problem?

                            These are a bit more technical shoe. They would be great, but they will be a pain for the first little while. They have a fairly extreme arch that is tough to get used to, or to wear for long periods of time. I used these on both steep, and overhung problems, and they were wonderful. They feel a bit more at home with the overhanging stuff, but they really impressed me all around. Very sticky, very accurate, totally enhanced my gym climbing. Just know, if you ever do much trad or big walls...dont bring these. These shoes will make Your feet scream but you'll definitely be envied by fellow climbers with the Scarpa boosters power.