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Finally achieve warp speed on the skin track.

Move like a being from another world in the backcountry when you tour with the Scarpa Alien 1.0 Alpine Touring Boot. Advancing light years ahead of its competition, this TLT-compatible boot uses space-age lightweight carbon in the cuff, providing the rigidity you need to make the Kessler run in twelve parsecs. With only one flick of the A-Light single-throw buckle, you can loosen the cuff to achieve incredible rotation for easing long up-tracks and concurring mountain summits.
  • The 99mm-wide last fits more feet, and keeps you snug in the boot without cutting off your circulation in cold storms
  • A HRP Intuitive Alien liner provides warmth, a solid interface between the shell and your foot, overlaps the cuff for reliable touring comfort, and can be thermo-molded for ultimate customization
  • Carbon core technology wraps your foot in carbon but is covered by the polyamide shell to prevent wearing it down with your ski edges
  • The BOA closure system gives you a quick, secured solution to the buckle problem without pressure points
  • A Vibram UFO sole provides grip on rocky knife edges and icy boot packs
  • Opening the A-Light single-throw buckle disengages the cuff and its tensioned cord for nearly unlimited cuff rotation during long skin strides