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Seth Morrison

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Imagine for a moment that your name is Jack, and that the beans you just traded for your dad's only cow are currently sprouting a giant beanstalk to a castle in the sky before your eyes. If you are a skier, you can expect a similar revelation the first time you see Seth Morrison in a film segment. From rocking pink hair when it wasn't cool and riding out of 160-foot front flips on one ski, to outrunning avalanches and surviving a helicopter crash, the soft-spoken man who started blowing minds in Matchstick Productions' 1994 film The Hedonist has turned refuting the impossible into a business. Fifteen years later, with countless films, awards, and minutes of airtime to back up his rep, Morrison is a living legend in the ski world. He leads K2's Factory Team, and has developed his own pro models with Hestra, Full Tilt Boots, Troy Lee Designs and Oakley...not to mention the award-winning K2 ObSETHed ski. We can't even begin to describe how stoked we are to have Seth on our team.

Sage Cattabriga-alosa

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When most people think of Sage Cattabriga Alosa they think of Alta hippy stink. Most people are right: Sage's stink on film is so filthy it puts all big-mountain jib skiers to shame. Instead of looking at a line and thinking about its limitations, Sage turns the mountain into a work of art, flipping, spinning, and just getting downright messy in ways that nobody dreamed possible. In 2004, he won the Best Male Performance award from Powder Magazine. Since then, Sage has been filming with Teton Gravity Research, skiing some of the most progressive segments in the last ten years, and doing things off of massive booters and cliffs that were only a dirty fantasy before he hit them. He's won many more awards and pushed the sport to a new level all on his own. That's the stank we like to smell. Sage lists Atomic, The North Face, and Smith among his sponsors.

Jeremy Jones

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Jeremy Jones - not to be confused with the eponymous freestyle jibber - is THE big mountain badass. Although this Teton Gravity Research mainstay has defined and redefined big mountain freeride snowboarding for the last 20-plus years, he remains incredibly humble and down-to-earth. Today, Jones designs his own line of high performance boards, bindings, and accessories in collaboration with top names in the industry. When he's not riding fluted 55-degree AK faces, Jones is busy being a new dad and putting his energy into environmentally conscious side projects. Jeremy is co-founder of Protect Our Winters, a non-profit dedicated to reversing global warming, and the creator behind the Teton Gravity Research film "Deeper," in which he eschews heli and snowmobile transport in favor of the split board. We know that his other sponsors like Bern, O'Neill, Scott, Bluebird Wax and CamelBak are as stoked as we are to have him on their teams.

Pep Fujas

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When your skiing speaks as loudly as Pep Fujas', making a name for yourself doesn't require much talking (though the cool name definitely ain't hurtin'). Pep is a familiar face from Nimbus Independent (a company he helped start) and Poor Boys Productions films, characteristically showcasing some of the smoothest, most progressive, most aesthetic skiing on screen. After reaching ski-icon status (first switch landings in pow, Pep Roll, etc.) and earning the highly coveted 2010 Powder Magazine 'Best Powder Award', Pep continues to push the bleeding edge of progressive skiing. Pep's skiing has been inspiring skiers and building the stoke for years, and there's no sign of letting up. Sponsorships with K2 (K2 Kung Fujas Pro model Ski: check), Marker, Oakley, Bern, and DAKINE keep Pep out there doing his thing, and we couldn't be happier to have him on board the Athlete Rodeo.

Chris Davenport

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Have you ever heard someone say "that dude skis more in one year than most people do in their whole life?" With Chris Davenport, it's the truth. During the winter of 06/07, Davenport set a record by skiing all 54 of Colorado peaks above 14000ft a single season. The previous record? It took 13 years to ski them all. Chris has dominated freeskiing competitions (taking home two World Tour first place finishes), appeared in more than 25 ski films by big names like Warren Miller and Matchstick Productions. He has logged first descents on several continents, and many consider him to be the most accomplished big mountain skier in the world. Chris, who wants to give back to the sport more than he wants recognition, also works as a ski guide in Colorado, Canada, and Switzerland. Of course we're Chris's favorite, but his other sponsors include Helly Hansen, Giro, Smith, Scott, Black Diamond Equipment, BCA, and Red Bull.

Eric Roner

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If you see a guy wearing skis and a parachute floating down off the gnarliest cliff at your home resort, chances are Erik Roner has come to visit. Since blowing people's minds with his skiBASE segment in TGR's The Tangerine Dream back in 2005, Erik has continued to push the forefront of the freeskiing movement. From hucking off of Jackson Hole's previously un-skied Cajun Couloir to co-starring in Travis Pastrana's daredevil reality series Nitro Circus, it seems Roner's bag of tricks has no bottom. Erik haunts the Tahoe ski scene whenever he isn't scoping new hucks, and you can look forward to seeing more from him in TGR's latest film, Re-Session. Erik represents Dynastar, Lange, Scott, OGIO, DNA, Hi-Ball Energy, Sweet Protection and plenty of adrenaline.

Ingrid Backstrom

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Ingrid Backstrom jumped from Squaw Valley ski bum to ski movie superstar with the three-turn descent of a 1,500 vertical foot Bella Coola line captured in Matchstick Production's 2004 ski film, Yearbook. After that, dominating the freeski comp scene took a backseat for this Seattle native, who has since appeared in countless ski flicks from Matchstick and Warren Miller. Backstrom says the secret to her success is in confronting her fears and picking "lines that scare me enough to perform my best." This mantra has served her well; in 2002, Ingrid was Powder Magazine's first-ever female "Future Big Mountain Hero" and has won awards for "Best Female Performance" and "Breakthrough Performance" for her ballsy ski film segments. Although Ingrid pretty much smokes the majority of the ladies (and some dudes too) when it comes to big lines, nobody talks shit. She is down-to-earth, gracious, and radiates a love for the mountains that is downright contagious. Her sponsors include The North Face, Volkl, Marker, Giro, and Tecnica

Grete Eliassen

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Grete Eliassen's gravy train rolls faster and deeper than a powder-heavy PNW storm system, but when you see the authority she displays in the park and witness her big-mountain balls, her success should be no surprise. Eliassen took her first US Open Championship at the age of seventeen, and to date the 23-year-old Norwegian has four US Open wins, four X Games medals, a European Open championship, a Nippon Open championship, and seven film appearances under her belt. She's been voted both an Ullr Girl and Fri Flyt Magazine Skier Of The Decade, not to mention the countless cover shots, interviews, photo spreads and press hits that come along with dominating the circuit. Pardon the expression, but holy shit. Slow down, girl!

These days, if she's not having another medal dangled round her neck, updating her blog or recovering from a brutal river-gap wreck, Grete's working on her upcoming movie SAY MY NAME and dedicating time to the Women's Sports Foundation. Her sponsors include Oakley, Nike 6.0, DAKINE, Tecnica, Head, Swix, Kicker Audio, Alta/Snowbird/Brighton, and RedBull. And, ya heard?

Cody Townsend

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Despite bagging all kinds of Best Segment, Line Of The Year, Best Powder Awards while movie-starring for MSP, Warren Miller, and TGR, Cody Townsend should be most lauded for his Champion victory at the 2011 McShlonkey Classic. Needless to say, Cody is the kind of skier who deserves a star on the sidewalks of Squallywood. Geared for big mountain domination, deep powder (20-years of ski racing is apparently the perfect breakfast for being wicked-good at railing pow and big mountains), Mr. Townsend knows how to drop shock and awe on the mountain. You'd think all this pwnage would make Cody a super intense stresscase who long ago forgot how to laugh. But listen to a bit of his wisdom for yourself: "And skiing is not serious, so don't take yourself seriously when doing it or talking about it."
Cody is sponsored by:, Salomon, Swatch, The Levitation Project, Smith, Squaw Valley, ABS, Camelbak, Kask
We're stoked to have Cody on board the Rodeo.

Angel Collinson

Fresh off an incredibly impressive freshman showing of winning the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour Championships and placing second overall in the Freeride World Tour in 2011, Athlete Angel Collinson proves that being born and raised at the base of Snowbird, Utah has its perks. Perks are great, but Angel ain't the complacent type-eight years of international ski racing, including a stint with the US Ski Team helped her cut her ski teeth. Oh, and on top of all that, Angel laid down a dedicated high school career that scored her a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of Utah. Angel's race experience and overall dedication shows in her picture-perfect pow lines-she skis big mountain and pow at full-tilt, and makes it look effortless. Angel's skiing has been strong enough to impress the biggest ski judges in the industry in her first-ever year of big-mountain comp tours, and it has secured her big-name sponsorships with Smith, The North Face, and Black Diamond. We look forward to what the future holds for this Wasatch-raised skier. Keep it up Angel, you're the wind beneath our wings, and we're stoked to have you on the Team.

Jess McMillan

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If you haven't already heard of her, chances are Jess McMillan will become a household name in the very near future. With the Freeskiing World Tour and US Freeskiing Nationals titles under her belt and signed sponsors like Jackson Hole, Cloudveil, Crashpads, Shred Alert Hats, Volkl, Tecnica, Marker, Scott USA, and DAKINE, Jess has a brighter-than-the-tram-towers-on-a-bluebird-day future. This Wyoming native earned her chops bagging US Downhill Championships from '93 to '95, coaching the Jackson Hole Ski and Freeride teams. She even found time to spend three straight years kayaking - that's right, three years off and she can still out-ski the best of 'em. From untouched big mountain lines in France to making all the dudes in Jackson jealous, Jess charges hard and loves every minute of it.

Jackie Paaso

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From placing second in a local NASTAR race at the age of six, to entering and winning the Snowbird Freeski Nationals in her first season and grabbing the first Sickbird buckle ever awarded to a female, Jacklyn Paaso has proven she's no shrinking violet. In the off-season, Jackie's a backpacker, biker, and all-around athlete, but you'll really see her shine when she clicks into a pair of skis and points it off the nearest cliff. While she's only been in one film to date (AK the Hard Way, 2008), we're sure that's probably a temporary situation, and you can always replay last year's US Freeskiing Series or visit her blog to see her shred. For now, you'll have to keep an eye out for her as she bikes down the entire West Coast on two sore buns, and wait for her next highlight reel. In addition to killing it as a Team member, Jackie skis for Electric, Bern, Moment, and

Greg Hill

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Please circle all that apply:

  • I've skipped school to go skiing since the age of two
  • I dislocated my shoulder climbing and turned to ski mountaineering
  • I subsequently won the Whistler Randonnee Race while rocking a mullet and hugely inappropriate skis, and have repeated that feat twice
  • I skied one million vertical feet in a season
  • I skied 80 ten-thousand-foot days in a season
  • I produced, directed, and starred in my own Banff Film Festival Finalist submission
  • I was the first person to traverse the 21 summits of the Northern Monashees, and I did it in 21 days

If you circled all of the above, congratulations. Your name is Greg Hill, you're an absolute animal in the ski mountaineering arena, and you're a member of the pro team. You have a mantra: "breathe and believe", which has pushed you to a world-record 50,000 feet of vertical in 24 hours. Your other sponsors include Arc'teryx, Suunto, and Dynafit.

A+ (see us after class; we think you cheated)

Andrew McLean

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You won't find Andrew McLean in the resort very often. He prefers to leave home and track down steep technical lines in remote regions of the world. With more than 120 first descents to his name (many unrepeated) and trips to places most people have never even heard of, Andrew's résumé makes your palms sweat and your mouth water. His book "The Chuting Gallery: A guide to steep skiing in the Wasatch Mountains" gives readers a glimpse of what Andrew does in his local mountains and has become the dream list for serious Utah skiers. McLean has skied on all seven continents and in 2009 completed a lifetime dream to ski off the top of all three of the Alaska Mountain Range family - Denali, Sultana and Mt. Hunter. During the summer he rides a mountain unicycle on the singletrack trails around his home in Park City and enjoys rock climbing. As a Product Designer by profession, Andrew has worked for Black Diamond Equipment where he designed the Whippet Self Arrest Ski Pole, the first wire-gate climbing carabiner (the Hotwire), Peckers, Talons and the Single Stem Camalot. His other sponsors include Mountain Hardwear, Scarpa, Dynafit, K2 Alpine Touring, Suunto, Smith, and MSR.

Noah Howell

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Noah Howell has life all backwards. Instead of working toward a high-paying career so he can retire and just ski all the time, he punches the clock in Alaska, Baffin Island, the French and Swiss Alps, and his home Wasatch Range so he can settle down with a cushy office job one day. Noah has more first descents on his résumé than most people have ski days in a season. For now, Howell reps Zeal Optics and Mountain Hardwear, "works" as a product tester for Black Diamond Equipment, and rips technical ski-mountaineering descents all over the world. Oh yeah, and he does it all on tele gear. Maybe it's the rest of us who have life backwards.

Julian Carr

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Julian Carr will calmly discuss snowpack, weight distribution, terminal velocity and angle of impact with you, and for a moment, you will actually believe he is not certifiably insane. However, the moment you see how he is applying this science, you will likely wonder two things:

1) How did he escape from his straitjacket, and
2) Who gave him a pair of skis?

Julian, quite simply, drops the biggest cliffs ever caught on film. Cliffs that still put a pit in your stomach after the fourth or fifth time you've rewound the clip and watched a 170-pound neck-beard from Salt Lake City fall hundreds of feet through the air into the snow below. This alone should be enough to score a place on the Backcountry team, but we like Julian for another reason: he's way more than just a crash test dummy. It's one thing to launch one's meat off massive rock faces in search of fame and fortune; it's another thing entirely to compete in freeskiing tournaments, start Discrete Headwear , star in movies, write poetry and magazine features, and live a generally awesome life. Julian's a multi-talented guy who would clearly make it in this industry even without his addiction to lunatic air. We're just lucky he's got a screw loose, 'cause we love to watch him do his thing.

Cody Barnhill

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Cody Barnhill grew up watching JP Auclair, Shane Szocs, Seth Morrison, and other 1990's new-school skiers throwing down in the terrain park. His home mountain outside Anchorage, AK, didn't have a park, so he learned to do tricks off cliffs and windlips instead. He only placed 42nd in his first big mountain freeski competition, but 4FRNT and Smith took notice of Barnhill's balls-out cliff drop spins, and as a result he won a couple kickass sponsors. Their investment paid off: at the 2005 Subaru US Freeskiing Nationals at Snowbird, he placed third. Cody has since graduated from the freeski comp scene, and for the past couple years, he has been traveling around the world in search of snow with TGR and the Levitation Project. In addition to Rossignol and Smith, he is also sponsored by Discrete Headwear, Skullcandy, and The North Face.

KC Deane

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If KC Deane looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen him reaping the shred in Freeskier, Powder, The Ski Journal or the euro's Skiing De magazine. Yeah, Mr. Deane gets a lot of face time in the ski world. KC hails from the Sierra-cemented town of Reno, but he currently hunts pow in the Bellingham, Washington area. When he isn't filming Voluerz or getting rad for magazine photoshoots, KC is works on shining his pearls of wisdom as an undergrad student. Look for KC doing some face-melting skiing in upcoming features from Salomon Freeski TV and Voluerz. KC is sponsored by:, Moment skis, Outdoor Technology, Scott, Arcade, Spacecraft, Voleurz, POW, Bern Helmets, CTi Orthodics, Dalbello boots, and Backcountry Access.

Kim Havell

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Based in Telluride, Colorado, Kim Havell began her career in the mountains as an alpine ski coach. From there, she gradually made the transition to climbing and ski mountaineering, has tail-guided for H2O Heli Guides, been a guest instructor for the San Juan Outdoor School, CVA, and Babes in the Backcountry, and is an eleven-year member of the San Miguel County Search and Rescue Team with both medical and rescue certifications. Kim has made numerous first female descents in Southwest Colorado, climbed and skied both the Grand Teton and Mt. Moran in a 2-day period, completed multiple ascents/descents of 13ers & ten 14ers in Colorado, and cut lines on peaks in France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Alaska, Russia, and Japan. She has also climbed several peaks in the Himalayas including Lobuche (21,500ft) and Ama Dablam (22,600ft) in Nepal, as well as an expedition to Gasherbrum II (26,351ft), Pakistan, with some skiing from 24,000ft. Recently she skied from the summit of Denali (20,320ft) with an all-women's expedition group. Kim is also a ski model and guide for the Telluride Ski Resort, and has a passion for climbing the desert rock of Indian Creek, UT. Her other sponsors include Smith Optics, CAMP USA, and Salomon.

Rachael Burks

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When people ask Rachael where she learned to rip, she credits her dad who took her skiing every week from an early age. Even though she's skied all over the world, Rachael says the snow in her home state of Utah just can't be beat. Rachael considers herself a big-mountain rider, and prefers tossing backflips off cliffs to riding park because "when I tool around in the park, I look like a tool in the park." Always progressing, Rachael loves to "ride with people who kick my ass. I still have a lot to learn, and I get humbled every time I go skiing." Rachael's animated story telling turns the most hardcore group into laughing idiots, but mention a skier in a swimsuit shot and you'll tap into her true drive. She believes that female skiers should not be granted exemptions because of their bodies. In Rachael's world, she wants her skiing to speak for itself. Currently Rachael is skiing in Teton Gravity Research films and is sponsored by Smith, Peak Performance, Dynastar, and Discrete hats.

Shaun Raskin

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Pulled by the Rockies since childhood, right-coast raised, free-heeling Shaun Raskin has been schralping since she was just two - that's a full year earlier Davy Crockett's first kill, mind you. After regular pilgrimages out West, Shaun became addicted to telemark skiing and its creative style, flow, and live-in-the-moment spirit. When she isn't slaying it in the Telemark Freeskiing Championships or charging the deeps at Alta and the surrounding Wasatch Range, Shaun returns the stoke to the community via her Inspired Summit Adventures guiding company, in which she teaches avalanche courses and helps other skiiers enjoy the backcountry. Shaun is stoked to be sponsored by:, Trew, 22Designs, Scarpa, Hestra, CW-X, Smith, and Alta.

Chris Tatsuno

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Chris Tatsuno's dedication to skiing runs a little deeper than the average powder hound. Instead of getting a house in a ski town and buying a season pass, Chris lives in a van (the TatVan) that probably cost him less than his favorite Blizzard planks. He drives around the country to compete in freeskiing competitions and rip the burliest terrain wherever he goes, proving his worth in several US Freeskiing Championships and taking the coveted Sick Bird award at the Telluride Freeskiing Open. When he's not blending big mountain and freestyle like a human blender, Chris maintains a blog, which he updates frequently with stories of epic skiing and the resulting parties that follow, and he's super active on Facebook. He is also sponsored by Scott, POC, Helly Hansen,, Discrete Headwear, and Tecnica.

Drew Tabke

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Winning the Subaru U.S. Freeskiing National Finals at Snowbird is the dream of most any dyed-in-the-wool two-planker, and Drew Tabke is definitely livin' the dream. Born in Hawaii, but raised in the heart of the powder-choked Wasatch Mountains, Tabke started on the gentle slopes of Park City Ski Area, Utah and last year found himself in Switzerland atop the legendary Bec de Rosses for the Verbier Xtreme. The 25-year old freeskier recently moved from Salt Lake City to Seattle in pursuit of his big-mountain skiing ambitions. First descents from Washington to the Andes and freeskiing podiums in the US, France, Switzerland, and Russia have characterized his last few years, and his sponsors The North Face, Praxis Skis, and Smith are enthusiastic to support his future efforts.

Andrew Whiteford

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Andrew Whiteford cut his teeth in the hardwoods of Vermont, and filmed regularly with the infamous, East-coast mainstay Meathead Films. Andrew moved to Jackson, WY 5 years ago and has been in love ever since, but he ain't forgotten his roots. For the past several seasons Andrew has been filming with Jackson Hole-local moviemaker StormShow Studios and has gotten some serious attention and notoriety for his epic POV edits. Mr. Whiteford loves traveling around and shredding with new people, but is really excited for the upcoming season in Jackson and exploring the Teton Range. Andrew is all about big lines, steep landings, and long postholes through powder. When he's not on his skis, Andrew feeds his mountain bike passion, searching for premium dirt wherever it may lie. In addition to, Andrew is sponsored by Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Smith Optics, Dakine, Orage, and GoPro.

Nick Devore

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Catch one of Nick DeVore's film sequences and you'll get an idea of what all the hype is about. DeVore quite simply tears mountains apart ... and he's a telemarker. Nick is happy to reign as one of the smoothest tele-gurus on the planet, and the only freeheeler to ever make the finals on the Snowbird segment of the IFSA tour. When he's not scoring first descents on Denali, Señor DeVore crochets hats for his company Sensei Stitches, pulls down on Thai limestone, and lives the clean, green life of a dedicated yogi and farmer. Like his sponsors Cloudveil and Black Diamond, we're honored to have Nick skiing for our team.

Will Cardamone

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"Man, I wish I'd started skiing earlier" is something Will Cardamone can't say with a straight face. Will's dad built him a pair of custom wooden skis to wear around the house as soon as he could walk, and it wasn't long after that he tried to ski the stairs. He started ski racing at age 10, but as soon as he discovered freeskiing he dropped the race course like third-period French to focus on going big. Still needing more challenge, Will switched to telemark gear and took his park-honed skills to big-mountain runs and freeskiing competitions, where he now amazes even those without free heels. With the help of his other sponsors Black Diamond and Cloudveil, Cardamone is taking it beyond the next level.

Ted Davenport

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Yes, Ted Davenport is related to big-mountain ski legend and fellow athlete Chris Davenport - he's his younger brother, and he's damn proud of it. But Ted has forged a notable on-mountain career of his own too - since winning the 2004 Colorado Freeride Championships, he's racked up some pretty distinguished exploits. He went on to grab the overall title in the European Freeskiing tour in 2005, then set his sights on BASE jumping, having been inspired by one of Shane McConkey's jumps in France years earlier. Ted has now accumulated over 500 BASE jumps around the world, won back-to-back titles in the World Heli Challenge in 2009 and 2010, garnered big sponsors like Volkl/Marker, Spyder, and Smith, and made several on-screen appearances with Warren Miller. When Ted's not in his ski boots, he's honing his skills at proximity wingsuit BASE jumping, which is the act of flying as close as possible to steep mountain terrain in a human flight suit. Next up for Ted: next year's Warren Miller movie, ambitions for a title in the 2011 World Heli Challenge, and a wedding to his longtime girlfriend Amber Matthews in September 2011.

Steph Davis

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Steph Davis does not know how old she is, at least in human years, and she says she's never had a breakout moment in her entire career. She has no list of goals, and names dogs, cats, cleaning, and her "friend Lisa's disco band" among her interests, the others of which are generally too lewd or mundane to include here. In fact, we don't really know why she is on the Team in the first place, other than her ability to do things like free-climb the Salathe Wall, conquer Tombstone in Moab, and ascend Torre Egger in a day. Oh yeah, and she also BASE jumps in a wingsuit from the top of super-high-difficulty routes, writes books, practices yoga and promotes a vegan lifestyle while maintaining sponsorships with MSR, Evolv, PrAna, Mammut, CLIF Bar, and Therm-a-Rest. So, she has that going for her, which is nice.

Renan Ozturk

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Renan Ozturk might sound like an Ottoman emperor, but we assure you: he's way more about conquering impossible routes than routing Eastern Roman outposts. Since he made headlines with a jaw-dropping on-sight free solo of North Six Shooter in 2004, Renan has remained at the forefront of climbing's elite, chalking up first ascents from the Bugaboos to the Himalayas, pulling down hard in climbing films and expressing his visions with pen, ink, and watercolor as well as mixed media. You can catch Renan in Return2Sender (Sender Films 2005), Patagonia Promise (Sender Films 2009), and Secrets of Shangri-La (National Geographic 2009), or on his mountain bike during his (non-existent) off-season. Aside from being a crucial member of the pro team and the record holder for "fastest athlete email response" Renan is also sponsored by Black Diamond, The North Face, Brunton, Suunto, and La Sportiva.

Cedar Wright

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Cedar Wright: badass b-boy, speed climber extraordinaire, and Team Athlete. But that's only the beginning. From sending a 40-foot chain-link fence at age four to free-climbing El Cap, Cedar has made a lifetime pursuit of disguising his true aspirations. His ultimate goals, in his own words, are "world domination with atomic-laser mind controllers" and "catapulting a shark over the White House."

While these projects await completion, Cedar bides his time organizing a totally sweet Spiderman comic book collection, dabbling in Final Cut Pro, reading minds, and starring in climbing movies to meet the demands of his sponsors, The North Face, BlueWater, Black Diamond, and Five Ten.

Jamey Parks

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East Coast Death Ice or the Greatest Snow on Earth? It's easy to see why Backcountry Shop Team rider Jamey Parks chose to settle down in the Wasatch. Jamey can sometimes be found rallying around European mega resorts or heli skiing in BC, but most of the time he just hitch hikes into his backyard playground to enjoy 500+ inches a year of the lightest puder-schnee available. Parks has graced three Warren Miller films with his presence, as well as edits and films from the Levitation Project. Jamey represents Salomon, Snowbird, Alta, Smith, Discrete Headwear, OGIO, Surefoot, and the Levitation Project. If someone rips past or over you the next time you find yourself in the Wasatch backcountry, there's a good chance you just had a brush with Jamey Parks.

Elyse Saugstad

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Between logging some serious podium time on the Freeride World Tour, and filming with the biggest production crews in the ski film industry, Elyse Saugstad has made more than a name for herself. Whether you follow all the Big Mountain ski comps, read ski mags religiously, or just watch the occasional pre-season-stoke ski film, there's no doubt you've seen Elyse on the snow (or more likely, in the air). We're stoked to have Elyse on-board with the Rodeo. Welcome to the team, Elyse!

Evan Stevens

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Evan Stevens has a seven-foot wingspan and ranks among the fewer than 60 IFMGA Mountain Guides in the United States. From top-roping 5.7's in Western Mass and snow-plowing the slopes of Killington as a youngster, to onsighting 5.12 in Utah and leading guided tours from the Wasatch to the Chugach at the ripe young age of 31, Evan has risen not only to a stellar reputation as an alpine expert, but to a spot on the board of directors at the American Mountain Guide Association as well. When he's not bringing the fast and light Yosemite alpine assault style to the mountains of Greenland, he enjoys wearing out the dog and trying to keep up with his wife, Jasmin. All we know is, if he's lagging behind her, she must be Wonder Woman in disguise. Evan is sponsored by Outdoor Research,Petzel, Evolv, Moment, and Karhu.