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Wondering what it feels like to fly? Put on the Salomon XT Wings 2 Women’s Shoe and find out. With the lightweight OrthoLite-cushioned Wings on your feet, your’ll practically float on the trail. The molded EVA footbed, shaped specifically for a woman’s foot, provides optimum fit and support, while the Quicklace lacing system means no tripping on untied laces. A Contagrip sole grips with every step, while the breathable mesh upper dries quickly to let you dash through puddles and mud.

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    Love love love them so far. Just took them out for a hike, scramble and run and they are amazing. I am recovering from an acl reconstruction and I overpronate, but these shoes are very stable. They also have lots of padding for shock absorbtion which I like. I am normally a 7.5, but I did have to go down to a 7.

    First pair - LIKE LIKE LIKE

      Just got these and have wore them all day. VERY comfortable! I have problem feet that are always aching, but not in these.
      I normally wear an 8.5 in NIKE and KEEN and these 8.5's feel fine although i do wonder if I could have gone with an 8. There is some room at the end of the toes, but they dont flop, so id say they are a good fit. The laces snug them on just right and i love the width, not cramped at all. Another thing i like is the stability. I doubt you could ever turn an ankle in these and the sole grips on every surface especially when its slick. I got these in the Light Gray/lizard green and they are a very good looking shoe to wear everyday with jeans too. Adios Nike, no more aching feet because of you, I have a new best friend named Soloman!
      Also want to say I LOVE for bringing us these wonderful shoes and products!

      Ideal running shoe for those with narrow heels/wide forefeet

        I am between an 8.5 and a 9, but I ordered a 9 in the XT Wings because I had some odd hot spots around the instep when I tried on the Salomon Mission shoes. The 9 is perhaps a tad bit large, but the fit around the heel and instep is so remarkable it doesn't matter. My heel is completely locked down and my instep is pretty well locked down, but the circulation to my toes is not affected at all. The fit in the forefoot is quite roomy, perhaps a tad bit too much so, but it just means that my foot is not touching anywhere, so I get a nice, natural feel. Cushioning is just right, not too squishy but enough to give me a little protection.

        One Flaw...

          I picked these puppies up for 60 bucks on SAC, and accidentally ordered 2 pairs. I'm glad I did. These are supportive, hold the trail exceedingly well, fit perfectly with my feet, were true to size, and have lasted me 2 years of hard use. They became my gym shoes, my cross training shoes, and they took me up a daily 1 mile mountain when I worked at a summer camp in the Adirondacks. Which brings me to their 1 flaw: the bottom two grommets.

          My version is a few years old, and though the lacing system is rock-solid, quick, and will hold tight after miles of hard use, the friction is too much for the non-reinforced bottom (closest to the toe) grommets. I'm including this review on a newer version because I see they haven't fixed the problem yet. The grommets wore through when there was plenty of shoe left to use, the tread wasn't worn out, and the overall construction was holding up beautifully. I still wore them because I tied some knots so the laces wouldn't pass through the plastic-reinforced grommets, but I could never tighten them down as well afterwards.

          All in all, however, I would highly recommend these shoes for those in the market.

          Comfy and light, but thin for rock running

            Great, super light, comfortable shoes that fit me in my usual size 10 (I always buy a 1/2 size larger for running). I bought these to replace my old Salomons that I wore for running on a very rocky, dusty trail every day. My feet were hurting after my first run, and I think it's because they are so light, that they are borderline too thin for this type of running. And the dirt goes right through the shoes, so my feet and toe nails are dirty (LOL) even though I wear running socks. No big deal...They are still super comfy, but I may go ahead and buy another pair of thicker soled Salomon trail shoes for my rock running...I LOVE Salomon!

            Have 2 pairs!

              These are nice Trail Shoes. The weight of them is good a bit heavy but tht is where all the stable soul tread is at. For me I love the no lace system once you adjust them they stay put until you release the cinch. Very nice instep support I have narrow heel and high instep and they work for me. I use them as a gym/ running shoe and for some mild off trail dog walking extreme. I also have last years model and seemed to like the older model better in the fit, sometimes I wish they wouldn't change designs so rapidly why fix if not broke. Good shoe try them.

              great stability

                love these, I take an 8.5US, usually I'm a 9US
                Your can really feel the wings guide your foot to land correctly and the fit is great. Lacing system is quick and easy. I have flat feet and these are more than supportive enough.

                Sweet trail shoe

                  Salomon makes awesome trail shoes. These tend to run large, though. I bought a previous gortex pair in my normal size 8 street size and they are a bit big on my foot. No big deal since I wear heavy winter socks with them. Bought this newer pair for spring.summer, fall wear and sized down to 7.5. They fit perfectly. Very comfortable, love the quick lacing system, and offer great support for my feet. Highly recommend.

                  Finally! Amazing shoes!

                    I had been on the hunt for a pair of trail running shoes that would fully support my foot/ankle. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis and could not find a shoe to provide the right support.

                    I bought this shoe because of the other reviews I read about people with the same problem. The Salomons are a total miracle. The lacing system is genius, giving the feeling of pulling the shoe up around your foot. My foot became craddled in the shoe. Incredible I tell you.

                    I typically hike/run very steep, rocky terrain so stability was hugely important to me. The lacing system keeps my foot from sliding forward on the downhill. The best part is the cushioning. I knew the minute I put the shoes on they were like no other. I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone.

                    So good I bought a second pair...

                      These shoes got me through 3 years of working at an aquarium. They kept my feet dry despite countless seawater splashes and spills. They also held up well tidepooling, with enough grip even on algae covered rocks. I always wore these when I knew I would have a full day on my feet. They are light and breathable and do a much better job than their older counterpart at keeping out the super fine-grained sand while on the trail. I also have weak ankles and haven't rolled one once in these shoes. I adore the turquoise Atol/Bay Blue/Black color (yes, they are as bright as in the picture). One thing to note is that the black on the front of the toe is painted on. You can see where the sole comes up the toe slightly, but the rest of the black at the front of the shoe is painted. This means that with some tough loving the black scuffs down to the bright blue underneath. Not a problem for me, but it might annoy some people. I like them so much I bought a second pair.

                      So good I bought a second pair...


                        I *love* these shoes. I knew when I put them on that they'd be know how you can just *tell*? I have flat, wide, faciaitis prone, big feet and I'm a big girl who likes to jog trails. I have to run on gravel to get to my favorite trails and had been using some Saucony shoes that were very rigid on the sole to protect my feet from the gravel. These shoes are *much* more flexible (which I love) yet I don't feel every little piece of gravel on my feet. I love how lightweight they are. I love the lacing system (nice and even all along my foot) and they drain and dry out quickly after wading in the river. I hope they make these shoes for many years, because now I'm spoiled!!

                        runner technology with trail stability

                          I have purchased these again and again (I have been through 4 pairs bought from different suppliers). I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am very hard on my shoes. Not only do I seem to wear them out by being heavy footed I am usually on rough outdoor environments that are muddy, rocky and undulating and require my shoes to grip while I turn, balance, jump or slide. These shoes come with me. In fact I wore out the laces first on my last pair, 'cos I like to wear them tight. For me, they have the spongy support of air techonology found in runners and the skeletal core of off-track shoes. This means that when I run over a rock I don't aggravate my plantar fasciitis and I don't experience over pronation.

                          Love These Shoes

                            These shoes are awesome. They are very comfortable and I have a wide foot with a high arch. I haven't done much running in them yet as there's still a lot of snow up here in Park City, but for daily use they've been great. I have yet to experience any blisters or irritations... besides, they're *blue*! :)

                            Changed my life

                              I've had chronic plantar faciitis for 2 years and these shoes totally solved it. Also when I was pregnant, I wore them everyday, because they were the most supportive, and easy to put on shoes. They are also so cute, and go with everything. They have an uncanny way of looking both sporty and just casual and nice so it doesn't scream "I'm going running" when you wear them.
                              They are great for running, hiking, and everyday wear. Get them, you won't regret it.

                              My husband was also diagnosed with plantar faciitis and I had some tendonitis in my foot bones(a couple of years ago). We both purchased a pair of the Salomon XT Wings 2, and both of us are running happy and have not had any flare-ups of tendonitis or plantar faciitis!! We do both road and trail running and also hike/walk in them. We have both ordered several pairs, as needed, and will continue to purchase them! We highly recomment them!!

                              Salomon XT Wings

                                Love, love these shoes. This is my 3rd pair, I use them for gym workouts and dog walking. They fit and easily adjust to perfect comfort on my narrow high arched feet. They are not sold locally, super happy to find them on SALE at Arrived quick and in perfect condition!

                                Great shoe

                                  This is my 6th or 7th pair of Salomon shoes and I think my favorite. They fit my perfectly and I love the quick lace up system that does not come undone. I finally got a great color too, some other Salomons are ugly, these look great and make my feet look smaller too. I now only buy Salomon and will buy more soon.

                                  Looking to get some trail run shoe. The...

                                  Looking to get some trail run shoe. The Salomon XT Wings 2 was recommended to me. I am a road runner and run in Asics Gel Kayano 17 in 7.5 shoe. Would this shoe be a good fit for me and how is it in terms of mileage. I like to run minimum 10 miles on trail.

                                  Best Answer

                                  I think this would be a great shoe for you. Personally, the XT Wings 2 is my favorite shoe ever. It is alot like the Kayano in that it has the dual-density pronation control. It would be great for 10+ miles because of the excellent cushion as well as the AC Skeleton which is a rigid stability plate that runs throughout the shoe. Keeps the shoe feeling good mile after mile. Salomons sometimes run a bit small. Either a 7.5 or an 8 would work for you depending on how you like your shoes to fit. Hope this helps your decision!

                                  Does this shoe run true to size. I wear...

                                  Does this shoe run true to size. I wear an 8 regular shoes but a 9 in my running shoe, Asics.

                                  I run in a Saucony Guide (mild stability)...

                                  I run in a Saucony Guide (mild stability) shoe and am looking for a good trail running shoe. What would you recommend ?

                                  How is the arch support in the Salomon...

                                  How is the arch support in the Salomon shoes. I've always gone with Keen before, but I'm looking more for a trail running shoe than a hiking shoe.

                                  I'm a road runner wanting to convert to...

                                  I'm a road runner wanting to convert to trail running. I have a neutral/under pronate running gait and have been using Asics Nimbus shoes for the last 10 yrs. Would these be suitable or can someone suggest a more suitable shoe?

                                  I love my Salomon Trail running shoes...however...

                                  I love my Salomon Trail running shoes...however my lace just broke on one the other day. How do i get new laces???

                                  My quick laces broke on my Salomons and I...

                                  My quick laces broke on my Salomons and I was wondering how to get a pair or how to get them laced on the shoe?
                                  Thanks Geri

                                  Hey what's the difference between the XT...

                                  Hey what's the difference between the XT Wings and the 3D ultras? Which has more cushioning and which has more motion control? Not obvious to me from the Salomon site or this site?

                                  The XT Wings 2 is built on a platform, which is best described as:

                                  Agile Chassis System provides a perfect balance of cushion and stability with three parts:
                                  •AC Skeleton for control.
                                  •AC Muscle 2 for cushioning.
                                  •AC Tendon for energy return.

                                  So pretty much what they're trying to say about this shoe is that it is both stability and motion.

                                  The XA Pro 3D Ultra shoe is a motion control shoe, so very cushioned and keep your foot stable. It is a 'B' width, or medium width. The XT Wings 2 is built on a platform, which is best described as:

                                  OK I've worn both now and FOund the Xt Wings 2 Way more cushion and mild heel lift to help my achilles tendonitis. The XA pro 3D ultras were stiffer, less cushion and narrower so gave my heels and forefoot pain. Did not work for me a solid medium plus width and heavier set gal. After 6 months of the XA 3D ultras, I am now in absolute heaven with the XT wings 2.

                                  What's the big difference between the XT...

                                  What's the big difference between the XT Wings 2 and the XA Comp 4? The main thing I can find is that the Comp 4 is GoreTex

                                  The biggest difference comes in terms of support. The XT Wings offer greater stability through its Agile Chassis System as well as greater posted support, making these a better pick for more rugged trail running. The XA Comp, though still slightly posted, is straight EVA through the mid-sole for a cushioning feel and is more geared towards straight running or walking.

                                  Has anybody else experienced blistering...

                                  Has anybody else experienced blistering on the inside of the foot from running in this shoe? The stitching of the design on the inside of the shoe is rubbing a nice blister just behind the ball of each of my wife's feet. She has weak ankles, and has never experienced better support from a trail shoe, so it's frustrating that the stitching is causing her blisters...

                                  Yes, I experienced blisters in what sounds like the same place--I think it happens right around where the sole liner meets the sidewall of the shoe. I was initially bummed out bc I loved these shoes so much and didn't want to return them. I solved this by wrapping medical tape around my foot to cover the blistered area while I wore the shoe (did this for maybe a few weeks). That solved the problem during those few weeks and now my feet have either adjusted or the shoes have "worn in" because I no longer have to wear tape and I no longer get blisters. This may sound like a hassle, but it's worth a try if you like the shoes.

                                  that happened to me w/ another pair just at first. It was my socks. Use smart wool or other brand of the socks made from wool for sure- they're fantastic. It only happened to me on one foot, and only right at first. Also, I think that the particular pair of shoes I had I could have went down 1/2 size-