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Can you hear that? Somewhere, there's a trail winding through the woods and it's calling out for you and your Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 Trail Running Shoe. Slide your foot inside the moisture-wicking sockliner, cinch down the quiklace laces, and race through mud, brush, and dusty berms. A protective cap keeps you from squashing a toe, and a stabilizing plate at the mid-foot gives you a cushioned and stable platform for each step. Push yourself into the mountains while wearing this tough, lightweight shoe.

  • 3D Chassis construction combines a protective heel counter, a force-distributing stabilizing plate, heel cushioning, and a sole designed specifically for the entire mountain
  • Energy Cell2 cushioning helps absorb heel impact due to rocks and obstacles to reduce joint fatigue
  • Ortholite sockliner wicks sweat and moisture away from the surface of your feet to encourage evaporative cooling
  • Asymmetricl Quiklacing tightens evenly with a single pull of the threaded cable for a secure fit
  • Non-marking Contagrip running sole provides traction on worn trails, loose gravel, and mix surfaces
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Light trail hikers

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

I love wearing these when the hike is short and the trail is easy. If I am traveling off the trail or if the trail is rocky then hiking boots would get the nod.

The lacing system if very comfortable and easy to use. I have a GTX pair and the non-GTX pair. I love both but the GTX pair makes my feet really sweaty when it is warm out

Try Before Your Buy

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

I have worn Salomons for years now and they have always fit me perfectly. I ordered these expecting the same. These hurt my feet like no other. I thought they would wear in but after 3 days my feet were bruised and I returned them. If they fit you they would be great, they did not fit me. I will get different pair of Salomons

Best thing to come from my EX-GF

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

The best thing to ever come from an old girlfriend was a pair of these shoes I got for my birthday. These are killer trail running shoes. Super comfortable shoes that offer a lot of support. I have slowly made a transition to minimalist style shoes, but do really like these.

Love the lacing system and the fact that it tucks up in the tongue of the shoe! Great shoes!

250k Kcals = New Shoe Xmas Time!

And look at the date! Too cool.

1260 miles...not bad for 130 bucks.


250k Kcals = New Shoe Xmas Time!

Hey Christopher. Thanks! I use a mix. It depends on what i'm shooting. The non-interactive stuff (large format panos) were shot mostly with a Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS on either a Canon 5DMKII or a 5DMKIII. That particular lens is my all-time fav and it's been with me on lots of adventures! For lots of non-panos, I'm still a sucker for the fisheye. I shoot with either a Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L or a Sigma EX DG 15mm f/2.8. Both are rad. The Canon 8-15 is rad...der....
I shoot with some other lenses as well, notably a 24mm prime (DoF on that thing is off the HOOK) and a 24-70.
For the interactive photos...that stuff gets way complicated.
If you're interested in my gear and technique breakdown, have a's nerdy...

Comfortable for trail hiking.

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

Bought these for a daily walking and light hiking shoe and they have performed well. I like the quick lace system and the support.

I'm normally a size 10 in almost all running and hiking shoes, these seem to run big for me so I bought a 9 1/2 and they fit well.

Can recommend these shoes

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

Bought in 2012. Used them everywhere for everything(even went to job and did repairs of my car and used to wear them around the house), difficult to count exact milage, but I think it is over 300-400miles. Of all kind of terrain(except of snow), lots of wet canyoning ( I found them nice for this), lot of hiking trough deepest thickest forest bushes, not only trailing. Not of course 1200 miles as reported below, but I still consider them pretty tough stuff. Weakest point is the mesh, imo. Despite of all damages, I could use them for sure another 100miles before they complitely fall apart, but my young doggy had eaten laces last month, she liked them obviously too... so I need a new salomons, or inov-8 shoes, may be.

What I liked the most it was comfort and speed of lacing, this system works well, also I liked toe protection, it helped good against water too. Have never got a single blister in these shoes. These shoes dryes quickly right out on the legs. Weight is also quite adequite for what you've got for it. Could be a bit stronger on a mesh.

Merch photos are cool and all...

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

But hard data is irrefutable.

I've had a pair of these since before they were called XA Pro 3D Ultra blah blah blah somethings...

I bought my pair in 2009 and they've been my only running shoes since. It's October 29, 2013.

In between 2009 and 2013, I've trained hard for some big climbing goals (Denali, Aconcagua, Teton Traverse, French/Swiss Alps, other stuff), and I started thinking, "I wonder how many miles I've run in these things...wonder how many calories I've burned while wearing them...I wonder what my average heart rate has been since wearing them..."

I've been tracking most of my workouts since June 2009 with a Suunto HRM, so I totaled it all up.

In a nutshell, I've spent in excess of 545 hours running in these things. 1200 miles. Burned almost a quarter million kcals...

Then I sorta went full-nerd (cause that's what I do):

243,979 thermochemical kilocalories =

1,020,808,136 joules

968,186.88817 thermochemical Btus

7.747481 US gallons of aviation gasoline

283.5578 kilowatt hours

104,093,460.66 meter kilogram-force

380.2572 horsepower hours

202.9840 miles in my Subaru

These are like...good shoes.

The tread is getting thin. If they were tires and I took them to Goodyear, they'd pull out a Quarter and attempt to shame me into buying new ones.

But I've decided I won't replace them till I hit an even 250 thousand kcals. I like round numbers. Don't tell me what to do...


Pretty weak kiloton value, but...I'm cool with it. I GUESS.

0.000243979 explosive kilotons

Now if I could only figure out how many beats-per-minute of pure #@$%ing metal I've rocked out to in that time. How many cumulative decibels. How many double-bass hits, how many drop-C triples, how many times I've streetmoshed, pointed at cars in traffic and yelled lyrics at soccer moms.

But that really has nothing to do with how awesome these shoes are...

5 Stars...and only 6 thousand kcals to go before it's New Shoe Xmas Time. STOKED!

Merch photos are cool and all...

Like a cradle for my foot!

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

My wife has been getting Salomon XA Pro's for quite a while now. This summer, I opted for my first pair. I love these shoes but the insole leaves a lot to be desired. I now currently have the Superfeet Green insoles but I am going to try a pair of the Sole insoles. I really like how these shoes are fastened and the support these give. Also, these are fairly light. Although these are for training and running, I use them for everyday casual, hiking and running. My next pair will be waterproof for use in the wet weather times.

Excellent Hiking Shoe

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

I've had these shoes for several year now, and used them for day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, traveling, in mud, gravel, scrambling up rocks, and walking on pavement. They are super comfortable, durable, breathable, and provide great traction.

Two most important things that I look for in a hiking shoe are: ultra breathability and a stiff shank. This shoe fit the bill. The shank is super stiff, providing great support for hiking many miles carrying a pack. They are quite breathable, although I've found myself wishing they would dry faster. I previously had a pair of Asics that seemed to dry a bit faster.

They seem to be quite durable. I have walked many miles on rocky trail, as well as scrambled up many peaks. I've been using them for three or four years now and they still have good traction and don't show signs of falling apart.

One thing I was unsure about when purchasing these shoes was the lace system. I was worried that the loop at the top would snag on brush as I walked. I tuck the loop back under the bottom lace loop and I've never had a problem. However, after years of use, the adjustment lock is getting a little stiff, so it isn't as easy to tighten and loosen the laces anymore.

This is an all around great shoe. When it's time to replace the pair I have I'll definitely look to see what Salomon has to offer.

You know the loop can be tucked inside the top of the tongue, right?

That's the whole purpose of the new lacing system they adopted. The loose loop of the lacing is meant to be stuffed inside the little pocket (like an upside down kangaroo pouch) stitched into the top of the exterior of the tongue so it stays tucked away the whole time.

Great shoe for flat feet

  • Familiarity:I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share
  • Fit:True to size

I bought a pair of these as a gift for my father-in-law and after trying 7-8 different pairs, these were the ones that fit the best for his flat feet.

He's had issues finding shoes that fit comfortably for years because his feet have flattened out. His last pair of shoes should have been replaced two years ago but because he couldn't find anything that fit his, he just kept wearing the same shoes until the completely blew out!

Another thing he loves about these shoes is how well they breath. Along with having flat feet, he also has very sweaty feet and because of the exceptional breathability of these shoes, he deals with less swampy feet.

So far a good shoe.

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times
  • Fit:Runs small

The size is snug. I'm wearing a 13 , if you aren't use to a snug fit then the shoe might not be suited for you. I'm enjoying mine and don't have a problem. You'll see that on many websites and even backcountry folks are buying this shoe a 1/2 size bigger. Guess that's the way to go.

Good To Go!!!

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

I finally got a chance to really use these shoes for a long trek other than just short 5 mile day hikes.

I did buy them a 1/2 size bigger than I normally wear and there was no problem at all. The ease of the quick tie lace is really convenient and the little pocket to tuck the laces away is cool. The shoes are really comfortable, very sturdy, and lightweight. Our hike was intended to be 15 mile days for 5 days, but we had to cut it short due to two team members having injuries. So we ended up doing one 17 mile outing. We all carried an average of 32 pounds of gear and I can honestly say I had no foot pain, no blisters, and no hot spots! I am really pleased with these shoes and only negative thing I can think of (and it's not really a negative) is, while hiking, a pair of gators is recommended (I'll need to do that), and as with ALL vented shoes, your feet will get DIRTY!

Bottom line, I would recommend these to any friend or fellow hiker!!!

yes, yes and yes.

    Bought two pairs of these for an upcoming AT thru-hike and just completed the first 3-day backpacking trip with them.

    Made it perfectly through rough terrain and several stream crossing ? drying very quickly. Insanely comfortable and the perfect weight for the job at hand.

    Lost one star for the insoles ? they are worthless and should be replaced immediately in my opinion.

    Best brand, hands down

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I actually bought these shoes to wear to work because my other Salomon shoes are so comfy. They have outperformed anything I've ever had as far as comfort. I used to get sore from being on my feet all day on the concrete and tile floor, not with these shoes! I will purchase them again, no doubt!

    Poor insole

    I've had these shoes for less than 2 months , haven't even taken them in the trail and the top layer of the insole on both feet has come off of the bottom insole making it impossible for me to use these shoes. Thanks to Backcountry's superb customer service they will ship me a new pair but it shows for how cheaply the insoles are constructed. I hope the rest of the show will hold up when I get out on the trail.

    Poor insole

    wow. im on my third pair and i hike the PA AT twice a week. I wish the lugs were a bit stronger for the abuse I put on them but have never seen that in any of the over 15 pairs of Salomons I have purchased.

    Great style, Good fit, Quick lacing

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    The style got me interested in trying the shoe as it has a great technical appearance along with the Quiklacing. I bought the shoe wanting to try the Quiklacing system. As it is not perfect, however, I do prefer it over the cumbersome laces. One pull to adjust the tightness depending on the situation. To loosen the tightness is to press the fastner and slightly loosen the cable and done. It's much faster than re-tying and getting it just right.

    Although comfort of a shoe depends on how well the shoe fits a particular foot but fortunately it works for me. The shoe support for me is not too stiff nor flimsy. It provided me a good balance of support between hard and soft whether I was running over a rocky and hard surface or running up a steep mountain which was dry hard packed. I go on fast pace hikes that are about 3 hours long and there have been no issues of pinching, rubbing, spot tightness, etc.

    I gave it a 4 star rating since I personally felt it was a great product but not an absolutely perfect in every aspect. The lacing becomes slightly loose after awhile and I would have to give it a slight pull to re-adjust.


    + Quiklacing system

    + Comfort - toe room, heel, arch, upper

    + Design & Style

    + Quality


    - Quiklacing not perfect

    - No improvement change from previous

    What is the best Salomon hiking low profile...

    What is the best Salomon hiking low profile show for support and orthetics?

    "Best" is a rather subjective term, but I know many people who have hiked many many miles with these shoes and love them. They have the 3/4 solid shank which supports your foot better then most "running" shoes do for backpacking and load bearing. If you want good orthotics for any shoe you should probably get some custom insoles and put them into these shoes yourself... I would say you can't go wrong with a pair of these though!

    Unanswered Question

    Not a question about this shoe, but a...

    Not a question about this shoe, but a question about this shoe's owners' ski boots.... I love these shoes, have for years, as they fit my foot fantastically. That said, I'm looking into getting ski boots, and wondering what those who favor this shoe's fit wears. Appreciate the opinion. (I have a high instep too.)

    (BTW note: I replace my insoles with superfeet, which make the shoes last much longer, as the soles and the exterior of the shoes have a longer lifespan... may want to consider it)

    Have the lacing eyelets been redesigned...

    Have the lacing eyelets been redesigned and improved in the Solomon XA Pro 3D ULTRA 2 GTX to reduce friction that causes premature wearing of laces and the lower eyelets that occurred to my Solomon XA Pro 3 Ultra GTX?

    Does anyone midweight backpack (30-40 lbs)...

    Does anyone midweight backpack (30-40 lbs) with this shoe? How does it handle it?

    I hiked about 450 miles on the AT with the GTX version of this shoe and loved them. Support was great (carrying up to 30 lbs) and so was the traction on everything except wet rock. Love the lacing system. My only drawback was that they were hot and took too long to dry, which is why I'm getting the non gore-tex versions for my section hike this year. Really great shoes tho

    See my comments above - I don't think they offer enough support in the sole for backpacking. I was only carrying 20 pounds but felt like the sole was much too bendy. Even on dayhikes, when you go up something steep and rocky, the sole is not stiff enough.