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Designed to excel in the park and built with dimensions that can go anywhere your heart desires, the Salomon Twenty Twelve Ski can to just about everything but travel through time. The Twin Rocker profile makes spinning, buttering, and off-center landings second nature, and thanks to a small amount of traditional camber underfoot, you still have 80-percent edge contact when you tip it on edge for catch-free carving in hardpack.

  • Twin rocker profile combines and early rise tips with a slightly rockered tail for a playful feel and easy switch riding
  • Sandwich sidewall construction delivers stability at high speeds and improved durability
  • Full wood core lends stable, predictable performance at any speed
  • Wide edges stand up to abuse and provide additional shock resistance, and Pulse Pad tech delivers an elastomer layer along the edges to reduce shocks and vibrations
  • Total Edge Reinforcement adds a fiberglass layer directly on the edge for added durability
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Don't cross your skis!!

    If you cross your Twenty Twelve skis, there is a great chance the cap will delaminate. The dealers claim that neither they nor Solomon will warranty this event, since it's considered an "aethestic" (vs. structural) problem. Reviews of other Solomon skis mention this issue with the Suspect ski, too.

    Reminds me of 2002...

      when I bought my first 175cm Pocket Rockets. It felt like cheating, but in a good way! I'm 5'7" and 165 lbs.
      I tried the Twenty Twelve in a 179cm and felt right at home. Easy turning, light and pretty smooth through chopped snow.

      I would consider the Twenty Twelve as a quiver ski, but one that should get a lot of play in my surroundings, the Colorado Front Range. I still want to be on something wider/longer for deep days, but for anything under 8 or 10 inches, or tighter trees and firmer bumps, this ski should be super fun!

      The early rise and going to the 179cm from a 175 could make the deeper days pretty fun too, but probably not as much fun as something 110mm under foot or wider.

      Other skis I liked a lot were the Line Prophet 90 179cm, and the Icelantic Pilgrim 179cm, both 90mm under foot. Both felt like really solid skis, easy turn initiation and stable, just not as lively or should I say "Salomon feeling" as the Twenty Twelve.

      The Prophet and Pilgrim both have traditional camber, i.e. no early rise, which could explain the different feel.

      Can't really speak to durability, but I've had decent success with Salomon’s in the past, although I'm not one of those guys who skis like I'm trying to break my equipment. I know people who've had better longevity from brands like volkl, but I never liked the way volkls felt, so an indestructible volkl just means I'll be unhappy with my ski longer.

      Also tried a Dynastar Sixth Sense Distorter (87mm under foot) 179cm and was pretty underwhelmed.

      Jbar, I ended up blowing my ACL Dec. 2nd so no rush to replace my PR. I will probably be pulling the trigger on the 179cm when the time is right. I liked them that much!

      FWIW, I've got a 112mm waisted 186cm Lhasa for deep days, and 83mm waisted 171cm Solly Thrusters for firm bumps, but still want something 90ish waisted for those inbetween days. The Twenty-Twelve will probably be it.

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      I'm interested in this ski and looking for...

      I'm interested in this ski and looking for advice on length. I'm 50 years old 5' 9". Fairly aggressive, but age and multiple knee surgeries taking their toll. Was thinking 171 just due to manuverability, but don't want to get caught short. Have 175 PRockets and do fine in those.

      Hey I just recently bought the 171...

      Hey I just recently bought the 171 Twenty-Twelve's and need some bindings. I am an east coast skier who is relatively aggressive and love the trees. Don't mess around too much in the park. Does anyone have any suggestions on bindings that won't pre-release in heavier powder days but will come off if I take a spill. I'm an int to adv skier.

      My guess is you don't need a 16 DIN binding if you riding 171's. Not that you aren't good enough for them, you just aren't big enough for them. For a high end binding you can't go wrong with the FKS/Pivot 140's (Look makes the Pivots, and Rossi makes the FKS, but they are identical bindings). I've ridden these on my main ski and love them. This binding will last forever... Seriously.

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      I am 5'9" and 135 lbs and I spend a lot...

      I am 5'9" and 135 lbs and I spend a lot of time in the trees where I need to turn quickly, what size should I get

      Hey, I'm a 5-9, 170lbs highschooler from...

      Hey, I'm a 5-9, 170lbs highschooler from the east coast looking to get the twenty-twelves. I'm a very aggressive skier, I love to ski the woods, love to rip the hardpack (eastcoast ice), dabble in the park, and take an annual trip to CO for some powder. Whats the better length for me, 171 or 179? I want a ski that i can maneuver easily in the woods, yet still have reasonable stability and comfort at highspeeds

      Best Answer

      I'd go with the 179's. Because of the early rise the contact points are farther back, which will mean 179 will be much better for groomers. At the same time, the early rise will make it extremely maneuverable and knarly in the trees.

      is this ski durable enough to last more...

      is this ski durable enough to last more than one season? i am looking at all mtn park skis like the armada ar7 volkl ledge and dynastar sixth sense. I have looked at k2s stuff and was not thrilled but any advice?

      Well Zander, it all depends on what you do to it. For some people a season is 10-15 ski days...for others its a 100. So depending on how you ski and how much you weigh, it may last you more or less. Overall though, I've seen Volkl skis last longer than most others, including Salomon.

      thank you for the advice. i ski about 40+ days a season weigh about 110 lbs (im 14 and 5'6'') i ski pretty hard and am an advanced park and all around skier. i have heard from people at my ski camp that armadas are durable and also something about salomons breaking but am still not sure as to if these rumors are true. thank you again

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      is this ski durable enough to last more...

      is this ski durable enough to last more than one season? i am looking at all mtn park skis like the armada ar7 volkl ledge and dynastar sixth sense. I have looked at k2s stuff and was not thrilled but any advice?

      Hi there... I've read some reviews on the...

      Hi there... I've read some reviews on the twenty-twelve but none answered truly my questions... Would that 2012 be suitable for an aspiring intermediate to push for progression?...
      How easy/maneuverable/forgiving does it feel?...
      Rides true length or shorter?... What length would fit best a 185lbs /5'10" ? (171 seems little too short, whilst 179 a little too big...)

      I can't answer most of your questions, but can tell you that the difference between the ski sizes is only 2.3". It will make a difference, but a very small difference. Get the shorter if you like to play more, short turns, etc. Get the longer if you want to hit the deep pow.

      turns and maneuvers extremely easily due to tip and tail rocker. this effectively shortens the contact points of the ski considerably. however, as an intermediate, I don't see why you would go longer than 171, unless you are already skiing a ski in the 175 range in which case do not hesitate sizing up to the 179.

      I would definitely go with the 179, especially since its a softer ski (and has rocker). Im close to your size (5'11" - 180 pounds) and skied last years model in 179, it definitely didn't feel to big, if anything it skied a little shorter than my 178 El Reys.