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great shoe

    5 stars because they do everything great and breathe like no other hiking shoe/everyday shoe, and for 80 dollars at first might seem a little steep for a mesh shoe,after almost 2 years of abuse this shoe is still my everyday/first go to shoe.They did a good job of keeping me upright on a sea voyage with some rather sickly conditions for half the passengers(20/40). They have gotten completely soaked and always quickly dry (east coast too.)-saltwater and complete mud suck and after a rinsing they always look very good in as a bar/dress shoe. BLACK/BLACK colorthey are a little beat around the edges-one tear recently from slotcanyon water hole rock, but stil my most comfortable shoe.Got me to a couple peaks, got me through a couple fishing trips-surffishing,deep sea fishing,canoeing and fishing from riverbank and rowboat. Lots, lots of camping, many desert mile(I think they shined in the desert with the breathability),hanging at the beach, driving long distances, and everyday use. Great shoe

    The Perfect Adventure Shoe

      If it's hot and you're going to be in and out of the water these shoes are ideal. Durable, supportive, comfortable and decent looking, I wouldn't change a think about them. Since I started wearing Salomons with speed laces a few years ago I've given up every other brand of running and adventure shoe.


        These are great shoes. The first thing I noticed was the comfort of the insole. I also like the mesh panels. I have a pair of similar style without the mesh panels. They allow a lot of airflow but do not have the mesh to keep out debris like the Techamphibian sandals do. These will be my primary shoes for summer.

        Weird sizing, very narrow

          I wanted to love these shoes. I definitely like the concept and the way they looked. The insole being very loosely attached to the shoe was the only problem upon first inspection (this has been the case with every pair I've looked at as well). The size on these shoes is very problematic. I normally wear 10.5 or 11. ne of my feet is slightly larger than the other, but this rarely causes a problem, and I easily wear a 10.5-11 all the time. These shoes I went with the 11 first, as they are supposed to be a little narrow. The 11's were completely unbearable, and by toe knuckles bulged out of the shoe. I then went with an 11.5, and one foot was good, the other was still painfully too narrow. Backcountry no longer has anything over an 11.5, and a local sporting good store has a pair of 12's I'm going to try, but I don't think that will work, as one may fit, but the other may be too large. I tried a pair of North Face Padda's that fit fine in an 11, no problem, but I really liked the idea of the Techamphib, and am bummed at the weird sizing. Backcountry was very cool throughout this, and made return shipping and trying another pair very easy. I love this company and will recommend it to anyone.

          All I wear

            I have a nueroma in the metatarsal region in my left foot & I can wear these shoes all day long, week after week, and I never feel any discomfort. All my other shoes leave my in agony after an hour or so. I hope they never stop manufacturing these shoes although I have stocked up and am good for many years. Sure beats surgery!

            Solomon Tech Amphibian

              The most versatile sneaker/sandal ever. Comfortable enough for everyday wear and enough support for an all day hike. Bonus - I can wade with them while fly fishing or hop through waterfalls while out hiking and not worry about them. The only Achilles heal, pun intended, is the heal strap. I have had 7 pairs of them and have had to replace them because of the heal strap breaking. This shoe is so good that I can overlook it. Plus Solomon will replace them when the strap breaks.


                I was so excited when I got these finally!!!

                No dice...the tongue is extremely stiff and extends too far up the shoe and so constantly digs into my ankle. Ow... the Salomon Karma is a very similar shoe and MUCH more comfortable. I love those ones... this one just sucks.


                Awesome hot weather/gym shoes

                  I wear these to school, work, and the gym all summer long and they help keep my feet cool and comfortable. Toss in a decent, supportive insole and they are good for most athletic activities if you don't require ankle support. I'm on my 3rd pair and each has lasted at least 200+ days of wearing with lots of gym time.

                  The only drawback is that the heel adjustment never holds in place and the stock insoles have no arch support or cushioning.

                  The Perfect Shoe

                    I have abused these shoes and they are still clean enough to wear around town without looking like a bum. They are light weight and dry respectably fast. my favorite part is the amazing traction. I do canoe caving so my feet are usually wet when i start climbing. I have a friend who has an older pair and his have been through about 10 times as much as mine and are still kickin' it...same with my brother's.

                    Best Shoes Ever!

                      I wear these shoes for everything. Lightweight and tons of traction. I bought them to use as a hiking shoe, but have used them as my main athletic shoe for the last two years; Running, hiking, mountain biking, basketball, tennis, everything.

                      These shoes are comfortable and durable. Even having survived several episodes as a doggy chew toy. Buy these shoes.

                      Good shoe

                        We got this shoe because the price was right and the soles wouldn't mark up our raft. Turns out they performed better than expected. Very comfortable for all day wear, scouting or day hikes, even when wet. They dry quickly, even if it's cold out as long as there's a breeze. My husband and I both got a pair- they fit true to size and we're both very pleased.

                        Buy these!

                          These are one of the greatest products I have owned over the past few years. They look cool and keep your feet from sweating. I have owned 4 pairs and have had great luck with them all. You can run, hike, bike, river, or wear as casual drinking shoes. These are the most versatile shoes ever. If they show up on SAN again I will buy 3 pairs.


                            These shoes are great for making river crossings or for wearing around camp. They're super-comfortable and smash down to almost nothing. I can even jam them in the water reservoir compartment in my backpack. They rinse off really easily and I like that you can convert the shoe into a slip-on.

                            If you're an Ultralight junkie, these shoes are pretty good for hiking. The traction is amazing!

                            Great but not perfect

                              I recently used these for an few days of canoeing and camping in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. They were great for portaging from lake to lake and made it easy to get into the canoe and hop back out. I also thought they were really comfortable.

                              However, there is a down side. They didn't dry quite as quickly as I thought they would, which isn't a big deal but kind of annoying. The second thing I have seen a few different posts - pebbles, sand, and small rocks. The would get into your shoes and I had a hard time getting them back out.

                              I'm also slightly concerned on how long they are going to last. I have a little spot that looks like it is rubbing and tearing slightly. I'm hoping they hold up because I really like using them, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

                              Do they grip on slippery rocks? I have...

                              Do they grip on slippery rocks?

                              I have found that only felt soles will grip onto slippery river rocks. Anything else, when walking a rocky bottom, is just an exercise in preventing an ankle injury as you slip all over the place. What's the deal with these. Do has anyone "really" waded upstream in these bad boys (i.e. fishing) and found them to grip like felt? Thanks.

                              Unanswered Question

                              Do Salomon shoes come in wide sizes? Love...

                              Do Salomon shoes come in wide sizes? Love the shoes, but blow them out because my feet are wide.

                              what is the difference between detroit...

                              what is the difference between detroit blue & autobahn detroit blue.also if shoe size is men's 11 what size should we order with the sandal shoe?

                              I got the size 13 and I wear a 13 in regular shoes. they fit great on my (slightly) narrow foot. as for the color I think the Autobahn adds some grey, and the other is more blue, but you wouldn't notice much difference unless they were side by side. I am ordering my second pair before they go and discontinue it on em.

                              Do women wear these shoes?

                              Do women wear these shoes?

                              WILL MENS 10.5 REPLACE MY NEW BALANCE 10.5...

                              WILL MENS 10.5 REPLACE MY NEW BALANCE 10.5 4E

                              GFBINMN,These shoes will be to narrow for you in a 10.5 . If your NB 10.5 4E shoes are snug (not tight / not loose) you will probably need to go with an 11. I recommend looking at and as alternative water shoes that are cut wider.Mahalo, Sumo

                              How does the lace up system hold up? I...

                              How does the lace up system hold up? I have been mid rescue and have had shoes with similar lace up systems completely fail and than your stuck with one shoe on one shoe off

                              Unanswered Question

                              im trying to compare the northface water...

                              im trying to compare the northface water shoe and the tech amph., there are no reviews of the northface shoe and im stuck.