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One ski to rule them all…

Salomon built the Lord Ski to rule equally well on deep powder days, crud days, and days when you fly down the steepest corduroy groomers at speeds that could melt the Gore-Tex off your jacket. With a midfat width and ample sidecut to really grip the groomers, you have all-mountain power at your fingertips. The Lord Ski isn’t just for control freaks though; if you love playing in the powder like a puppy loves the dog pond, its rockered semi-twin tips and highly responsive wood core ensure you’ll float through day after day of frivolity. Trust in the Lord for big-mountain stability in a full variety of conditions.

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I bought the 185s and they seem a little...

Posted on

I bought the 185s and they seem a little long for me. Was wondering if it is appropriate to mount these say +4 or is that not recomended?

I am looking to use these on as my main ski, with the exception if there is more than 6 inches of fresh. Have a pair of Hellbents for that.

Responded on

I am 190lbs and 6'3....could I get away with the 177s? I just feel the 185s are too much in ice moguls and tight trees.

Responded on

I am 190lbs and 6'3....could I get away with the 177s? I just feel the 185s are too much in ice moguls and tight trees.

Responded on

It really just comes down to personal preference. You could try the fwd mount, (I would go +2cm) or the 177. If the 185 feels long, the 177 is prolly your best bet.

Responded on

Thomas what did you do with the Lord's? I have the same problem. I'm 186cm and 85kg , i find the 185cm also a bit long. But people are telling me 177 would be too short and i need more practice. Dont know what to do...

Advanced intermediate/expert 5’ 9.5” 200lbs...

Posted on

Advanced intermediate/expert 5’ 9.5” 200lbs currently skiing on 190 Olin Kinetics with Marker 12.0 twin cam bindings. Marker bindings allowed me to squeeze a few extra years out of this first generation fat tip ski (lol) fat compared to old style skies. Last 15 years skiing Northern Cali. resorts like Squaw, Sugar Bowl, etc. Now skiing Seattle area resorts like Crystal, and Stevens. When powder is available it is very heavy due to water content, go figure Seattle area. I am looking for an all mountain ski that is good on groomers, crud, and this ridiculous 12” to 18” wet powder days here in the Pacific Northwest. Am I asking for too much here? Would be nice but not a must to re-use existing Marker 12.0 twin cam bindings with 90mm waist brake limitation!

Responded on

these skis will do everything for you here except the deep heavy snow. to really handle that kind of snow you'll probably want to go wider. they perform great in mashed potatos but will require more work on the deep days.

Responded on

take a look at the k2 outlaw or the line prophet 100 or 90 or even the dynastar pro rider - all really nice skis just abit different all good for what you need tho - bent the brakes!

5 5

Great Ski, Great Price

Had these bad boys in Tahoe the week it dumped 8 feet of snow!!! These did amazing in the fresh powder and bumps. I did have some trouble the day it dropped 3.5 feet, but hell, a surf board wouldn't have been wide enough. I do not recommend these for East coast skiers that have to deal with the ice, but for you who are lucky enough to enjoy the powder and fresh corduroy, these are killer.

I'm 6"2' and 200 lbs bought the 177's and paired them with the Salomon STH 12 bindings (what a great fit and look).

I was lucky enough to buy the Lords when they were 50% off here at Backcountry (got them for around $385).

5 5


This ski will take you everywhere on the mountain. Used them in Utah at both Alta and the Bird. Covered groomers to 1/2 feet of pow. Also ran the GS at Mammoth and could not believe how fast they tracked and how well they held edge. BUY EM!!!

I'm real interested in this ski's apparent...

Posted on

I'm real interested in this ski's apparent versatility, but need to know how stiff they are. I've recently been testing out the new Black Diamonds, Havocs through Verdicts, but they are all way to stiff. I'm 6'1" and weigh 135 lbs, aspiring expert, also I know they're kinda heavy but wonder how they'd be as an occasional AT ski. I like a pretty soft ski, I prefer not skiing anything under 170cm though

Responded on

these may be too stiff your liking. They were built to ski the whole mountain, including hard icy slopes, so they have bomber construction (on the stiffer end) in order to really hold an edge. If your ok w/ a full twin, check out the Salomon Suspect, or Gun

Responded on

take a look at the scott mission super nice for an AT set up, medium flex - great ski

4 5

Salomon Lords : 1 ski quivver?

bought a pair of these thinking that they would suit my 50/50 on/off piste routine. it all started with a pair of ATOMIC NOMADS (blackeyes) i'd tested and which blew me away: on or off, they handles the powder and cut up ice with short, sharp turns... but the graphics, holyshit. they're shoot-me-the-head ugly. i'd like to think of myself as being above being vain about a pair of skis but a test day is one thing. Looking down at those things strapped to your feet for the next three years is another. after much contemplation, i just couldn't do it.

so in every review for mid-fats, the LORDS trumped the NOMADS, not to mention the spanky graphics, so i went for the LORDS (without testing) expecting a bit of the same...

... well it's not. not even close. don't let any one tell you they're good on an icy groomer coz they're not. full-stop. punkt. they're superb offroad but on road, you'll just needs something else. hence a $100 pair of rock-hoppers off ebay for days when there's no powder.

i love the LORDS but when i'm honest, the NOMADS would have done everything just as well even off-piste. i don't doubt that the LORDS float powder better but it's absolutely nothing that a bit of technique wouldn't fix. and if you know you'll have a two-ski quivver, then get something even more extreme for back country.

ps: somewhere in my reptilian-cortex, i still believe that while queuing for the lift, or standing in the car-park, i do look like a better skier (what an idiot...;)


5 5

Great ski

Have had these for a couple months now, skiing in a variety of conditions. These ski rock in powder, and do a great job in the crud. It's very easy to do both tight and long turns, great response. The only area in which the ski lacks is on hard icy hills. This doesn't really bother me though because this is not what the ski was designed for, and i have another pair for those conditions. I spend the majority of my time in the bumps, bowls and glades, all of which are a blast with the Lords. I would recommend these to any advanced/expert skier

4 5

Ski for everything the mountain has.

This is a great ALL-Mountain ski. So if you're one of those "stick to the groomers" then this is not the ski for you, try the Salomon X-Wing series. If you are just starting to hit the pow (and liking it) and doing your thing on the groomers then this is what you want. I would call this a 70/30 (Pow/Groom) ski.

2 5


Tried these out a couple of days ago up at whistler. In truth there was no powder, and the grooms where real hard to icy, with just a cm or two of fluff on top. So all in all not ideal conditions for them.

However with that caveat i have to say i found nothing interesting in this ski, it felt dull and unresponsive too the point of actually being unstable. Bottom line a fairly mediocre ski in those conditions.

Tried a Manta today, and the difference between the two was chalk and cheese.

4 5

Super peppy

I've been on an original pair of 1080s (177's) for about 8 years now and its time for a new pair. I get about 20-30 days a year at Mount Snow VT. I go out west once every year or so. I'm an aggressive expert skiier. 6'1" 215 lbs.

I stay in the woods on the North face when it's good. I love bumps too. The more I think about it though, I spend the majority of the time bombing down the mountain on groomers because of the east coast conditions.

I stopped in a few shops around Mount Snow last week and one of the shops recommended these. I demoed these in 177 with the wide Marker bindings and had a blast. They ski short because of the rocker. They are super peppy and shoot you turn to turn. It almost made me fall a couple of times because of this. They were super fun to turn. You can do super tight turns and big ole' whole mountain arcs.
The top of the mountain was solid ice and the bottom was mush. I didn't have a problem holding an edge on the ice. My dad was surprised how well I held - he was on Sweet Daddies behind me. No bumps to try them out :( North face was closed so no trees either.

I went into the shop inquiring about the Volkl Bridge and the Atomic Snoop Daddy based on recommendations here and at a previous shop (Shop A). This shop (shop b) also highly recommended the Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner.

Shop A was saying nothing but good things about the Atomic Snoop Daddies (leaning towards last years since twin tips don't matter to me, I'm pretty much done with park. Last years model is a little lighter and I like the graphics better.) They really only had Atomic and some other hand made skis. They said the Snoop Daddies and the Bridges were very comparable. The S.D. was named the most versatile ski in recent tests. Also the graphics are better with the Atomic (I agree, but thats the least of it)

Shop B was downplaying the Snoop Daddies. He would barely even talk about them. He was barely talking about the Bridges as well. When he was talking about the Bridges, he was saying that they would be great for me. The Volkl AC50 would be even better for me for carving, but they won't do as well in the bumps. I borrowed my buddies Bridges the week before. He has last years model in 185. They felt more like the 1080's I'm used to. They held their edge and the turns were predictable - not nearly as lively as the Lords though. The bridge's liked longer turns too.

Shop B's recommendation was 1. Nordica Hot Rod, 2. Salomon Lord, 3. Volkl Bridge 4. Atomic Snoop Daddies. Shop B also had the K2 Extremes, (which I've heard good things on here) but again, they blew past them. I'll be demoing the Hot Rods soon.

I went to another shop that had the Libtech skiis there. The freeride ski look awesome and sounds awesome, but I'm a little worried. No one else is using that technology, and the salesman didn't know much about them. They were mroe expensive than the other skiis I was looking at too.

Any other recommendations?

I'll be posting more reviews when I try them out and I'll let you know which way I end up going.

Line Prophet 90, Salomon Lord, Armada Alpha...

Posted on

Line Prophet 90, Salomon Lord, Armada Alpha one, for firmer, moguls, and no new snow for a couple weeks. How stiff is a Prophet 90 vs a Mantra?

Responded on

Prophet 90 and mantra are pretty close with the prophet being a much more foregiving ski, also take a look at the 4frnt MSP a EXCELLENT hard snow ski.

I own a K2 Obsethed 179cm, 177cm Mantra,...

Posted on

I own a K2 Obsethed 179cm, 177cm Mantra, and looking to replace my 2-3 year old Tornado's with something newer for groomed, firm, and mogul skiing. The Mantra's do rip in the bumps and the Obsethed do very well but looking for something narrower and not quite as stiff as the Mantra's. It's been a very dry year in the NW so big skis were not the choice to buy this year. Looking at the Lord's in a 177cm, Armada Alpha One 182cm, and not sure what else to look at. Any ideas out there?

Responded on

Line prophet 90 or 4frnt MSP, both blow the salomon off the mountain and will not fall apart on you if you ski them hard.

Outside of the park, which skis are better...

Posted on

Outside of the park, which skis are better all mountain - these or the K2 Extremes?

Responded on

If you only ski out of the park, these, especially seeing as it isn't a twin tip. The Extreme is super close though, and I prefer it, but most people like the Salomon.

What bindings would be a good fit for these...

Posted on

What bindings would be a good fit for these skis?

Responded on

I put the Salomon Z12 Ti (90mm) on my 169s, and they seem to work fine after 5 "test days". I saw the same bindings on somebody else's too. So those will work...are they the best for these skis? I dunno..

will a 90mm ski brake fit 185 Lord ski?

Posted on

will a 90mm ski brake fit 185 Lord ski?

5 5

quick, stable, radical

Busted my Legend 8800s and was stuck demoing this weekend. Didn't know much about the Lords but tried out a pair of 177s. This was at Mad River Glen - all moguls and trees. Packed powder, nothing deep. Was truly impressed - they were quick, predictable and forgiving in the bumps and trees, but railed the groomers as well. Didn't really push the speed limit (MRG is limiting in this dept) but they felt like they had plenty reserve. The Lord would be my ski of choice for these bumpy packed pow days, but would probably need something wider for the deeper days. Give 'em a try!

5 5

Salomon Lords - delaminating tips?


Got a pair of salomon lords, been skiing on them since late december on and off piste but now the tips are this a manufacturing problem as I don't think I've hit a big enough rock to do this damage?!

What should I do?

5'8" 155. Currently on +mounted 1080...

Posted on

5'8" 155. Currently on +mounted 1080 171's. Demo'd the lords today in a 161 because it's all they had. I really liked the ski although they were short, and wondering what the correct size would be. Also, are my S912TI's suitable for mounting on these and would you recommend forward mounting at all?

Responded on

161 is waaay to short, if you are an agressive skier, i would get the 177's, if you are intermediate, the 169's.

Are these skis really good for the landing...

Posted on

Are these skis really good for the landing jumps and riding switch a little bit? can u take them in the park? Can You land switch on them?

Responded on

They are good for landing jumps and can be taken in the park, but are not a true twin tip. If park riding and skiing switch is a priority for you, there are better options out there.---adding--- I would definitely recommend a true twin tip if you are planning to do any switch riding at all. Something like the K2 Kung Fujas seems like a better option for you. And the Fujas totally kills it in the park and all over the mountain! And it's a less expensive ski! Look into those a bit.

4 5

theyr ok

eh i liked em but they just couldnt stand up to the obsethed. they have a nice feel but when it comes to just control the obsethed wins. if u liked these try the obsethed

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