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Salomon Ghost Boots

    Initally i would say this is a bit softer than a 130, but still a great ripping boot. Stiff foam and a lace up liner, keep your feet well in the boot. As you the reader prob already know, it is narrow. End result, i would say its a great 50/50 park/allMTN boot. I am using mine for pretty much all park!

    Solid Boot

      So, I've skied these boots 20 times or so and I have been stoked with their performance. Initially, I was skeptical because last season I took a flyer with the Dalbello Krypton and was completely disappointed with performance and durability. The Ghost ski's stiff, comparable to my Lange Comp Pro's, are fast to buckle, comfy and ski as solidly as any Race boot I've owned. Contrasted with stiff boots I have owned over the years, I would have to say the Ghost's are easier to put on and take off which is a big bonus on super frosty days. Salomon nailed it.


        I am starting my second season on these boots and I love them even more each day I use them! I love the 2 buckle system and the sinch liner. They are super stiff and great from charging big lines, dropping cliffs, and getting the most out of your skis! They can be tough to get in and out of, but you only have to deal with that twice a day, once your in them, you'll love them.

        Review Title

          I have to admit to being skeptical about this boot. I have always been a disciple of the 4 buckle traditional overlap boot and a boot with only two buckles didn't immediately appeal to me. However, I got a pair of Ghosts and could not believe how well they skied. The only difference between this boot and my 4 buckle Falcon was the weight, the looks and the ease of clamping two FAT buckles instead of 4 thin ones. DO NOT BE FOOLED! This is a POWERFUL SKI BOOT! Rubberized instep is great for traction getting in and out of the helicopter too.

          my resort-skiing feet can die happy now

            I now have 9 days on this year's Ghost and I couldn't be happier. This boot is pretty much everything I've been looking for in an alpine boot: fairly stiff (more so than the Agent 130 but softer than a Nordica 130), comfortable, highly responsive, and snug without being restrictive. What I liked most about these is the two-buckle/one huge powerstrap approach which is just as effective as the old four-buckle method but easier on the feet. Obviously, boots are very much a person-specific item, but if these fit, you'll be plenty pleased with their performance.

            Two warnings: the soles aren't replaceable and people with large calves might have to look elsewhere. The top catch on mine is moved as far over as possible and it takes some force to get the wireform locked down on the closest notch.

            they read my mind

              these perform as advertised, my favorite boot of all time. 2 buckles is half the work with all the benefits and they are dry! I like to unbuckle while hiking and whatnot, no snow or water gets inside the shell, and I've put in many a boot pack in them. AND they ski as good as my falcon race.

              Great Boot now made better for 2010

                So I bought these boots last year. They ski great are Super comfortable and I was surprised at how great they skied being a two buckle boot. For 2010 they made the boot stiffer which was really needed for me.. the old flex was 110 and now it is 130. Myself being 6'0 and 203 pounds I need a stiff boot. They also added a much needed elastic power strap.. similar to a booster strap.. that makes the boot pefect.. I sold my 2009 boots and just bought a pair of the 2010 boots pictured here. If yoyu like to ski agressively these boots are for you.!

                and cherry on the cake, the Hytrel RS which composes the collar (formerly PU) is made of 27% of renewably sourced (for RS) material. The new DuPont grade of thermoplastic elastomer, based on corn sugar or other plants, is designated Hytrel RS and provides all the performance characteristics of traditional Hytrel materials.

                Salomon ghost ski boots. 50 -50

                  I have found the ghost to be great at some things and not so good at others !

                  Brilliant for such things as skiing backwards with the strait back on the boot thus allowing good positioning and control, however i have found this to become anoying when trying to ski high performance turns as it does not allow your knee to get over your toe as easly as i would like.

                  They are great for hiking the back country/ checking out rock drops with a grippy section on the sole of the boot. However they don't have replacment sections for toe and heel wear so you have to be massivly not to walk on the concreate ...not my strong point it appears, i have them on 200 days a year and now i have a safety issue as i get a slight toe lift in my binding due to the sole wearing away.

                  The innerboot is top!! they are simular to snowboard inner boots in that it has a pull/draw string, great for comfort and a close fit. The 2 buckle is simple and workswell.

                  This boot is great for playing out in, but not the best for high end instructor exam turns/ racing!

                  Salomon Ghost boot rocks!

                    I was seriously reluctant to ski in a two buckle ski boot- but to my surprise, these boots have turned out to be the best boots I have ever owned. They also are one of the only boots that I have not had to have extensive work done to, I put in my footbeds, and I was good to go! Killer boot-period.

                    I want to know What is the length of the...

                    I want to know What is the length of the innerboot??? If someone can help I will be grateful

                    Difference between size 28 and 28.5...

                    Difference between size 28 and 28.5 boots

                    Could anyone tell how the liners differ between a boot (e.g., 28) and the half size above that (e.g., 28.5). I understand that they have the same outer shells and was told that the difference in the liners is only in the soles. Is this true?

                    I have tried both the 28.5 and the 28 and whilst the 28.5 felt slightly more comfortable, based on some of the comments on this board, I'm tempted to got with the 28 if they are likely to pack out.

                    Any advice or experience anyone can share would be greatly appreciated!


                    Yes it is true that the sole length is the same for the 28 & 28.5, and so that leaves the difference in the liner. I would recommend the 28 because liners do packout slightly and mold to your foot over the first week. As long as the 28 are not too tight, I would go with them.

                    Hey Vik,

                    Great question. You are correct that the shells of a whole/half sized boots are the same. (ie 28 and 28.5 = are the same) The only difference is, the footbed within the liner.

                    All liners are made as the half sized yet a thicker insole is used for the whole sized boots. The reasoning is to eliminate more volume within the boot to help provide a greater fit.

                    So, it really isn't too different if you choose the 28 or 28.5. They are both the same size, except that insole. All boots will pack out a little bit, but these Ghosts are stacked with a race liner that will take a great beating.

                    You could really pick either, they are the same. If you're worried, pick the 28.0 and then let them pack out a bit.

                    Write your question here...Can you give...

                    Write your question here...Can you give me the shell length for the salomon ghost ski boot in size 28.5 and 29.5

                    What's the BSL for the [28.0-28.5] shell...

                    What's the BSL for the [28.0-28.5] shell ?

                    I was hoping to get some feedback on the...

                    I was hoping to get some feedback on the packing down of the liner. I typically wear a 27.5, but have decided to go with the 27.0, based off of the reviews that I have read that they tend to pack out quickly? I know that the difference is the liner, not the shell. Any advice/expierence thyus far is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

                    Yeah that could be a good idea. Cody Townsend is an 11 shoe and goes with the 27.5. He says they are really tight at first and then pack/mold to his foot for a perfect (race) fit. Sounds like it is a fairly quick process, and he's into his 3rd season (long ass pro seasons) with them. Myself, I've been hanging onto a pair of conformable liners for the past 4 years. My skinny legs benefit from the foam. I'm a 10 shoe and use a 27/27.5 boot. Based on what I've learned talking to Cody, I'll be trying the stock liner starting very soon, as mine old foams are pretty much done.

                    Bought last year's ghost at the end of the...

                    Bought last year's ghost at the end of the season and have skied about 10 times in them. I will agree that the boot is awesome, light, quick, powerful, 2 buckles are great for a guy that unbuckles on the lifts, very responsive. BUT these boots are the most awful thing experienced getting on and especially off after cold days. Im 38 and have a high pain tolerance but wow this thing kills taking off. The top of my instep is gonna draw blood one of these days from the plastic digging in I just know it. Or the damn thing just wont come off, I have a high arch but what a design flaw. I'm coming out of a 6 year old Nordica Beast. Anybody else experiencing this much pain?

                    Best Answer

                    To get in, make sure the plastic gets warm enough, it becomes significantly less stiff and it's night and day to get in. My tip is to put the boots for 10 to 15 minutes right in front of the heating system (in warm legs and feet mode) of the car. It works perfectly. Then, back from skiing after a cold day, try the following. Lock tightly the laces of the liner, and try to get you foot out of the shell with the liner on. Then, take off the liner. This method can be used to get in as well if the plastic shell is cold.

                    I need new boots. Can any one give me an...

                    I need new boots. Can any one give me an opinion/explanation of the differences between the Solomon Ghost & the Impact 10?

                    Best Answer

                    The ghost would be your higher performance better boot. but the impact 10 is good if you like softer(110) and wider(100). ghost has a rubberized instep that gives you grip in all types of places, on rocks, stairs, icy boot packs, snowmobiles and the like. Also, the ghosts have an extra piece that covers the traditional overlap of the lower, this keeps snow from finding its way into the shell. hope that helps.

                    I use both and I can tell you that I feel more power, more edge to edge transmission with the Ghost. My choice when I plan a "go charge" day, such as skiing with Jamey for instance. The Impact 10 is more on the comfort side. The Impact carries also the latest technology from Salomon: Custom Shell. You have two areas in the forefoot zone where you can customize the width of the boot. You have to heat the shell, step in and allow the shell to form to the metatarsal contour and you get a personalized fit in minutes

                    Im an advanced skier who loves bumps,...

                    Im an advanced skier who loves bumps, glades, bowls ect. Im wondering if I would be better off in these of the less stiff/advanced Solomon Shogun boot.

                    I would say that these would be better than a softer boot, although I like soft if I ever get caught in bumps. The stiffer boot will help you out driving the skis in the glades, bowls and groomers though, and basically are a step towards improvement. Might feel some punishment in them bumps though.

                    Best Answer

                    Do agree with Jamey. Light skier, fluid style go Shogun. If you just consider skiing as a "Go charge" sport, go for the Ghost. But I can tell you that I heard many "more-than-advanced-skiers", in other words 'pros' or 'so called pros' telling us the flex of the Shogun was way easier to deal with at the end of a long day on the slopes.
                    One of our guys at the office who hasn't skied for year in less stiff than 130 told us today that his day yesterday with Shoguns was a true revelation. He's weighting 260...