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Combining traditional sidecut, girthy dimensions, and a huge dose of tip rocker, the Salomon Czar floats pow, rips crud, and slices chutes into ribbons from first chair to last. Wide as it is, it's versatile enough to take on anything short of East Coast boilerplate with relative ease. It's a perfect expert one-ski quiver for regions that see over 400 inches, and a superb powder ski for almost anywhere else.

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    The Czars have been my main ski since they were first released in '09. It was love at first turn, and I can never get enough. I use the czars both inbounds and touring. While they are a little heavier on the touring side of things, they are so much fun on the ride down I'd rather add a little weight on the way up! I am a 5'2" 125 lb. female, x-racer, and big mountain competitor. I ski the 182, and love skiing this size just about everything but Crested Butte. The tight, billy-goat style of those lines make me yearn for a shorter turn radius. However, the stability at high speeds keep me pumped everywhere else!

    Fantastic big snow day ski

      This ski is phenomenal on pow days. big and surfy and very stable as well. The only reason that I gave them 4 rather than 5 stars is that I dont like them in chop and crud, they can handle it but they are a little soft and start to bounce around more than I like. If you are spending a day in the side country these are a clutch pair, at the resort bring a second pair just in case its a little firm.

      If I could give 4.5/5 I would.

      I love the 190

        I ski the 190 Czar a lot. These and my Rockers account for 85% of my ski days in the Wasatch. They're lighter this year with the inclusion of Bamboo into the wood core. The kicker with the Czar is that it has lots of tip rocker but traditional camber in the tail. Basically, it skis short when it needs to be maneuverable, and long when it needs to be more stable. plus having a good twin tip adds to its versatility.

        What bindings are best for Czar 182's? No...

        What bindings are best for Czar 182's? No chance Marker Jester 110's will fit right?

        I am 6'2", 165 lbs and am a pretty decent...

        I am 6'2", 165 lbs and am a pretty decent skier. Nothing extreme but I do ski everything in-bounds (always ski blacks, trees, and bowls) and like to push myself. I'll be in WA for the next 5 yrs for school and I was wondering if the 182's would be too short. Thanks.

        Also, how much difference do a few cm's really make?

        The 182 will probably be just right for you right now... but next year might be a different story. If you think you'll be hitting some cliffs and skiing fast and agressively, you may want to go for the 190. 182 will be easier and probably more fun right out of the gate though... as its the more popular size they would be easy to resell if you want something longer...

        A few cm s can make a big difference. I remember the difference being pretty big between the 190 & 182. Hope that helps, solid skis either way!

        Can these be used well for touring? Any...

        Can these be used well for touring? Any specific skin that should be used with the Czar? Thanks!

        I have an opportunity to pick up the 182's...

        I have an opportunity to pick up the 182's for cheap, I am 5'8" and 150 lbs. Would that be too much ski for me? I live in the North west and ski lots of trees and am worried that this will be a bit long

        I am wondering whether I should get these...

        I am wondering whether I should get these or Live Lifes, how do these ride away switch in powder?

        Not even a question, the live lifes are 10 times better! I've had both. The carzs are sweet, but if the snow is hard, they blow. You can ski the live lifes in any conditions, and they have rocker in the front and rear.

        Would 174 be too small for me. 5' 10"...

        Would 174 be too small for me. 5' 10" 170. Ski out west in Pow and some groomers. Also do a lot of BC in the trees. Some bowls and chutes but most stuff isn't too steep. Not overly aggressive just like to find pow and make turns.

        What Binding/Boot combo would work or be...

        What Binding/Boot combo would work or be the best match for these skis?

        Im 6ft 5, 200lb fairly advanced skier. I...

        Im 6ft 5, 200lb fairly advanced skier. I fell in love with backcountry/big mountain skiing last season, and will be doing a ton of it this year. I am trying to decide between the Atomic Access 191, and the Czar 182 (I know this is a bit short, but I found a great deal on em. Plus I skied 184 Atomic Snoops last season and liked them fine). Would going with the 182 Czars just be too short? I dont plan on hucking any big cliffs, just want a solid playful pow ski.

        I think it will be a little short, but because it is standard camber underfoot with traditional tail it will be pretty stable just a little short in the tip. If you can find a 190 I think it would be perfect. The czar is very solid ski... wood core, a great big mountain ski,

        Sup y'all question about the Czar vs the...

        Sup y'all question about the Czar vs the Rocker 2 here. Torn between the two of them, demo'd some 190 Czars last year at Tahoe and they were amazing. I'm ready to mothball my Pocket Rockets for now, need something stiffer than can handle speed better and especially bumps. Seems like both are going to rip pow pretty solid, what is better all mountain ski? I'm an intermediate/advanced skier who always likes a ski that helps me turn better. Thanks for reading.

        Best Answer

        Ok, tough call for sure. I'm inclined to recommend the 190 czar as it is a little narrower underfoot and would be maybe a little better all mountain and in the bumps, plus it is a good size for you. The Rocker2 is so much fun, but it is wider so it will be worse in the bumps, and be more of a powder ski. If you were a smaller skier I would really say 180 Rocker2 (because its 115 underfoot and turns so easily), but for you its really between the 190 Czar and 192 Rocker2 and I think the Czar will be a little better... or maybe the 191 Shogun?

        Size help. I'm 5'10, 180 pounds. I want...

        Size help.

        I'm 5'10, 180 pounds. I want either the 182 or 190.

        I'm a good skier, I love the long gs turns but want to be in control in tight spaces as well.

        Hey Fil,

        I'd say go with the 190 because although it's only 3'' in difference, you're gonna be more upset getting soething too small than if you got something with a little bit more meat! I am bigger than you in height and weight but mounted mine more progressive (forward) and love them. THis was a favorite ski in my quiver (until the Rocker2 came out)

        You'd be surprised how many smaller people use the 182, so I say get the 190, mount'em forward and slay.

        hope this helps,

        Hi! When I have 178cm it ?s good for me...

        When I have 178cm it ´s good for me 184 Rocker 2 or 192 ? I really really don ´t know which one :( if 184 will not short or 194 too long for example backcountry.... i really don t know... thanks for your opinions

        I might....keyword interested...

        I might....keyword interested in getting a pair of pow skis for college at CU Boulder next year. Keyword might. Should I go czars or rocker 2?

        What up Colin, tough call! Especially if you are thinking of the 170 or 180 Rocker2, since they are 115 underfoot and therefore close in size to the Czars. I would go with Czar if you want to save some money and like a traditional camber tail. Rocker2 if you want the latest release Salomon pow ski with rockered tip & tail. So far I've skied the Rocker2 in 192, 184, & 180 and loved them all.

        Hey Colin,

        CU Boulder, huh? That's where I went and I'm glad to see you are already thinking about how much you're going to ski.

        I own both of them and agree with Jamey that it is a tough choice. I love my Czars and used them as my daily ski...until the Rocker2 came out. With that being said, I was using the 190 Czar and a lot of people had trouble skiing it in conditions other than powder (groomers) I seemed to be the minority who was okay with it.

        When the Rocker2 came out, it changed the game. For a ski with rockered tip and tail, it's edge hold on groomers far surpasses the Czar which would lead me to recommend the Rocker2

        Enjoy Boulder homie, it's so much fun and keep us posted on what you end up choosing.


        Yo Colin,
        I go to CU (Senior next year) and I'm riding the Czars right now. They are a great play ski in the pow and for all mountain but have a little too much flex when the crud gets frozen. Don't know too much about the rocker 2 but I hear good things. Either way if you go with the Czar it will treat you well in any condition and is very easily maneuvered in the trees.

        I am 5 foot 6, 145 pounds ... wondering...

        I am 5 foot 6, 145 pounds ... wondering if the CZAR 174 will fit me or shall I get the CZAR 182? I am an advanced intermediate skier ... i want to use them in all types of side and backcountry conditions from big mountain to trees ... will the 174 be too short since they are rockered skis? thanks!

        Best Answer

        It is debatable.... If you are a good skier I would say the 182's but with your height and weight you may be alright with just the 174.... It does have quite a bit of tip rocker, which will make the ski, ski about 4 to 6 cm shorter. If you like skis that go fast go with the 182 but if you like something really responsive in trees then the 174. hope this helps!

        found some secondhand (2010) czars that...

        found some secondhand (2010) czars that are 166 for a steal, they have been drilled before so I guess I have a couple questions:
        I'm 5'6" and 150, are these going to be too short or should I go for it? I'm looking for secondary ski for powder days in Tahoe, I'm just getting to an advanced intermediate level and would only be using these at the resort in the trees and on the trails on powder days.

        I've heard some people say never re-drill and some say do it up to three it worth it to take a chance and hope that whatever bindings and mounting position I choose won't interfere too much with the previous holes?

        Thanks for any advice!

        Best Answer

        Hey Alojzya,

        They may be a bit short for you, because all the Czars ski shorter than their length. My girlfriend who's 5'8'' 120lbs is on the 182cm. May be a bit big for her, but she's killing it.

        As far as redrilling, can you redrill, yes. What is most important is that the new holes you drill maintain an adequate distance from existing holes. The preexisting holes need to be plugged proffesionally as does the mounting of new bindings.


        I have heard about a new salomon rocker 2...

        I have heard about a new salomon rocker 2 ski. Has anyone tried those out? they look really cool. How would that compare to the k2 obsethed, armada jj, or rossingnol s7?

        Thanks, please reply!

        Hi Brennan,

        I have put 60 days on the new Salomon Rocker 2 and skiing on 184cm. This ski is:

        -Lighter(swing weight)
        -Stable at speeds
        -Easy to turn
        -Low tip profile which allows you to cut through the snow instead of plowing it.
        -The ski come out of the mold rockered and when I run my hands a long the base of the ski I do not feel the kink. This gives the ski a smooth ride.

        This will be the most popular ski for next season and check out Mike Douglas carve this ski

        Besides the Czar, what other ski would be...

        Besides the Czar, what other ski would be good for deep powder and 2nd ski versus what I have, a 4Frnt CRJ 174?

        Well it all depends on what you want to do. The 4frnt CRJ is a very playful and poppy ski. If you want another ski for the deep powder that might be a little steeper and more big mountain oriented, The Czar is a great option with tons of stability but still the ability to play around. You might also want to look at the Nordica Radict. This ski is one of the stiffest powder skis on the market today and it's meant for big open faces.
        Just tell me what you want to do with your second powder ski?

        I am 5'4" and 158lbs with a pack I ski on...

        I am 5'4" and 158lbs with a pack
        I ski on 4Frnt CRJ's 174
        Will the Czar 174 be that much better in deeper powder? which is what I am looking for in a 2nd ski

        Hey Bruce, haven't skied the 4Frnt CRJ but the Czar is a really fun ski for pow and deep days. It has excellent flotation and great drive in any condition from deeper snow to more challenging crud..making variations of snowy days really fun. It is a dependable and stable ski that has lots of power. 174 would seem like a good fit for you. hope that helps!

        So I want this ski! I'm just under six...

        So I want this ski! I'm just under six feet and weigh a little less than 180 lbs. I consider my self an advanced intermediate, no switch riding and I can't do anything more fancy than a 360. I try to ski aggressive and fast in the open and like to get technical and turny in the woods, but not really BC freestyle. I'd definetely go for the 190's and push myself if it weren't for the fact that I'll be doing alpine touring in northern Norway 90% of the time! Are the 182s solid enough not to get squirrely for a skier like me? I've worn out a pair of Verdicts, and the Coomback is a bit too soft and flappy when I charge.

        Hey Peddyslate, yes, the 182s would handle great for you. I have a few male friends at over 6 feet in Telluride that are advanced to expert who ski the 182 czar that love that length for its maneuverability without sacraficing power. They will not be squirrely. The ski needs to be driven but will respond great for you in that length. Hope that helps!

        Now I've got a few questions myself. I was...

        Now I've got a few questions myself. I was hoping to take these out for a few alpine touring trips and I was wondering if anyone had already taken them out on a few trips and had any comments. From what I hear they are relatively light so they should do a pretty good job. Just wanted someone to back that up with some real experience. Then I was also hoping to get some good ideas as to what type of alpine touring bindings to put on them. I was going to go with the Marker Dukes. And then any insight on what kind of skins to use with these babys?

        I've had quite a few trips out on the older 182s and these in a 190. In my opinion they are a great ski for tourning. Sometimes the snow can be a little funky, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying the ride. tip rocker and wood equal fun and stable in all conditions. I find them to be light yet solid if that makes sense. Dukes seem to be the popular AT binding of the last couple years. feel free to follow up if you have any other questions:)

        Hey Pierre -
        The Czars have been my primary touring ski for the past 2 seasons and I love them. They are a little bit heavier than the ultralight setup I previously had, but the ride back down the mountain is so much better that it is definitely worth a couple of extra pounds! I currently ski with a pair of Freitschi Freerides and they work well with the skis. However, from what I've heard about the Duke I think it is a better binding than the Freitschi's. I use the G# Expedition Climbing skins in the 110 mm. I hope that was helpful!

        how do these compare to the moment night...

        how do these compare to the moment night train, also the moment ruby?

        Compared to the Night Train these skis are a little less jib oriented and a lot more big mountain friendly. With a larger turn radius and a stiffer construction these skis are meant to shred the big alpine. But don't be fooled. These skis also do great in the tight trees and are real easy to turn if you put a bit of hop into your turn. On the other hand these ones aren't rockered in the tail, compared to the Night Trains. This means that they won't excel as much when going backwards in the deep powder.
        Overall, just slightly more directional, meant for the bigger mountains, and a little less jib orientated.
        Sorry but I haven't heard that much about the ruby yet so I can't really help you out there.