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Rule from bell to bell

Pure powder skis are great if you own a heli or you only ski on dump days, but the rest of us need something a bit more versatile. With a fat waist, tip rocker, and traditional sidecut underfoot, the multi-award-winning Salomon Czar reigns from the deep untracked morning to the chopped, sun-baked last chair. You can surf pow, rail hardpack, jib and stomp from the frontside to the backcountry on this fat boy, and while we wouldn’t call it “all-mountain” in the traditional sense, there are a ton of folks here in the Intermountain West who call the Czar their one-ski quiver.

  • Full wood core for lasting flex and crud performance
  • Edgy Monocoque construction eliminates excess weight without sacrificing stiffness
  • Long-radius sidecut for straightline stability and predictability in powder

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Unanswered Question

I have an opportunity to pick up the 182's...

I have an opportunity to pick up the 182's for cheap, I am 5'8" and 150 lbs. Would that be too much ski for me? I live in the North west and ski lots of trees and am worried that this will be a bit long

Hi i?m thinking of buying these skis but...

Hi i´m thinking of buying these skis but i don't know how these skis will ski. I have never tried rocker, i´m 5.57 ft 134 lbs i'm aggressive ski racer but in my free time when i'm not racing/training i like to ski off-piste. so would the 174 will be a good ski for me ?


Best Answer Responded on

you're gonna love these. rocker makes it so damn fun to ski pow or chop, and easy too. Since the rocker makes it so much easier to turn, you could even think about the 182 if you wanted a true big mountain ski, otherwise I think the 174 will be good.

Hey guys,
I am hesitating between these...

Hey guys,
I am hesitating between these in 182 and the Atomic 185 Blog. I demoed both last year and had a blast on both...
I am 6' 210Lbs expert skiing and I do ski anywhere on the mountains depending on whom I am skiing with....
I do have a pair of Xwings fury in 177 and a Crossmax 8.9 in 175 for hard pack days or early season.
Live in Utah, so pow is not an issue.
Really enjoy skiing big powder bowls as well as tree lines...
Any recommendation?

Responded on

From what I've experienced, the blogs have more sidecut and arc tighter turns on groomers while the Czar will make longer radius arcs, so picture giant slalom vs super g. In funky snow I found the blog to be "hooky", meaning it wants to turn too much for my liking. In Powder they are both excellent, but I believe the Czar has more tip rocker.

Responded on

the czar is much more subtly rockered than the blog while the blog has more early rise that doesn't extend out as far The czar has very little side cut so it probably turns better in powder which could make it quite a handful on groomers. If your looking for a ski just for powder go with something wider that has more rocker like the hellbent, ep pro. even though these skis are much wider they will probably do better on groomers than the czar

Im plannin on buyin some Czars but not...

Im plannin on buyin some Czars but not sure what size to go. I think 174 but ive had a bunch of people tellin me to go 166. Im 5'4 140 lbs last year was my first season switchin over from snowboarding but i picked it up super fast. Rode 171 Rossi Scratch Brigades (traditional camber) as an everyday ski, too big for park but good everywhere else. Want Czars for pow specific. Any feedback is appreciated.

Responded on

Yeah the 174 Czar will ski shorter because of the tip rocker. if you felt good on the 171, you should be fine.

I'm pretty set on taking a pair of Czars...

I'm pretty set on taking a pair of Czars for telemarking this winter. However, they will be the skis I learn the tele turn on, unless I take lessons, but either way I'd like to use them for the off-piste, deeper tree runs that I do regularly. I've heard raves about Hammerhead tele bindings...would anyone care to share suggestions for a binding/boot setup that not only I could get comfortable with from the beginning but also progress with and take into the backcountry for some hard shredding? (Cough, cough, Jamey Parks) Thanks.

Responded on

I will check w my tele buddies on boots/bindngs that would be the best for you.

Best Answer Responded on

Hey Colin, you hit the nail right on the head with the hammerhead! The hammerhead binding is the only one that can not only teach you the correct technique when learning (pivoting from the BALL of your feet, not your toes) but can also allow you to rail turns and stomp big airs once your past learning. In all honesty, its the binding I like to have my students on as well as the only binding I will let either one of my parents ski on.

Tthe hammerhead is hands down the best binding available on the market for the resort, but if you wanted to get into back country skiing, I would recommend the Axl. Both made by the same company, both have pivot points to fine tune stiffness/activity level but the Axl comes with a free pivot touring mechanism, night and day when it comes to touring. A bit more spendy than the hammerhead but worth it if you plan on spending more than 30% of your time touring.

As far as boots go I am a Scarpa guy, they fit my smaller volume feet and, in my opinion, they make the best boot. Garmont's tend to have a bit roomier feel, however with a dual injected bellows the are a bit too soft for me. Crispi's....good luck finding any information on them that is current but generally they are btwn the scarpa and garmont's on fit and they have a "hingy" feel for their bellows. My recommendation is either the Scarpa T1 or the Scarpa Trace. T1 is a bit softer, 4 buckle boot with a walk mode (great for touring), both very well made with intuition moldable liners and micro adjust buckles. The T1 will be a bit difficult to learn on as it is stiff, but once you do (and paired up with hammerheads or axl's will help break the boot in) you will be flying and shredding hard. They will be more similar to your alpine boots than you think...

Czars make an incredible ski to learn on as well as to shred on, with that set up you will be charging hard in every condition from hard pack to pow!! I would recommend mounting the Czars just how Salomon does, with the boot sole center of your boot (may need to do some measuring to find out exactly where it is on telemark boots).

Probably MUCH more info than you bargained for but I hope I answered all your questions, give me a shout if you think of anything else. Axl Binding T1 Boot

Responded on

Thanks a lot Weston and Jamey, that's exactly what I needed. I'm sold and ready for an epic winter :)

So if you scroll down, I've got the same...

So if you scroll down, I've got the same exact spec's as Joe; I've already bought the 182 Czar's but have a question in regard to mounting. My Snoop's are pretty much traditional but I have a pair of Foil's that are just about center mounted. I like how there's more ski out in front with the Snoop's, and have found the Foil's just don't rip quite as hard as I'd like them to (being center mounted). However, I've heard the Czar's ski better, and are almost cut to be, mounted in the progressive stance...any thoughts?
I'm also thinking about mounting the Marker Barons for AT usage.

Responded on

I'm about the same size as you guys (6 feet tall, 165 ish lbs) and I mounted progressive with a pair of Marker Dukes and absolutely loved the skis, the rest of my quiver are now wall ornaments. I was really stressed over where to mount (you can see my original question down below that I posted in December) but I'm super happy with my decision. Never had any issues with tip dive in the deepest of the deep once I got up to speed and the longer tail you get by mounting a bit more forward just helps their overall stability.

Yo. I'm really thinking about getting a...

Yo. I'm really thinking about getting a pair of czars, but I'm not sure which size I should go with. I'm about 5'7", and 130 lbs, but I'm still 17 so I've probably got a bit left to grow. Size recommendations? Thanks!

Responded on

I'm 5'8'',135lbs, and 16
I wasn't able to demo the Czar specifically, but I have demoed similar skis, and you should go 182 for sure.

Here are my reviews if you're interested.

Responded on

182.....really? I know I'll be growing some more, but I feel like that would be too big. Especially for maneuverability in tight trees? I'm not current skis are non-rockered 4FRNT MSP's, and I ski a 161 and they seem alright for me. You both probably have better/more experience with rocker than I do though.

Responded on

You make a valid point, but the truth is that rockered skis are SOOOO easy to ski. They are so maneuverable. The 174 could be better in some situations though for sure. Probably a more 'everyday powder ski' where the 182 would be more of a 'big mountain powder ski'. Judging by what you are on now, stepping up to the 174 will probably be the way to go.

I'm 6'0 168lb. Currently skiing Atomic...

I'm 6'0 168lb. Currently skiing Atomic Snoop Daddys in 176 as my daily. I consider myself an advanced skier. Ski squaw a bunch. Mostly KT, Granite, Paulson's Gully etc. Like trees, bumps, pow etc

I'm getting these skis in 182 as a pow/soft snow day ski. Wanted to make sure that I shouldn't get the 174


Best Answer Responded on

Hey Joe,

You made the right choice with the 182, without question. What you have to remember, is that with a rockered ski, you decrease the skis overall effective edge length. So, skis tend to ski shorter than their listed length. Based on that Snoop you're already on, standing 6'0'' and where you ski, 182's are the ticket.

With two recommended mounting positions, you can also compensate how much "ski" you have.

Anyone know the weight of the 182? The...

Anyone know the weight of the 182? The weight listed is for the 174.

Best Answer Responded on

Here are the weights per half pair:

166 - 2020gr
174 - 2120gr
182 - 2220gr
190 - 2318gr

Salomon Czars ski touring in Morocco

Salomon Czars ski touring in Morocco

Chris Rubens ski tours for some corn ..with Dynafit bindings on his Salomon Czars in Africa..high performance ski with great versatility from pow to corn to hardpack.

Kinda torn between the 174cm and the 182cm....

Kinda torn between the 174cm and the 182cm. Im 5'9, 198lbs, intermediate skier from the east coast looking to progress and start taking mor trips out west and whatnot. Just looking for and all around good all mountain ski. I was also checking out the 4FRNT VCT, same issue with the size though. Any input would be appreciated. thanks

Responded on

My suggestion would be the 182. Due to the tip rocker, and taking into consideration your height/weight and progression goals, the longer ski dimension would probably work best for you. I think you'll find the 174 a bit short on snow days. hope that helps..

5 5

Squallywood dump days...

I demoed these during a 64" dump week at Squaw and have not had so much fun skiing powder in my 30 year skiing career. My peeps were all admiring my skiing--but I have to give credit to the Czar. I hunted powder, crud and steeps all day and skied lines I've only just survived in the past. Figured they'd have to sent the cops out to get 'em away from me, so I went home and bought 'em on line from Love, love love the CZARS! Female 5'7" 160 advanced to expert big mountain skier. Got the 174s, perfect for me.

5 5

Great Ski

Use these mainly in Vermont and have Marker Barons mounted on them. Great ski on a powder day. Because of the rocker shape I never found myself off balance. Quick turning and very soft which makes it great when the pow gets bumped up. Also used these a couple days after the powder and loved every minute. I skied the Salomon Lords out west and prefer the Czars much more. Not an everyday ski, I still pull out my Xscreams when fresh snow can't be found.

5 5


The Solomon Czar's were the first fat ski that I have ever used and I absolutely loved them. I have snowboarded for years and have been skiing with my son on an old pair of Fisher Big Stix, Dynafits and Garmont Radiums. I rode the 182 Czar's with a pair of Scarpa Hurricanes one day last week. I had the chance to observe snow control with a friend of mine who is on the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol. It was a powder day that ended up being stable. We hiked the headwall above the top of the Gondola and then headed north, all the way to the area boundary and had some of the best turns of my life. I felt I could have definitely benefited from a 191 (I am 6'1" / 190#), but the 182 was keeping me afloat easily. Riding these skis in the new deep pow-pow was easier than snowboarding!

I couldn't get the Czar's to carve on the groomers, but this is not surprising due to the limited sidecut of the ski as well as my lack of experience carving on skis. They felt snappy and responsive and I truly felt like a hero riding these skis.

5 5


These skis are absolutely incredible. I was a little nervous on how they'd perform on groomers, but that quickly went away when they were snappy edge to edge and carved just like my 90mm line blends. Also, they really do float the pow great, but aren't so fat that you can dive them in for a quick face shot. The stiff flex also helps with landing cliffs. I personally would of liked a bit more rocker in the tip, but that's just me. If you live out west where the snow constantly dumps, this could be a one-ski quiver.

Finally pulled the trigger on these off...

Finally pulled the trigger on these off Tramdock for a killer deal - now I need bindings. Tele bindings. I'm thinking BD 01, Hammerheads, or BD02. I don't do a lot of touring. Any suggestions?

Responded on

Go for the BD 02's they are great for driving fat boards, and if you're not doing a lot of touring you don't need the extra features on the 01's. Slap em on, and drop a knee. you're good to go!

Responded on

Hammerheads. Don't even think about another binding. They are versatile and bomber.

Has anyone ever mounted and skied these...

Has anyone ever mounted and skied these tele? I'm an aggressive skier, pacific nw, and need a good pow/crud tele ski. I'm 175lbs, thinking 182 length for tele. Would this work well for a tele ski, and where would you recommend mounting it?

Best Answer Responded on

I went ahead and contacted a tele buddy of mine who tested these out a couple weeks ago. His words: "tip was stiff, good energy out of the turn, skis short and maneuverable". He has a pair on the way. forgot to ask him about the mount, but I believe they were mounted standard. oh yeah, he also liked them better than the Shogun and he is a Utah skier.

This is my 4th year on Volkl AC40s. I'm...

This is my 4th year on Volkl AC40s. I'm an expert recreational skier. I love the AC40s in moguls, powder and fast groomers. I'm looking to add a powder ski. I get limited powder days skiing Vail on weekends. I'm concerned going really fat plus twin reverse camber could be too much for the number of powder days. Is the Czar a significantly different ride from the AC40 to warrant adding this ski to my collection?

Responded on

yes, the Czar will be very different from the AC40. much wider, with tip rocker. long story short: they will change your world! (for the better)

Unanswered Question

Hi, is there any difference between the...

Hi, is there any difference between the 09 and the 2010 Czars?
Thanks, MG