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How to Buy Running Hydration

Water is essential to running. Water bottles, hydration belts, and hydration packs each offer distinct advantages for different types of runners at different distances. Consider the added storage of packs and vests for long distances and the light-and-fast nature of water bottles for a quick run or when you can refill mid-run. Try a few options to see which works for you.

Bottles are easy to refill, lightweight, and preferable for those who like to run with minimal gear but prefer not to go without water. Most run-specific bottles feature a built-in sleeve that slips around your hand to help reduce grip fatigue. Shop Running Hydration Bottles
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Belts move the weight of your gear and water to your hips instead of your back. Usually a belt uses multiple, small bottles to store water or gel nutrition and allow fast, easy access to all of your gear. Shop Running Hydration Belts
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Packs vs. Vests
Running packs are lightweight, run-specific backpacks designed to carry water and food in a main compartment. Vests are designed to carry water, food, and gear on your back and on your chest. Aim for a vest if you prefer easy access to small essentials while running and a pack if you just need something to carry your gear and your hydration bladder. Shop Running Hydration Packs
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