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Your dog loves to keep you company on day hikes, and she's even more excited if she feels like she has a job to do. Stash some treats, a collapsible bowl, and a leash or some small water bottles inside saddlebags of the Ruffwear Approach Pack and let your pooch haul her own supplies. The Approach features a harness designed for comfort and stability under light loads, and the saddlebags have a low, streamlined shape that complements your dog's balance. A padded assistance handle gives you a quick way to lift your pooch over otherwise-insurmountable obstacles, and Ruffwear's designers were careful not to include any excessive straps or attachments that might hang up in bushes or low-hanging branches. This Ruffwear dog pack comes in five different sizes so it'll fit securely on pint-sized pups or burly beasts.

  • Durable nylon material withstands season after season of running, hiking, rolling, and other dog-like activities
  • Web Master Harness uses an adjustable system of wide, synthetic webbing that feels comfortable around the chest and haunches
  • Web Master Harness and attached saddlebags were designed to provide a balanced weight distribution so your pooch will feel balanced on her feet
  • Padded Assistance Handle makes it easy to grab this pack and help your dog over large obstacles or lift her into a vehicle
  • Single-piece, v-ring leash attachment point makes it easy to secure a leash to this pack when necessary
  • Other features include stash pockets, coated zippers, and external gear loops
  • Reflective trim improves visibility at in low-light situations like dusk or dawn
  • Ruffwear recommends your dog carry no more than 25-30% of his or her body weight in the pack. If your dog is new to packs, start with a light load and slowly work up to heavier loads as he/she gets used to the extra weight.