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    Got these mounted on my Hellbents... solid so far. Only wish that they offered different width brakes instead of having to buy after.

    The 140's will be good to you.

    The 18's and even the 15's restrict you to much higher DIN settings. unless you're 250lbs and skiing curtains in Alaska you don't need them. The looks are solid at normal DIN scales.

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    Hi all ! I have a pair of rossignol 9x...

    Hi all ! I have a pair of rossignol 9x oversize (think they have an 80mm waist) they "powerpulsion" plate , they used to have axial 120 bindings, I want to go lighter. Will these bindings mount on my ski's?
    Also, I noticed they changed the heel piece , axial 120's had metal cradle "arms" that "hugged" the boot heel , what is the sas heel piece like? thanks.

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    will these bindings fit the fatypus alottas...

    will these bindings fit the fatypus alottas with a 140mm waist even though these bindings are 100mm, can i bend the brakes to fit it that far

    do these skis fit normal skis with normal...

    do these skis fit normal skis with normal width? cause i just purchased them and i realized it said wide ski binding

    Hello, for sure these will fit normal ski width. I say this with one caveat though, the normal ski width has been increasing the last few years. But, this brake will fit any waist up to 100mm perfectly and can fit to about 103mm with a little bending (a ski-shop should be doing the bending) and unless you have a ski with a really narrow waist (65mm and under) you should be fine.

    I just picked up a pair of Movement's Baggy...

    I just picked up a pair of Movement's Baggy Skis, 102mm underfoot, and trying to find the right binding. I blewout my last pair of Look Pivot 120 bindings off of a pair of Line skis. Trying to decide what binding to throw on these new sticks of mine. Debating on the PX 18 FS XXL with the brakes that would easily fit those skis, the PX 15 FS WB with 100mm brakes, or the Rossi SAS2 Ti 140 Wide also with 100mm brakes. Any thoughts on which would work best? Not really keen on bending the brakes but have done it before and it works.

    Hey Kswazzu, good question. As far as bindings go, the best binding to get is the one where your DIN setting will fit in the middle of the binding's DIN range. For example, if you are a DIN setting of 8 in this case, then the Rossi SAS2 Ti 140 Wide would be best because that setting of 8 would fit right in the middle of the 4-14 DIN range better than the other two.

    Also, when it comes to bending the brakes, you should be okay with getting a 100mm brake binding with those Moments Baggy Skis. 2mm of bend is pretty easy to pull off, but it does get difficult in the 4-5mm range and I don't recommend buying a brake that is less than 5mm of the ski waist.

    Write your question here... What is the...

    Write your question here... What is the weight of these bindings? And what is the recommended skier weight? js

    they weigh about 5 pounds together....4-din is like 120 130 pounds anywhere past 6 is 180+ technically speaking... but really its mostly its personal preference of how good you are and what your skiing i am an all mountain skier i think of myself as an expert to advanced level i ski an 8 din level. most ski shops will take care of that for you.

    I'm 6'4" 200lbs, just got a pair of 183cm...

    I'm 6'4" 200lbs, just got a pair of 183cm Line Blends and would consider myself an expert to advanced skier. I will be skiing equally in CO as out East in powder, groomers, park, and crap. Is this the binding of my dreams for the ski I got? Looking to steal a late season deal on the bindings.

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    What is the primary difference between...

    What is the primary difference between these and the Axial 120's, besides the DIN setting? Do the Axial's sit higher with a small base plate? If I'm looking to do all-mountain skiing on a pair of Volkl Bridges what would be the better binding?

    I'm looking to mount these on a pair of...

    I'm looking to mount these on a pair of 189cm High Society FR Twin-Tips. However, the waist of these is 104mm, so I'm looking to find out whether I can mount these, with or without a little bit of bending, or where I can find wider brakes? Thanks all

    I have a pair of rossignol steezes, would...

    I have a pair of rossignol steezes, would you guys recomend the sas2 140 or the axial2 freeride 150s??? I charge pow, huck cliffs every once and awhile and of course have to hit up groomers on the way back to the lift. Other than the din, is there a huge difference?

    Best Answer

    I had a pair of these mounted to my steezes last year until I shorted a jump and snapped the toe piece off. I replaced them with the axial freeride 150s and have been very happy. Both are good bindings the freeride 150s are bomb proof metal housing while these bindings are plastic. If you want a slightly lighter binding buy these but if you want a better binding definately buy the freeride 150s.

    how much do these weigh? will they have...

    how much do these weigh? will they have the same mounting pattern as the rossignol axial2 bindings? I bought some skis that had Rossignol freebeam axial2 120 bindings on them and would like to mount a binding that will fit the same hole pattern as those. I can't seem to find a axial2 freebeam binding. Any ideas??? helllllllllllllp meeee! ...please.

    Even if they don't match up, just take them to your local shop, and they can mount them, and fill in the holes from the old ones. No big deal, and fairly cheap. As for the weight... HEAVY!6 of the 8 holes will match between the rossignol axial2 and this binding. That means you are adding 2 new holes to each ski and will need to plug two holes. The difference is in the back two screws on the heal piece.

    just bought a pair of line chronics what...

    just bought a pair of line chronics what bindings do people recommend ??

    How much does a pair weigh? & What's...

    How much does a pair weigh? & What's difference between this and the Rossi 120? Thanks.

    The main difference between the SAS2 140 ti and the SAS2 120 is that the SAS2 140 has titanium construction in order to save weight. The SAS2 series also has more metal in the heel piece than the traditional Axial2 series of binding.

    Which binding would be better? I have...

    Which binding would be better? I have Rossignol B3's and I want to put either the SAS2 Ti 140 wide or the Axial2 140 Ti Pro Wide. Or is there an even better option?

    The sas2 is more of a freesyle binding, and axial2 is more of a big mountain binding, they are almost exactly the same. But the sas2 mount lower on your ski,s and the axial's are a little more heavy duty. Both are excellent, but seeing that you going to put them on b3, which are big mountain skis go axial2 they sit a tad higher to help in carving.