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If your day begins with two feet of fresh and ends in choppy mank, you’ll wish you had the Rossignol S6 Koopman. This beefy twin with the custom Caia Koopman topsheet is Rossignol’s replacement for the do-anything, go-anywhere Scratch Steeze, and a true one-ski expert quiver for Western terrain. Step off the first tram on a dump day and let the 110mm waist and smooth flex profile paint a huge grin on your mug. Crank it wide open after last chair, and the Koopman’s traditional THC wood core and burly sidewall construction will turn icy bricks of crud into butter. Feel like dropping pillows? S6 Koopman. Bombing bowls? S6 Koopman. Dancing with the trees? S6…you get the point. Backwards, forwards, upside down and inside out, this ski kills it.

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5 5

S6 Koopman

I have had these one year. Have used them at Whistler, Hood, Schweitzer and Bachelor. They are AWESOME. I am 6'1" 170lbs and went for the 174s, wanting to keep it nimble/quick. My most recent trip to Mt. Bachelor really proved the value of this ski to me as a one-ski quiver. Over three days the mountain got every type of variable condition imaginable, different snow inside of one day, and I was amazed how this ski handled groomers, fresh powder and crud. For those three conditions, I was never disappointed. For a run where it had all three, the S6s were a delight. Others were wiping out, and my skis adapted real time. I like how light the skis are. I mounted the light wide Marker Griffon's to them which i feel is a great match. I have owned Rossi SC80s, Volkl Mantras, Fischer Wateas, etc., and I think the S6 is my favorite "if I could only have one ski" ski. And without a doubt, the coolest looking graphics I've seen on any ski.

5 5

absolutely sick

these skis are the best do anything ski i have EVER tried. While there are skis that can do better at specific types of skiing, these ones do it all well. I cant really say it in a clearer way. As for the look of the ski... GORGEOUS. one of my favorite graphics of all time.

5 5

Best Ski I've Ridden

I have last years Steeze's and love them. They are by far the best pair of boards I've have ridden. I patrol on them in all types of snow conditions, and they have never given me any trouble. The one thing I would suggest is to mount them a little forward of what you would normally mount skis. I found that they put you in a much better postion, and they can really open up.

i ADORE my 2008 STeeze but can't find any...

i ADORE my 2008 STeeze but can't find any anywhere... will buy if you know where. My question is whether the S6 is the same ski with different graphics or is there a better equivalent like ObSethed? Someone here said it's exactly the same ski just different top sheet?

Responded on

The 2008/2009 S6 is the exact same ski as the 2008 Steeze. The only difference between the two is the fancy new graphic. The S6 will ski identical to your Steeze.

Just wondering how flexy these are? Also...

Just wondering how flexy these are? Also I was wondering about they durability of them. Someone said they're bound to beak. Idk just wondering if someone could clear this up. Also how's there park performance?

Responded on

They are very stiff. I ride the 174cm (I'm 175cm/64kg light) and it's really hard to ride manuals. I only can do 180 nose butters on them, didn't slide them till now.I also ride atomic urban and they are very flexy..

Responded on

they are not that stif. they are stiff in the midle, but flexible in the front and end. its hard to do manuals, but if thats what your intrest then you have to by short hellbent`s. i got the steeze and it is fantastick!

4 5

Awesome skis ... but rippers be warned ...

I'm about to buy new Rossi s6's but before I do I have this to say - I just broke my Rossi Scratch Steeze skis today beyond repair, you know, the ones with the candyland graphics... yea those ones. Those are the same exact skis as the s6, just a year earlier. Look, here's the deal - I love Rossignol and always have. I've shredded on rooster sticks since I was a grom. However, if you truly are a ripper and you like to shred hard more than 60 days a year, as I do, you WILL break these skis. Here's why - Rossignol has recently added the WRS (weight reducing system) to their line of scratch skis in the past years as they started getting fatter. (thats all this ski is, is a glorified rossignol scratch ... you know the ones from 2002 with the woman silouette ... yea those ones) Essentially, the WRS system functions to make the ski lighter by making the sidewall construction out of a light plastic material. Moderate impacts from rocks and such will easily break this plastic sidewall material right out of the ski, exposing the wood core to moisture, thus, ruining the ski. If the broken-out sidewall in this ski isn't noticed immediately, the edge of the ski is easily susceptable to irreparable tweaking and damage, as there is no support for it without the sidewall. If I had to say it bluntly, "For ripping skiers, these skis are delicate." Now I know what you're thinking... "dont hit rocks" sure... good advice ... but lets be real here, we're skiers ... we like to rip ... rocks happen. If you wanna ski groomers with these skis, you'll love them. Otherwise, be warned. But all negativity aside, I still love Rossignol, I think its amazing what they've done with their 7 sins for 7 artists graphics this year. But rippers beware: they're not that bomber and they'll probably break.

What size skins would you get for these...

What size skins would you get for these skis, 120, 130, 140cm? I just picked a pair of 120 BD skins up off Tramdock will these be to small for the S6 Koopman?

Responded on

You usually want to buy skins that match up with the widest part of your ski; 140mm in this case. That being said, you could probably use the 120mm size but are definitely going to sacrifice some grip on the way up.

3 5


Just bought these skies, from Good service fast delivery by the way, the ski's are a littlle disappointing. First of the length, I bought the 186 cm but that is from tip till tip, the length on the snow is considerable less, and coming from 205cm ski's the loss of high speed control is considerable! They are nice to cruise but don't expect to win a little race with your friends. If you are over 180 cm in lenght and weigh more then 80 kg, then these ski's are too small to make you float in the deep stuff, unless you go on a 80% slope or more. Compared to the K2 obsethed190 cm they are 10 cm smaller!Go for a bigger longer ski out there. Now the good stuff, on the grooms they are very nice, and also in the grud it is fun to play with them, and the looks are awsome and they are perfect for the park..But it's just not enough for me who likes high speed(where they will start to flutter) and the deep snow

5 5

Great Ski

I wanted and everyday ski and chose the S6. This ski is very versatile and can get you through everything like a hero. Do not get scared of the 110 under foot. The ski carves fine on hard-pack and is very fun in powder. Overall excels on the in-between stuff. I live and ski in VT and mounted these with the marker baron. Overall a great setup, and would recommend these to anyone and everyone.

How the S6 compares to Line Elizabeth?At...

How the S6 compares to Line Elizabeth?At the moment I'm riding the Atomic Urban. I have 2 pairs of them and I love them because of the soft flex. Now I'm looking for a wider Ski to ski Allmountain, Snow kiting but also doing butters, ollies etc. (flatland tricks) Yesterday I hold the S6 in my hands and tried to flex them. I think they are really stiff. As an alternative to S6 I think of Line Elizabeth but I don't have the chance to ride or touch them. What do you think? Thanks for any suggestion!

Responded on

The lizzies are super soft, the line bacons are more like the s6's but also softer and more playful.

Czar/ Rossi S6/Bacon/ K2 Seth??Just moved...

Czar/ Rossi S6/Bacon/ K2 Seth??Just moved to Colorado and I am looking for an every day ski that i can use in the Vail back bowls on those powder days but can also use on the groomers and front side in the ice and crud when it hasn't snowed in a while. At this point I am only an intermediate skier so looking for something that won't be too difficult to control or make turns on. Any advice???

Responded on

I would really recommend the K2 ObSETHed, as it is such a great ski in all conditions. They just rip anything, and they really do a good job in the softer snow, because of the rockered design. My dad is an intermediate skier, and he skis the Seth as his everyday ski here in Utah, he really likes it!

Funny I was leaning toward the czar. What...

Funny I was leaning toward the czar. What don't you like? too Soft, too light for crud/ not enough float? Why do you like the K2? what/where are you skiing? Finally what kind of skier are you? I'm 6' 150#'s and enjoy steep technical terrain and spend lots of time in the trees and bumps between major dumps. i already have a Mojo 90 and a monster 77 for crusiers and hardpack bumps, now I want a powder/touring ski that can still provide a good time getting back to the front side of the resorts.

Responded on

I ski all the powder and trees in Northern BC, in the Powder King area. I love the K2 because it floats anything, smashes crud, rips bumps, and rails groomers. I and 6'1, 190#'s and I ski basically however my mood is, super aggressive, or really really mellow. I am not a fan of the Czar because in my opinion when I demoed it, it didn't have the right characteristics for me, especially in the crud, chop and bumps. It does have the wider waist though, so open bowls were super fun. It's all just my opinion really though. I suggest that you demo if you can, or go with your gut, because it's usually pretty spot on, at least for me.

S6 Koopman, Saloman Czar, or K2 obSethed...

S6 Koopman, Saloman Czar, or K2 obSethed ? Primarily for six inches plus and touring, set with a marker baron. If I'm not in wide open boels of deep then it's trees and bumps.

Responded on

All these skis perform really well in all these conditions. The Czar is probably my least favourite of the bunch. It really comes down to your preference. I say the ObSETHed, but that's because I ride them.

5 5


Love these skis...So Versatile you can take them anywhere in any conditions.From deep pow to some gnarly hard stuff these skis rip. I went with the 186's I'm about 5'8 165 a bit more work than I am used to but a great ski. Hold well at high speeds but will still turn on a dime when you want them to. The 110 waist isn't as difficult to get on edge as I thought it was going to be very responsive...Extremely satisfied.

Do these bad boys have any rocker? If so...

Do these bad boys have any rocker? If so how much?

Best Answer Responded on

No they don,t-- they are the same ski as last years steeze, a great ski that floats well with out rocker.

I was wondering how these skis handle on...

I was wondering how these skis handle on hard, icy groomers, especially at high speeds. Im looking for an all mountain twin that is great in the powder, but can hold an edge on hard pack at high speeds in between powder days

Responded on

6'1/195lbs. I just bought the S6 and have ridden it only a few times at Telluride and once in the BC. It held an edge great, but it is fairly center mounted, and fairly soft so carving hard on steeps definately had a speed limit. Also it has a lot of pop so there is a lot of rebound coming out of a hard carve. I love this ski even though it is not a super fast charger big mtn ski like the Dynastar XXL's or something. It is a really playful ski, loves to pop and stomps so nice in the BC. Great ski for cliffs....i love it, completely satisfied.

4 5


i just bought the S6 ,mounted it with the Duke, and have ridden it a few times in Telluride on hard pack and in the backcountry. I am not quite used to more center mounted skis so at first i was thinking about remounting a little farther back (i was already mounted on the farthest back line of the three). In the BC i got some drag on my outside ski when i was opening it up in about a foot of fresh snow, it was easy to correct but definately had to pay attention to it, that is what made me think to mount more traditional (if possible). I didnt remount, mostly because i want to see how then ski in really deep fresh snow first to see if it is really an issue, and secondly I loved how they skiied everywhere else in bounds and out. They stomp cliffs so solid it is a confidence booster no doubt. I love the ski, really playful and can mix it up all over the mountain. Not a point it and mach it type ski, more like a jump around get creative fakie here and there poppy pillow loving powder ski......I love it, thoroughly satisfied as of yet, waiting to get into they really deep to get a feel for its float a little better, then i would probably give it 5 stars

Seth,How much performance are you talking?...

Seth,How much performance are you talking? Noticeable performance or in theory performance? Extra binding height is better for groomed but worse for powder I've always known. It doesn't seem like the Griffon's grab the boot a whole lot different than the Salomon's. I know the Griffon's weigh a little bit more. Just picking brains out there.

Responded on

You won,t notice any performance difference, IMO the griffon/jester crazy is just a hyped-up fad, the jester is a good binding, but the griffon has a lot of plastic in it and now that it is being tested not just talked about is breaking in the toe piece. if you want a salomon binding the sth line is the way to go, def a step-up over the Z line. As for height 99% of the time and people would not notice the difference between bindings if they skied them back to back, and if they did you would be use to it in a run or two. A lot of hype out there is just theory or opinion and does not matter, either you know how to ski or you don,t. And using a griffin or jester binding will not compensate for that. I think one factor people forget about when they talk binding ht. is their boot and the thickness of the footbed and volume will change everything in how a ski performs.

Just curious if there is anybody out there...

Just curious if there is anybody out there with any recent mounting recommendations for the S6. I see there are 3 marks on the ski. I'm not doing any park riding, but all over everywhere else. I have a 177cm Mantra that I mounted traditional but not sure what to do on the 186cm S6's. I tried a 189cm Obsethed w/Marker griffon binding mounted 1cm ahead of traditional but thought it was too heavy for my liking all day long, can't wait to try these very light S6's with Z12 Ti bindings. Wanted to put the Griffon on them but just couldn't put a stark white binding on this killer looking ski.

Responded on

I just bought the 186 S6, and mounted them on the back line out of the three. I would not mount any forward than this. I looked into even moving it back another cm or two but the ski is designed for those mount points. In the BC yesterday carving some big fresh turns i noticed some drag in my outside ski, could be a number of things but I have been wondering if its bc of the center mount.......anyway....mount back in my opinion, you will still be plenty balanced if you want to do all your fakie-ness. I mounted mine on the middle of the three lines and its PERFECT, i like to ski switch, though im not very flippy spinny, but the "modern" line is perfect for me, they charge everything awesome, forwards and backwards. 5"10' 165 lbs, riding 185's

My wife loves Caia's art, and now wants...

My wife loves Caia's art, and now wants these ski's. She is 5'6', 150, would you recommend these for her, and which bindings?

Responded on

The 174's might work for her, but she would have to be a pretty aggressive skier to handle such a big ski. I would strongly recommend the Marker Griffon binding to put on this ski, make sure you get the 110mm size brake.