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A fat, tram-worthy binder with ample protection for lapping the park.

After its triumphant reintroduction in 2009, the Rossignol FKS 180 Ski Binding returns to the tram line in ’10 to crush the fear of pre-release and dominate sphincter-clenching big-mountain lines with power and security. A widened footprint gives this 18-DIN monster the ability to transmit every twitch, tilt, and pressure change in your boot across the entire width of your favorite fatties so you can easily make big moves on burly lines. Besides avoiding stiff breezes and sensually bagged groceries, the FKS fights pre-mature ejection thanks to cleverly designed dampening in the toe and the unique turntable-style heel not found in any other binding.
  • Dual Action Race toe piece provides a reinforced point of contact in a high-stress area
  • Elastic travel controls binding movement to allow room for recovery before a fall
  • Turntable heel precisely controls retention and automatically re-centers your boot in the binding
  • Short mounting zone allows the ski to flex naturally through turns
  • Lateral heel hold reduces torque that leads to potentially dangerous binding pre-release
  • Extra wide AFD transfers power to wide skis
  • XXL brake option accommodates up to 115mm waist width

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Unanswered Question

I have 11/12 Moment Night Trains that are...

Posted on

I have 11/12 Moment Night Trains that are 123 underfoot and my boots are 29.5s would this be a good binding for me?

Would the 18's be ok for me because I'm 6...

Posted on

Would the 18's be ok for me because I'm 6 feet and 180 pounds. I would say I'm an advanced skier... I mostly ski park and im planning on mounting a pair of these or the FKS 14's on next years suspects. Thanks.

Responded on

Unless you have a very small boot, you should be fine with the 14s. I would only step up to the 180 if you noticed you pre-release on a binding that goes up to 14. That is pretty rare though. Especially with the FKS/Pivot

Responded on

Ok do you think a 28.5 full tilt would be fine for the 14's?

Is there any difference between the Rossi...

Posted on

Is there any difference between the Rossi FKS 180 and the Look Pivot 18? Besides price that is.

Best Answer Responded on

the ugly color?

5 5

Good binding for cat-skiing

These are also excellent bindings for heli or catskiing. Unlike marker jesters or griffins, the snow on your boots has got a place to escape when you put your skis on. It won't just pack in. The high DIN is also good for powder

5 5

Best Ever

I refuse to ski on anything else. The solid feel of an all-metal binder with the greatest elasticity in the heel. After years on FKS/Pivot, I skied a few days on some Dukes, tore a tendon in my knee, and decided to stick with turntable heels. It probably had nothing to do with the binders, but I like the peace of mind.

Only complaint: Make sure the forward pressure is high enough. The indicator tab is not reliable. Even when I had the forward pressure set slightly higher than recommended, I pre-released going mach loony through crud with the DIN @ 13 and messed up my wrist. Nearly positive it was a forward-pressure issue and not lack of DIN (though I did increase that afterwards too). I blame my shoddy tech skills, but just be aware if you're the kinda guy that does his own mounts and adjustments. Also, some people like to run the heel 1 din higher than the toe, which I learned when researching possible reasons for my prerelease.

I'll answer the typical questions/complaints:

1) The toe-piece is not adjustable in height. You could try to shave the vibram of your AT boot down, but there's no guarantee that will work or that you won't shave off so much that you can't click into your dynafit toe anymore. Seriously consider whether you need an metal, 18-DIN binder if you don't have a DIN sole. Very few AT boots without swappable soles ski well enough to warrant such a bombproof binder. Go for the Sally STH series if you really need an adjustable height. (Be warned that the lack of moving AFD will affect the release values.)

2) Just turn your ski pole upside down to get out of them without scraping up the paint. Alternatively, you could toss some bondo or epoxy in the space. But it's really not that hard to flip your pole over. My new ones look fine after a season of use. My old ones are beat to hell but function just fine.

3) Yeah, it would really be nice if they made a wider brake. But they can be bent - out to 140+ mm if you are good at it. If you're going more than 15-20 mm wider, you'll prolly want to read the tutorial on TGR (search for it). But it's a pain, they can break, and you could possibly get hurt. Fortunately, the 115mm easily make it out to 125-ish just by pulling the brake arms outward a few times.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a shop tech and claim no responsibility if you break yourself or the bindings following any of my advice. Having them mounted and adjusted at a shop is the safest way to go.)

EDIT: Rumor is the Pivot 18 will have 130 mm brakes available next season...

I bought a set up Rossignol S3 skis and...

Posted on

I bought a set up Rossignol S3 skis and want to put the FKS 180 bindings on them. My question is can I put the FKS 180 XXL on them? The Rossi S3 has 98mm under foot. And the FKS 180 XXL has a 115mm brake. Will the 8mm on each side be too large of a gap? Thanks.

Best Answer Responded on

I think the 8mm overhang will only be noticeable if you are really aggressive on edge and are on hardpack a lot. Your other option is to try to bend the 90mm brake but I tend not liking bending more than 5mm.

Unanswered Question

Do these have toe piece height adjustability?...

Posted on

Do these have toe piece height adjustability? Anybody run these with Krypton Pros? I've had issues with play in the toe blocks with the Kryptons on some bindings (jesters) and want to make sure I'll get a solid feel with these...

5 5

FKS with vibram sole?

Hi, could you write to me please if its possible to use Fks with boots with vibram sole? thanks

What is the difference between the FKS 180...

Posted on

What is the difference between the FKS 180 and 140 ????

Responded on

The toe piece has a metal plate and the din settings, FKS 180 has a din range of 8-18. The FKS 140 has a din range of 5-14

Unanswered Question

Is there any height adjustment in the toe...

Posted on

Is there any height adjustment in the toe at all? Or anyone have any experience TRYING to get an AT boot with a thinner rubber sole in the binding?

4 5

Best Binding Period

These bindings are awesome, hands down. They hold up better than any other binding I've used. They hold me when i want them to, they let me go when i don't. The best part about these bindings, Is that the lowest DIN setting is 8, so you don't (necessarily) have to be the biggest guy on the mountain to use these, you just have to ski the hardest. (I should note, the reason I chose these over the FKS 14 is simply because I don't trust the plastic toepiece of the 14. If they made the 14 with the same style toe as the 18, and still all metal, that would be my first choice.)

The only problem i can find with these bindings, is that the largest brake they have is only 115mm. Nowadays that would be enough to cover most peoples "mid-fat" skis, but if you want these on your pow skis you better be ready to bend. Also, yes, the orange color will scrape/chip away... It's paint. If that is somehow influential at all in your decision to get these bindings... please don't ;)

Best Binding Period
Responded on

A little addition to my review. I now own a couple different pairs of this binding with well over 100 days on my first pair. So far they have help up extremely well. I have heard of these bindings breaking at the connection between the arms on the heelpiece and the baseplate, but I've personally had no such issues so far. Aside from perhaps a negligible amount of "play" in the heel and toe pieces, the bindings are still performing just as well as the day I bought them. The price tag is hefty, but the comfort of having a good, durable binding, combined with the possibilty of reusing these bindings for seasons to come, more than makes up for the initial cost.

5 5

Buy these

Some one mentioned they should call the 115 brake the x-large and build a 125mm for an XXL, could not agree more...bent mine out enough to satisfy my 127mm Nordica Radict's but shouldn't have had to for the dough spent. Might also ad a small accessory lift for those that opt to use it. Nuf snivelin...Love the binding for the positive snow feel, the way it snaps closed giving you that for sure I'm in feeling. Also a big plus is how easy the heels open to step out of. Always been a Look/Rossi binding fan. Elasticity is the name of the game and literally allows you to run em at a lower setting if you wish. These are a little more sensitive to snow build up imo, so be careful there but all in all bueno.

5 5

Ole'school Design, New School Performance

These bindings are awesome! A tad on the heavy side but it's because they're built like tanks. The only design flaw that I can see is the Fluorescent Orange paint or coating is fairly soft and seems to chip off exposing a white undercoating (mainly on the rear where you use your pole to pop out of them). I've used them in the 9 and 10 DIN range and they have behaved perfectly and have never pre-released. These bindings should last a long time!

Responded on

no problem at mine at 9 and no pre-release issues in attack mode

5 5

so nice

these are great bindings. only release when they really need to and look real rad on some fat pow skis too

Unanswered Question

One more: They come with lift plates?...

Posted on

One more: They come with lift plates? Anybody who has try ´em? Any opnions about using them or not/options?
Thank you!

Hi guys! Is it possible to use the alpine...

Posted on

Hi guys! Is it possible to use the alpine trekkers with these? I think I´ve seen somebody who said that he could do so...

4 5

Fluro-orange awesomeness

This is my first full season on FKS180s and I love them. Previously used 916s forever. I loved them but found them a little on the heavy side, and had an issue blowing out the toe-wing AFDs. No issues like that here. Fantastic elasticity, great DIN range, no toe-wing adjustment to worry about and a compact mounting pattern are all great on the FKS, plus they are the lightest all-metal binding you can get. Two things I don't like about them are the plastic pole-release parts on the heel piece deteriorate quickly and the brakes are not easily replaceable (or wide enough). Rossi (and Look) should change the name of the 115mm and to "XL" and add a true "XXL" brake option at 125mm.

3 5

Orange has the durability of candy Pez

I have had these bindings on my S7s for two days of skiing. On the back binding, the pole-release divots are getting chewed up...they look worse than my other bindings with 60+ days of skiing on them. I've talked to two other skiers with the 180s and theirs look the same. I think they have a quality problem.

Orange has the durability of candy Pez
Responded on

The pole-release divots are made of plastic and do deteriorate. It isn't as noticeable on the black as the plastic is black all the way through. The orange is only a coating. Mine have the same issues, you just have to be a little careful with the pole release.

Responded on

Or just let em get gouged up. This kind of gear looks best when it's used and a little beat up. Mine are all chewed up from a winter and change up in Little Cottonwood. The first ding is always a bummer, then it actually looks pretty cool.

Responded on

That's what you get for having them set at 8. Real men set them to 18 and release them with the joyful tears of onlookers.

Responded on

Cosmetic paint chips have noting to do with binding quality. You're being a little girl.

Responded on

Who cares if a little paint chips off. As evident from all 17 well I guess 16 now these bindings kick ass. If your equipment isn't taking some beatings you really aren't putting those 500 dollar bindings to use. My hellbents are getting shredded; this doesn't mean they are bad skis....
There are at lot of die hard skiers out there who drool at these bindings. O crap I just got a scratch on my iPad, gotta go blog about how poor it's quality is.

Any breaking problems when bending the...

Posted on

Any breaking problems when bending the breaks? Bending the 115 mm to the 123 chetler.

Responded on


I wouldn't suggest going that big with it. You might want to contact Rossi and they could say otherwise but as a general rule of thumb I don't go any more than 6mm total.

Responded on

My friend did and they are fine. I don't know what the other guy is talking about. He obviously knows nothing about pliability and the strength of metal breaks.

Responded on

Saw a guy with these bindings on hell bents. Won't be a problem.

Responded on

Went on my Bents fine, also on Renegades

Have them. Brakes are too wide to mount...

Posted on

Have them. Brakes are too wide to mount on Armada T Hall (86 wide). Can the base plate and brake be replaced. If not, when bending brakes, any suggestions? Broke a different brake on other bindings once, when trying to bend the brake. Also, if I have to send them to Rossignol, any idea how long it would takeZit

Responded on

These bindings are pretty durable. Just bend them it won't be too much trouble. Another option would be to go to a local shop and have them do it for you.

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