Back for more freeride domination.

Built for maching through deep pow and launching off wind lips, the Rossignol FKS 140 Ski Binding is a burly freeride binding that integrates easily onto fat skis. Re-released due to public demand, this smooth functioning Rossignol binding with the turntable heel and added shock absorption keeps you locked down and eliminates the risk of pre-release.

  • Extra long, 28mm elastic travel prevents unwanted pre-release
  • Dual Action Race toe piece provides a reinforced point of contact in a high-stress area
  • Turntable heel controls retention and automatically re-centers your boot in the binding
  • Short mounting zone allows the ski to flex naturally
  • Wide free AFD offers precise power transfer on your powder boards

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Here's what others have to say...

Will the 115mm brakes work with 117mm waist or should I get the 130mm brakes?

Responded on

That 115mm brake will bend enough to accommodate a 117mm waist ski!!

I have the Faction 2.0's with a 102 underfoot. Wondering your thoughts on whether I should go with the 95mm or 115mm bindings. Thanks!

Responded on

Hey skg476,

For skis with a 102mm waist width, you'd want to go with the 115mm brake width to ensure the brakes can deploy around the ski!

Hope that helps, hit me up with any questions you have.

ext. 4767

would the 115mm brake size fit on the blizzard gunsmoke which has a waist of 114 mm?

Responded on

Definitely! That's perfect. Hit me up if you have any other questions!

What size should i get to mount on a salomon rocker2 122 ski?

Responded on

I would get the 130 mm. Probably not in the deepest of carves where you could "dock" the brake, more likely to ski a flatter ski.

How much change in boot sole length

How much change in boot sole length
will this binding allow without impairing function? I've got the heel mounted now with the side arm bolts in the middle of the threads, so the heel piece could be screwed forward or backward about 5 mm. But I don't want to put the boot outside of the sweet spot of the turntable.

Responded on

Hey there,

Technically you aren't going to have the chance to go up a full shell size if your asking because you want to get bigger boots without changing the mounting position. The heel piece of the binding can me adjusted about 5mm forward or back like you mentioned. The sweet spot is right in the middle, but the binding will be fully functional even if adjusted with that forward pressure screw. The main issue is going to be that if you are sizing up a full shell size in a new boot then the larger shell will most likely be 10mm bigger so you would have to re-mount most likely. This is really going to depend on what boot you have them mounted for currently, and what boot your trying to adjust them for to give you a definite answer on if what you want to do will work or not. Feel free to chat in and ask for me, or go to my profile page, follow me, and reach out via email. You can also go into a local certified shop to have them look at both and re-mount them for you if needed for your new boot.

Responded on

Thinking of going to a different brand boot. The same mondo size has BSL that's 6 mm shorter...

alright, so i know these questions are ...

alright, so i know these questions are annoying, but this is the first time ive ever bought anything online and not from my local shop. so i want to put these on my armada halo 2s, which are 110-122-95-112-102 sooo im assuming theyre 95 underfoot. so should i get the large brake which is 90 mm, or the xl which is 115? and also how hard is it to bend your brakes out 5 mm? any help is appreciated !

Best Answer Responded on

No such thing as annoying questions when it comes to ski gear Jon, we all struggle at times.

Option 3 is the green Look Pivot 14 in 95mm. If you want to stick with the Orange FKS then I recommend the 90mm and hopefully you will get by without a brake tweak. If needed it will be a very small bend. Caution, some shops won't bend them and you will have to do it but not that big of a deal with that small amount. 5mm of variance is fine but when you start approaching 7-9mm it's time to look for another brand.

Good luck,

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Lock-in; Pop-out with ease

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The FKS 140's are such nice bindings. The transition to lock into them and pop-out is so smooth! I've taken a couple hard falls and I have yet to pop out of them. They're really sturdy and reliable. The heel piece has what they call the 'turntable' so it swivels a bit but definitely keeps the boot in place once locked in.

I have the XXL (115mm) on my Rossi Savory 7's which are 106mm underfoot. I was debating getting the Large (90mm) and just bending them outward a bit but realized that would be a little too much bending so went with the XXL and they fit perfectly!

Lock-in; Pop-out with ease

Does the brake with 115mm fit ARMADA...

Does the brake with 115mm fit ARMADA T-hall(86mm)? Isn't this too big for the ski? Do I need to bend?

Best Answer Responded on

You would want to buy the large(90mm) fks 140 or the Look pivot 14 wide(95mm), or the marker griffon 90mm like your other posting.

I have rossignol soul 7 in 180. Width is...

I have rossignol soul 7 in 180. Width is 106. Will the Rossi fks 140 work?

Responded on

Yes an FKS 140 will work. My advice on brake width is to call the shop you will have them mounted at and see what they recommend. The 115mm will be a little wide but the other choice 95mm might not work without a good bend and most shops wont do this. I say go for the 115mm if you don't want to call your shop.

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Rock Solid

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

There is a reason some skiers literally will ride nothing else but Rossignol FKS's or Look Pivot's: they are trusted, tried, and truly a rock solid binding. They are not the lightest binding out there, but the added weight is necessary for the turntable heel that could save your ACL one day.

I ride these instead of the 180, as I am 5'8" and about 130 pounds and don't ever need a DIN over 14, even for expert, steep skiing.

Will these fit on my blizzard brahma's?

Will these fit on my blizzard brahma's?

Responded on

They will indeed. Just get the L (90mm) variant to clear the 88mm waist of the Brahmas.

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This binding is awesome. I have never had any problems with it, and I can tell that they will last me for years and years. The bright orange color looks sweet on any ski you put it on.

Responded on

Not a huge fan of the bright orange, but everyone has their personal preference.

Will the FKS b130's fit my Armada JJ 195cm?...

Will the FKS b130's fit my Armada JJ 195cm? Or do I need the FKS 180 with the 130 brake? Thanks!

Responded on

The FKS 140 with the b130 brake will fit the JJ. I've had a pair on both Rocker 2 115's and also on Squad 7's. b130 is for up to 130mm wide.

Responded on

I would rather go smaller brake and bend out than go with larger. You don't want your brake hanging over your edges.

These adjustable? Was looking at Look...

These adjustable? Was looking at Look Pivots but I need to mount these to my old boots and then get new boots later and apparently Pivots aren't adjustable you need to remount if shell size ends up being different. Any advice?

Best Answer Responded on

these are the same as a look pivot, not adjustable. if you want something that will work for different boot sizes look the marker jester

Responded on

Jester's vs FKS/Look Pivot? Which one is better?

Will the B130 work with my '13 Armada JJ...

Will the B130 work with my '13 Armada JJ 185cm?

Best Answer Responded on

Yes, the b130 brake width will fit your JJ's. the '13 JJ's have a 115-millimeter waist so you could also consider going with the XXL brakes (115mm) which would work great on your skis.

Responded on

I would go with the XXL brakes as well. Why bend out when you don't have too. Stay save Hombre.

I am looking to mount these on a pair of...

I am looking to mount these on a pair of Rossi S7's which have a 115mm waist. Is the XXL brake (115) actually wide enough or do I need to go up to the 130mm brake?

Responded on

The 115 will work for your Rossi S7's, you just might need to bend the breaks out slightly.
Another option for these bindings (same price) is the b130 brake option. That brake will be 130mm and will definitely work on the S7's. No bending will be necessary for the 130s obviously, but either brake width will work.

Responded on

The 115 brake would fit great! I wouldn't go with 130 brakes at all. You never want your brakes handing over your edges. unless you never get up on your edges and just rotate. How do you like the s7? They look like clown shoes and are soft like noodles.

My skis are 122 underfoot. Should I go...

My skis are 122 underfoot. Should I go with XXL (115mm) or B130 (130mm)?

Best Answer Responded on

You need the 130mm, the 115mm brakes will not fit on your skis.

Responded on

Go with the 115 and bend them out. Bending out the brakes 7mm is not very much. I have 98 waist skis and put 90mm brakes on them! Wider is never better with brakes!

will these work for 98 mm skis? I've seen...

will these work for 98 mm skis? I've seen people were able to mount Look Pivot 14 95 mm on 98 mm skis, and I've heard that FKS and Pivot are the same. Does this mean if I get this binding, I will be able to install/mount them on my bonafides?

Best Answer Responded on

Hey tanp, thanks for the question.
These come in a 90mm and 115mm brake width, the 115 will be far too wide and may create drag. You may be able to get away with the 90mm size, but I don't recommended bending your brakes out more than 5-10mm, so it's pushing it. You can see if your local shop would be willing to bend the brakes out on these. Otherwise it's fairly straightforward to have your shop swap out the brakes on these skis for a slightly wider pair such as 100mm.

4 5

Driver > FKS

There a two types of skiers: those who ski rossi fks' and those who ski solly drivers. Personally, I have always been on drivers.

I bought some FKS 140s to sample the coolaid on a pair of 195 SuperBros. I am very impressed with their retention and release. They do exactly what they should; they have never prereleased on me nor have they ever not released when I needed them too. They are also an awesome bright orange.

However - I am still much in love with the Solly Driver style binding. There are a few minor issues with the FKS:
- Replacing, bending, swapping brake arms is much more difficult than sollys.
- There is very little BSL adjustment in the system compared to sollys.
- They are harder to step in and out of than sollys.
- Finally... Hit a cliff and land in the backseat? Neon orange probe right to your cornhole!

Responded on

HAHAH I like your last bullet point---clutch! What's your everday powder ski?

Weight Anyone?

Weight Anyone?

Responded on

Hey Enzee21,

Thanks for the question. The weight on these bindings is 4.6 lbs per pair.