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Designed with a wider footprint specifically for fatties, the Rossignol Axial2 120 Ski Binding rocks a reinforced heel and plenty of elastic travel in the heel and toe so you can avoid dreaded premature ejection. (Think about it: you're in the middle of the face-shot of the century and your three-year old binding kicks you over the handlebars.) Rossignol not only gave the Axial2 a max DIN of 12 (for those who think not of high speeds), but also outfitted this little guy with big brakes that stretch over the waist of your bloated pow boards.

  • Dual Action toe has a reinforced housing that can take abusive impacts and a wide mountain zone for increased contact with fat skis
  • Toe allows for 180 degrees of release capabilities to account for multi-directional falls that cause you to go directly forward, or go forward and twist
  • A high level of vertical travel and 45mm of elastic lateral travel absorbs shock from the terrain while helping to reduce premature ejection
  • Angled lateral arms in the heel piece transmit your power directly and efficiently
  • 25mm of elastic travel (the longest travel of any binding on the market) allows this binding to absorb shock and impact to reduce potentially disastrous pre-release
  • A high forward pressure helps ski rebound and responsiveness by driving your energy forward towards your ski's shovel
  • The wider mounting profile increases the contact area with wide skis, resulting in more responsiveness from edge-to-edge
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Binding Failure

    I had my Axial2 120 bindings fail on me pretty spectacularly during one of the best ski days of last winter. I was going quite fast, but I'm not heavy - 70kg or 155lbs - so well within what a 12 din binding should handle. I was running them set to 9.

    I clipped a hidden rock and double ejected. When I found my ski I saw that the binding heel piece had been ripped from the ski, and the rail severely bent out of shape. As you can see from the photo.

    When I contacted Rossignol about this they refused to offer any replacement or refund and blamed "accidental user damage". They strongly denied that there might have been any fault in the manufacture of my binding, saying:

    "the binding performed as required and released the skier "

    I found that quite surprising. Rather than accept there may have been a weakness in the piece of metal used in that binding, they have effectively stated that there is nothing wrong with the binding, and I simply shouldn't have crashed. I got the impression from Rossignol that they thought I was lying and had used a tool to deliberately break the binding. How's that for customer service?

    Seriously, consider a different binding.

    Binding Failure

    Pray tell, all knowing sage, where you see any indication that the bent chunk of metal there might be due to a mounting issue? I suggest instead that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    True to size and color!

    • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    Purchased these as a gift for my brother and was ecstatic to hear how well they fit and looked on his new skis. Rossignol has always been my go to for bindings and I have YET to be disappointed with any of their products. Customer for life!

    Solid Binding

    • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    I purchased these for my wife and she loves them. She got in to skiing last year with a cheap set up from eBay- cheap bindings included. This year we got her new, bigger skis and needed to upgrade the bindings as well.

    They are a bit heavier as far as bindings go, but with the added weight you get added durability.

    These are a great binding for bigger skis and have a solid construction.

    Great binding

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have zero complaints about these. Good DIN range and have never had a problem. I have these mounted on my Volkl Mantras (98mm underfoot) and they work well. To be honest I've never had a binding I was unhappy with....but these are doing their job well


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have these mounted on Armada Alpha 1's and I love the setup. After breaking numerous Marker bindings, the FKS is a breath of fresh air. They are not the lightest binding out there, but you will thank yourself for the extra weight when you dont snap toe pieces, brakes, riser platforms, or any other of the thousand pieces that often break on most bindings.

    All I could ask for

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I bought new powder skis for last season (nordica patron) and bought these bindings to go along with them. I did have a problem with them initially, but only because the DIN was set incorrectly by the techs who mounted them. Once that was all sorted out they were perfect.

    They never pre-released on me and handled ever type of condition Utah could throw at them.

    The bright orange color also made it very easy to find my skis in deep powder when they did come off, which was an added bonus.

    Favorite ski binding

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    These bindings are awesome. They handle everything I have thrown at them. They have hardly ever pre-released on me, especially in those moments where you almost go down, but you can recover if your skis stay on. The elastic travel in the rear makes them very resistant to heel release when you don't want it. Also, they are easy to put on when you crash in powder, where sometimes you have to sit and put them on because you posthole with just boots. Overall awesome binding, have them on all of my skis.

    Great Binding

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have this binding on both my pairs of skis (one is a Look, but the same binding). These are a perfect binding for what I am looking for, I don't need a DIN higher than 12. I am 6' 210 lbs. I am an aggressive skier, but don't plan on bombing cliffs or anything. I have these mounted on Armada JJ's & Rossi E88's.


      I ride these bindings in the park almost every day. I work on the park crew so we are in and out of our skis all day long. Quality construction. The heal piece has a real nice feel and sound when you step in. I do think the adjustment on the heal is not 100%, It can be tough to get the tension right (Tension Gauge on the rear of the heal piece) and there is just a little bit of movement in the heal. I don't notice it skiing at all. Just when im messing around with my hands. If you are a true hardcore Park/Backcountry skiier then you should look at the FKS (180 especially just for the full metal toe piece). Its a heaver duty binding. I've broken one of the toe wings off. Thats been the only problem with them in the 2 and a half years Ive had these. All in all a real solid binding from Rossignol

      Almost the best

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These bindings outclass all others on the market... besides the fks's. They are better than marker and salomon combined. The only complaint is that I have broken 4 sets of brakes. They are super nice but if you have the money the fks's are a better investment.

      Trusting Rossy bindings

        Maybe it's personal taste, but have been skiing on Rossigonal bindings the past few years and have had no issues with pre-release, while having them come off when I need them to. The marketing materials mention elastic travel - personally have felt more comfortable on Look/Rossigonol than other choices. Pairs these bindings with E98's and they make a drab ski look a little brighter (in the bright yellow binding).

        I just purchased these bindings (XL) for my Line jib skis. My Line skis are 85mm underfoot and took up a great deal online while i had the chance. As far as im concerned, these bindings will work find being the XL and just 5mm larger for break width, correct? I hope i am...

        Buying Axial's for my line prophet 90s

        Should I go with the L(80-90) or the XL (90-100)?

        Im looking for a brake with 130mm witdth that fits this binding. Is the ''Tyrolia Adrenalin Ski Brake 13'' fine? or do you have one that works?

        Are these bindings adjustable and if so how within what range.

        Would these be alright on the 4FRNT YLE...

        Would these be alright on the 4FRNT YLE 187s?


        I weigh 230 what size should I get

        I weigh 230 what size should I get

        good for park skiing?

        good for park skiing?

        Unanswered Question

        Would anyone recommend these for mounting...

        Would anyone recommend these for mounting on Rossignol Radical GS JR Pro Race Skis? I need DIN 10 or 12 max, or any other recommendations-- I'm 5'3" and weigh 120 lbs.

        Thinking about mounting these on my sweet...

        Thinking about mounting these on my sweet new Super 7s. I'm now skiing several sets of skis with bindings between 4-12 DIN with no problems. Any real advantage to the more expensive FKS 140s? I'm 5'10" and weigh 175 and I charge hard

        The FKS 140 have a lot more metal, and the tried-and-true turntable design. That heal also lets your ski flex the way it was meant to, because the mount is smaller.

        With that being said, I have 3 pairs of these Axial 120's, and I have no complaints. I never pre-release, and I have a pair from 4 years ago that are holding up great. I weigh 150 and ride them at a 9 DIN. I ski fast and drop cliffs with no problems.

        what does Large mean for a binding? i just...

        what does Large mean for a binding? i just bought 171 bluehouse skis. my boot size is about 26.5 i think. I am a 9.5 in women and 8 in mens.

        How would these XXL bindings do on the...

        How would these XXL bindings do on the Armada JJ's? I am 5'11, 205lb, aggressive skier. I am between these and the Salomon STH 14 driver binding. I trust the Salomon is a solid binding, but I am not too excited about them just coming in blue for the Armada's. Thanks!

        Best Answer

        Define aggressive? I'm a lot lighter than you and run a higher DIN because I like to get a bit aggro. If you're really pushing hard, I'd guess you'll need a burlier binding at your weight.

        The STH is a better binding than the Axial due to the single pivot point on the toe and more elasticity. It's not as mobile as the Look/Rossi pivot, but it's the next best thing and has some advantages over the pivot system. I'd go for the Sally if I were you, or you can get the Atomic version of the same binding if color is an issue:

        will these work with Scarpa Typhoon boots...

        will these work with Scarpa Typhoon boots with the DIN Standard Vibram� Ride sole? Thx

        Outside of the Din setting is there much...

        Outside of the Din setting is there much difference between these and the Rossignol Axial2 100 XL Ski Binding?

        Are this bindings compatible with my salomon...

        Are this bindings compatible with my salomon shoguns ??? they are 100m underfoot.


        do these bindings xl 100 mm do they fit...

        do these bindings xl 100 mm do they fit on the saloman czar 2009 105 under foot

        I've got a couple of questions. First,...

        I've got a couple of questions. First, is this binding compatible with the MFD all time?

        Second, does anyone know how much this binding weighs?

        Yes they are compatible with the MFD as long as you get the specific one that works with this binding. There are three different MFD's, the black one listed as Look/Rossi is the one that will work with this. As for the second question, the Look PX 12 has a listed weight at 5 lb 5 oz. These would be the same.

        Write your question here...Hey guys just...

        Write your question here...Hey guys just some brand spankin new surface new life's (stoked!) and there 122 under foot. will the xxl be to small for this? Cheers

        yo i am buying some ab new lifes as well! and yes it will work.. just go to a shop and have them mount em and ask em to bend the brake just a lil bit to fit. if they say they cant do it go to a different shop and ask em. mostshops will do it fer ya!

        does anyone know whether these bindings...

        does anyone know whether these bindings fit the K2 Missdemeanor 2007 ski's or does anyone know any bindings that will fit? Desperately looking for some bindings

        These will fit with the L or XL brake option. In fact... pretty much any alpine ski bindind will "fit" as long as the brakes are wide enough. Since the Misdemeanor is only 90mm underfoot (so pretty skinny by todays standards) any modern binding will probably work just fine.