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Get away from it all.

There are three things that we don't like about resort snowboarding: crowds, money, and hardpack. The Rome Whiteroom Splitboard makes all three disappear. The reliable convenient split mounting system combined with medium-stiff flex and Rome's innovative Powder S hybrid camber make the Whiteroom the perfect tool for getting away from crowds and into the privacy of your own, personal white room.

The Whiteroom's most important innovation is its Powder S hybrid camber. From the nose to the last front binding insert, the Whiteroom uses a full rocker profile for huge flotation in bottomless powder. The effect is a ride that can only be duplicated on a surfboard. From the front binding inserts back to the tail, the Whiteroom is a traditional camber board. That means tons of pop from the pre-loaded tail and unparalleled edge control on harder snow.

The folks at Rome laid up the Whiteroom with tried-and-true wood laid tip-to-tail. Two zones of lightweight wood team up with poplar for smooth, predictable flex and loads of pop. Then they added Kevlar® and carbon stringers in a V at the tip and tail for ridiculous stiffness and unheard-of edge control. The StraightTriax30 laminate adds even more stiffness and edge control. Rome's designers also added Kevlar impact plates under the binding inserts to eliminate compression caused by high-impact landings, and finished off the Whiteroom with a lightning-quick SinterSpeed sintered base.

  • Powder S hybrid camber
  • Directional shape
  • Kevlar® impact plates
  • Kevlar® PressurePop stringers
  • Carbon V Powerbars
  • AirPop core matrix
  • SinterSpeed sintered base