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The mountain is your skatepark.

Skateboarding influences everything about your snowboarding, from the tricks you do to the clothes you wear, and now you can get more of a skate feel on snow than ever with the Rome Shank Snowboard. Designed to be ridden short, the Shank features a shape and tech that will have you forgetting that you're not on wheels when you're cruising through the park.

SkateCore profiling creates both the ollie feel of a skateboard and the turny feel of riding on trucks by thinning the board between the bindings and thickening the core under foot.  A loose feel is made possible thanks to the ButterOut transition zones. By doubling the length of the transition zones, the section of edge at the contact points are elongated, which when combined with the catch-free, fun feel of the No Hang-Ups rocker makes for a buttery ride. The QuickRip sidecut features additional contact points near the bindings that allow the board to feel loose at low speeds while still maintaining edge hold at speed. Basalt impact plates underfoot increase durability by protecting the core from getting compressed by the bindings on harsh impacts, and the fast SinterTrue base keeps you cruising through flat zones and traverses.

  • No Hang-Ups rocker
  • True twin shape
  • QuickRip sidecut
  • StraightTriax 30 laminate
  • SkateCore profiling
  • ButterOut transition zones
  • SuperPop Core Matrix wood core
  • Basalt Impact Plates
  • SinterTrue sintered base
  • Note: colors and graphics on diecut bases vary; we can’t guarantee what one you’ll get