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Class and function for surfers who thrive on tide information.

The Rip Curl Cortez SS Tidemaster 2 Watch doesn't create waves or fire a shark-killing laser, but it does display valuable info about the tide, moon phase, and sunrise-sunset times so you can know when to paddle out to the break. Since it's all secured inside a waterproof (tested to 200m) stainless steel case, it works just as well on the water as it does on land.
  • The Automatic Tide System uses pre-programmed data about the tide range, moon phase, and sunset-sunrise times displayed on three digital windows
  • A heat bezel turns independently and aligns with the big analog hands so you can keep time during surf competitions without pressing lots of buttons
  • A chronograph supplies you with a countdown timer and stopwatch
  • An alarm, dual time, and date make sure you keep track of your surf competitions and road-trip schedules
  • The face's backlight updates you while you wait for sunrise
  • A large, sturdy 46mm-wide stainless steel case provides enough room for the many features and adds some class to your tanned, sandy wrist