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Ready to tackle the loftiest peaks and steepest terrain, the Ride Highlife UL Wide Snowboard slays the steep and deep with its carbon-infused construction and highly responsive flex pattern. Accommodating bigger dudes with large feet, the Highlife UL Wide is purposely designed for outgunning everyone on the mountain without unnerving chatter or high-speed vibration throwing you off balance when you're bombing down the mountain. Its directional twin shape is set-back enough to benefit from effortless float and enhanced straight-line stability, making it best for directional riders who point-it straight down the mountain, making wide-radius turns and slashing powder at maximum velocity.

Inherently more stable than predominately rocker designs, the Highlife UL Wide features Ride's Hybrid All-Mountain profile, which features micro-camber along the running length for powerful edgehold and straight-line stability. Maintaining a buoyant feel in deep powder, the board's nose rocker helps to keep you on top of the snow without submerging, keeping you from burning up your back foot on those epic powder days. Since there's no rocker at the tail, the board maintains directional stability when you're gunning at blistering speeds.

Loaded with more tech than any board in Ride's line, the Highlife UL Wide features tip-to-tail Silencer stringers within the UL wood core to dissipate high-speed chatter and unruly vibration from bucking you off-balance. This makes the board exceptional at riding through choppy, bumped-up snow at the end of a powder day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Next, you'll find a urethane-infused Membrain topsheet for a silky-smooth ride and eye-catching finish. Moving to the board's fiberglass layup, the Pop Glass offers a hearty dose of carbon fiber that's stitched directly into the fiberglass for maximum pop. Carbon Array 5 Laminates run from the inserts to the opposing contacts, transmitting energy for the utmost in high-speed control. And to finish off the carbon treatment, Ride's Popwalls Slimewalls insert carbon stringers into the urethane Slimewalls for a super-charged blend of response and snap when you're arcing high-speed carves and blasting off the lip of side-hits and cliff drops.

  • Directional twin (0.75-inch set-back)
  • Hybrid All-Mountain profile (micro-camber running length, rocker at nose)
  • UL core (wood core with tip-to-tail Silencer stringers)
  • Membrain topsheet (urethane-infused topsheet)
  • Pop Glass (carbon fiber stitched into fiberglass)
  • Carbon Array 5 Laminates
  • Popwalls Slimewalls (carbon-infused urethane sidewalls)
  • UL Base (ultra-light base material)
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