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Mixed depth wheelsets should come not only in tubulars, but in clinchers too. That's why Reynolds is offering their Forty Six/Sixty Six Carbon Clincher Wheelset. And this is a great thing as the performance advantages will be felt equally; the only question is whether you want the ride and weight savings of tubulars or the convenience of clinchers. There's a lot to be said for clinchers -- less expensive tires, easier maintenance, less mess, less fuss, and most likely faster tire changes.

Reynolds noticed that many of their sponsored riders chose this mixed wheelset for racing. You can see where the shallower front wheel offers both weight savings and greater crosswind stability at the cost of a little less aero advantage, and the rear is all about aero, yet remains light enough.

Reynolds' Swirl Lip Generator is a subtle new detail that makes the wheels significantly faster. The Swirl Lip Generators are two tiny lips on either side of the narrow edge of the rim. If you didn't know better, you might think they were parting lines that weren't sanded down after the rim came out of the mold. There's no sanding forgotten, and they're hardly an accident. The SLG creates turbulence that helps the airflow reattach faster behind, after ...the shallower front wheel offers more stability in heavy crosswinds, but the rear is all about aerodynamics... passing over the rim. They also have the effect of decreasing sideways air force on the rim, and in so doing, make your bike easier to steer in crosswinds. This means it takes less concentration and less strength to pilot the bike, which means you can devote more concentration and more strength to going fast.

Another big change is their new CTg brake track. C is for Cryo, Tg for glass transition temperature. As you know, heat build-up is not a good thing at the brake track. For clinchers, heat build-up can lead to deformation of the rim at the brake track, which can lead to a tire literally blowing off the rim. Another worry is brake pads melting in the heat. The new CTg tracks are the result of a new resin system and a new laminate structure. In regular riding conditions, it means the brake tracks operate up to 100°F cooler than the old tracks. In other words, braking will be better, more consistent, and you'll have little to fear from braking hard on long descents.

The rest of the wheels are equally high-performance. The rims are drilled for internal spoke nipples. As the hidden aluminum nipples present less of an obstacle for the wind and the rim has smaller holes in it, it's both faster and stronger. The spokes are DT's bladed Aerolite, both front and rear. They're laced with 20 radial spokes in front and 20 cross-2 drive and radial non-drive rear. DT also makes the hubs for Reynolds. These are the 240s model -- light, strong, smooth, and durable.

All Reynolds wheel owners can buy themselves some extra peace of mind by purchasing Reynolds' two-year damage protection plan. It's called RAP, short for Reynolds Assurance Plan. The insurance means you should have little fear that a crash will ruin your wheel investment. Find out more about it on the Reynolds Cycling site.

Reynolds recommends using their plastic tire levers for mounting and removing tires. They state that other plastic levers can be used -- no metal tire levers. They also recommend their rim strip, because it's thin, which makes tire installation easier. It comes installed. A 48mm Presta valve will allow you to pump up the tires without issue. Maximum tire pressure is 150psi, though you'll probably never go this high anyway.

The Reynolds Forty Six/Sixty Six Carbon Clincher Wheelset comes with either a Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM compatible freehub body and they include a full set of Reynolds' Cryo Blue brake pads in versions to match each. Reynolds recommends only these pads as they were designed with the brake tracks; use of any other brake pads is not recommended and will void the warranty. Reynolds also includes their new ultra-light quick release skewers, valve extenders, and a spoke wrench.

  • Patented Swirl Lip Generator provides improved aerodynamics and crosswind stability
  • CTg brake track system, and Cyro blue pads for enhanced braking performance
  • Tough high-modulus carbon rim is ideal for broken, or cobblestone roads

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