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ugh, nasty crap

    ok they are really comfortable and supportive, but dont keep em for more tha a few months cuz they soak up all the smell from ur feet and shoot it back 10 fold! they stink! literally, and the whole water resevour leaks all over the place so if you want ur fav beverage then youll have to lick it off the floor or drink it out of a can/bottle/cup like a normal person

    Comfortable, don't hold much.

      Very comfortable to wear, but they don't hold much liquid, if that's what you're wanting. Filled both one time; went to ball game; poured out one; the other was empty. Cap was sealed tight. Did it leak from there of elsewhere? Buy as a pair of sandals only.

      Not As Good...Not As Good

        A+ on comfort, D- on durability. I bought these because i enjoyed the Fannings so much, but i was very irritated that after two days from the car to the dock to the boat in Lake Powell that these bad boys were cracked and useless. Anyone know if they have a warranty?

        reef dram's

          These flops are nice, they went straight to mexico and didn't come off for 9 days without any debris entering the cuervo flask area on both the left and the right! very comfortable and the idea was appreciated by all!

          Great Customer Service!

            Referencing "Totally Ridiculous", I got them too and love them. I went to their site, e-mailed customer service that I needed a replacement screw -on Beverage Cap and they sent them to me for free. Now, that is very cool. Is there a reason NOT to get a pair of these amazingly cool and incredibly comfortable kick-back machines? I can't think of one.

            Good not great

              I like the sandals. The bladder for beverages is a good idea, but it makes for a slightly awkward walking surface and I punctured the bladder the second day when I stepped on a nail. That's not the shoes' fault, but I will stick with the Nick Fanning with the air cushion from now on.

              Totally Ridiculous

                So they're really comfortable, which is the important part, but they're also pretty strange. When people find out what they're secret is, they always look at me strangely.

                Beware the church-key. It stripped the socket on one of the caps as I didn't insert it far enough before turning. Metal on plastic does not mix well.

                Best Sandals

                  Not only are they comfortable, but the flask on the bottom is ingenious. It even has measures on the bottom of the sandal which is awesome. I highly recommend these for anyone who wants a comfortable sandal and a definite conversation starter.

                  Innovationally Novel

                    OK, So you think about drinking out of the bottom of your flip flops and I agree, EW!!! This is a very novel Item, but the best part is the comfort, they are A1 class in the comfort level of Reef sandals. With the locking cap you don't have to worry about getting the ants drunk on the sidewalk from a leaky flask. Yes I will use them for some good ol Sailor Jerry. Don't think about the fact of shoe to mouth, think of Inspector smart and his shoe phone, this is way better. Pour from your shoe to your favorite mixed drink for an extra boost when in states like Utah.