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Prologo's saddles are placed into one of three categories based on their shape. Flat, semi-round, or round. The Scratch Pro Plus Tirox Saddle lands in the third category. Its rounded shape makes it a good choice for riders who tend to stay seated, even while climbing.

The Scratch Pro Plus Tirox has a variable stiffness frame (the portion that attaches to the rails) -- in this case made of injected carbon. Varying the stiffness allows the frame to flex in the middle, which leads to better shock absorption and less rider fatigue. Layered on the frame, the multi-density foam is softer in the mid-section, reflecting the same principles applied to the construction of the frame, and firmer at the paddle (the widest portion), where you sit. In addition, Active Shape Technology (AST) takes the design of the foam one step further. Not only are the mid-section and paddle zones different densities, but within each zone are varying densities and well as shapes. This design serves to even further reduce hot spots on the pelvic and perineal regions.

Prologo endows the Scratch Pro Plus with something they call Easy Stroke Design, or ESD, where the width dramatically tapers toward the nose. Think of this like a deeper slot for the stroke of your leg, with less friction between inner thigh and edge of the saddle you get more efficient power transmission.

The Pro Plus rests on Tirox light-alloy steel rails. This, combined with a tough microfiber cover, makes it suitable not just for the road, but also a great saddle for cyclocross and mountain biking.

Prologo's Scratch Pro Plus Tirox Saddle is available in 134mm and 143mm widths and comes in Full Black and Full White color schemes.

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