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yvonne de miranda

yvonne de miranda wrote a review of on June 18, 2012

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Button for light on and off very difficult to use. i asked a very strong man to do this and even he had trouble. In addition the red screen for night vision has a 'lip' to find it when on head, however this 'lip' is flush with the rest of lamp and can hardly be found even when lamp is in hands. Easier to flip up than down but not really functional enough. For what the blurb explains about strength of light I was mislead. There are far too few led lights to do a good job. On the positive side, it is very comfortable, so on stormy nights when the power is out I can use this headlight for reading...indoors. Maybe someone else does not have my issues. But everyone who tried this one I bought, said the same about on/off button and no easy access to night vision shade especially flipping it down.
I have several other headlamps and this did not compare to equivalent price - which is too high in any case for what I got.