youngster wrote a review of on February 25, 2013

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As everyone else has said, this is a great combination of size, value, and backcountry ability. There is a flat spot on the top of the tent which can collect water in heavy conditions. Camping in Valdez, AK this summer, I had to punch up at the roof every now and then to dump the water out during a particularly rainy night. However, the same flat spot is a great little table I always use when brushing my teeth or organizing light pack items. Not to mention a rain-collection device if you don't mind sleeping with a bucket over your head.

I found it helpful to sew in a little loop of cord at the foot of the tent's rainfly in order to attach an additional guyline to tension the rainfly and keep space between the tent and rainfly for ventilation at your feet, as well as allowing water to run-off easier in harsh weather. Piece of cake modification.

Great tent, has held up well in desert and alpine conditions, as well as the handful of rainy and snowy trips backpack trips I've had over the last few years.