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xen100431116 wrote a review of on July 30, 2012

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I've read a couple reviews from people complaining that this is not a true "ultralight" bag because it has a full zip and built in pillow etc... All true, but the "extra" features make the bag more usable, even if it is and ounce or two heavier. I'm a tall guy (6'3") and the fit is good in the long. The pillow was frankly nice to have and the draw strings for the draft collar and the hole were easy to operate from inside the bag in the dark. 30 degrees is a bit generous, but 40 with wind was no problem. Storage sack and stuff sack are also top notch in quality. No feathers leaking after 10 days of use.





xen100431116 wrote a review of on July 30, 2012

3 5

Easy to inflate, surprisingly warm, very comfortable and everything works the way it ought to.

However, by design, it is fragile and does puncture relatively easily. It's easy to repair, but the maintenance is a hassle.

Also, takes considerable time to pack and unpack, which could be a negative if you like to wake up and get on the trail quickly.

For now, I will live with what I have, but would go with a closed cell pad for reliability and simplicity in the future.