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woop166768 wrote a review of on February 25, 2013

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I had an old pair of vasques that belonged to my dad that I used for years and they have been the only boots i have ever owned. Unfortunately this pase summer when I got them out of my closet, a mouse had made a meal out of one of the uppers 6 days before a trip I was taking. Ordered them, got them, and took them on a 4 day bare bones light trip on the AT and they were amazingly comfortable.I did seem to bottom out a few times coming down steep hills, but otherwise the support was pretty darn good. I retired them from hiking though because they are only good for light loads, but they became my work boots. Bit by bit though, the waterproofing went away to where now they are useless at keeping dew out. if that was not enough, about 6 work days in, the sole became un-laminated or un-glued right underneath the toe box. I sort of bodged them back together with superglue, but i never though they would do this considering the quality usually inherent in merrels. Anyway, these are great light use lightweight boots that may not last as long as you want.





woop166768 wrote a review of on November 25, 2012

Very delicious
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I bought these to use on a backpacking trip, and they worked brilliantly there, because they were very warm and very comfortable. I decided not to retire them when I got home, and found myself wearing them around the house more and more, and then to school after that. You can wear these as normal shoes because they do in fact have tread on the bottom. One caveat is that the annoying sockliner that is above the padded foam in the sole falls out almost immediately, so you have to wear socks in order for your feet not to generate some serious stank. But considering these were not made to be worn everyday, my two months straight with them on my feet have been rather glorious.