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wildoats wrote a review of on May 18, 2010

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Finally got a chance to bust this out on Shasta's Casaval route. The bag folds up pretty small, even with the foam pad left in. On summit day, it held shovel, avy probe, liter of water, ice axe (x2), trekking pole (x1), down jacket, shells (top and bottom), and some food/first aid.Overall I was really happy with it. A few complaints...the ice axe loops and buckle sizes. I knew that it only came with one velcro loop, but my haul-bag is the Bora 80, so my plan was to just strip off the velcro straps for that and use them on the Cierzo. Only problem is that the Bora straps are too wide, had to take a knife to the cierzo straps to get it to fit. As for the buckle sizes, they seemed a bit on the small side. I kept on mis-clipping the bag closed, accidentally connecting the side-straps to the top lid. Would have been nice for a little differentiation between strap systems. Finally, I had trouble getting the opening to cinch closed, seemed to take some work to get the coord to properly close off the opening.For what it's worth, I think my partner is thinking of getting one because of the huge weight savings on summit day.





wildoats wrote an answer about on April 20, 2010

You might be able to rig that up, but I wouldn't recommend it. There's no frame to stabilize the load, and I would probably worry about the edges cutting the material. This pack is a straight-up no frills alpine summit-day bag. Enough room and 'comfort' for some food, water, down jacket, and the 10 essentials, not the type of bag I'd want to put a lot of weight in.