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wesp474136 wrote a review of on June 9, 2014

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After reading reviews here (thanks, everyone) and elsewhere, I purchased small and medium sizes of black Metolius belay gloves. I actually plan to use them on longer rappels, and maybe some other rappels as well.

I recognize the advice to squeeze in the smaller size, but that didn't work for me. I could get my hand in small size, but the fingers were a tad too short, and that was uncomfortable. Also, the small size didn't extend down the hand as far as it should have, stopping just at the edge of the ulnar styloid (that's the bony "knob" on the outside of the wrist). BTW, I do not have long, "spidery" fingers (as a guitarist, I've seen plenty of long spidery fingers, and I ain't got them).

So I went with the mediums, which fit the length of my fingers nicely and extend down to cover about 1/2 the ulnar styloid. As one would expect, cowhide is stiffer and, important to me, tougher (than goatskin).

I am going to wear them around and practice "making a fist" to break them in. I recognize that one must be cautious in using gloves for rappelling. I do know that last time I went canyoneering, I developed a blister on my middle finger of my (non-brake) hand, and that the 3/4 fingerless glove I was wearing didn't protect the middle section of my finger.

BTW, the 3/4 climbing gloves do not extend far enough up the digit to protect three-quarters of your finger. Thus it is a misnomer to call them "three-quarters" gloves, and at any rate the finger naturally divides into "thirds" because of the two joints (PIP--proximal interphalangeal and DIP--distal interphalangeal).





wesp474136 wrote a review of on April 6, 2013

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Surprised there aren't more reviews of these duffels. I've looked at TNF, Patagonia, and Marmot, and several other duffel bags. It really came down to a dead heat between Marmot and Mammut. I ordered the Mammut cargon 60L bag and am highly satisfied. I needed a 60L bag to carry my canyoneering equipment. I did like the Marmot bags as well, but they come in atypical sizes: 50L and 75L. I thought about the 75L bag, but that bag is too long IMO (it is 29.5" long), making it difficult to carry and stow. Both Marmot and Mammut duffels seem to use the same strap configuration, which can be used as backpack straps or can be joined together as a single handle (comment by reviewer below about "tuck away" shoulder straps--at least the 60L does NOT have this, I don't know what he is talking about). Of course, these backpack straps can be removed. None of these duffels are waterproof, but the bottom of the Mammut is a water-resistant vinyl material--good if you are setting your bag down on wet ground or damp grass. In contrast, the vinyl material on the Marmot appear to be on the TOP & SIDES of the bag (judging by picture). The Mammut has one "outside" zipper pocket on one end of the duffel, which is of good size. The main compartment is easily packed and accessed through zippered lid. There are two zipper "mesh" pockets on the underside of the lid (for personal items,e.g. keys, cellphones, etc.). Finally, on the inside front there are three "organizer pockets" for holding items that partially close w/ velcro tabs. On the outside of the bag, there are two sets of three attachment points for clipping items to bag w/ carabiner. Two compression straps and two handles (on the ends) round out the features of this bag. To me, this bag is a keeper.