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vin4256620 wrote an answer about on November 24, 2011

Pertex is top notch quality.
Valandré use to make their sleeping bags with.

You can learn more on
If pertex was your only concern about this jacket, go, it's probably the best fabric you can have for a down jacket...

Btw, I had the opportunity to try this jacket on, and I must say it's realy nice.
I don't find the neck to be so tight, and what I like a lot vs. the Patagonia, is that the shoulders are broad, but the waist is slimmer ; the fit is more "athletic". I always found the Patagonia fit a bit too "baggie" in the waist area, and if I sized down, the shoulders were too tight.

So, if you're between M and L at Patagonia, this jacket could perfectly fit on you. Warmth wise, I think theyr're both top quality.