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tylersobol1584111 wrote a review of on January 16, 2012

Awesome Buy!
5 5

After my climbing buddies and I walked a mile and half back to the car following countless falls onto the Mad Pad this weekend I can say it does what it is designed to. It rested well on ground riddled with ankle breaking outcrops and absorbed our weight when we flew too close to the sun. Nobody needed a stretcher to get off the hill, it was one of the lowest priced pads I found, and the couch function made for the most comfortable seat I've ever used in the wilderness. Not only have I suggested this product to my friends, I've begged them to buy their own!





tylersobol1584111 wrote a review of on January 11, 2012

3 5

I ordered the overhang pant off of SAC and got an awesome pair of pants to go hiking/climbing in (on bluebird days). The primary reason I ordered them was because they claimed to be water resistant. Within the first couple minutes of the first drizzle the new pants saw my legs were wet.
I would like to point out that these are the most comfy pants I own. I wear them around the house in place of sweat pants sometimes and cherish them on bright days in the forest.
If you want a great pair of pants that are much more flexible than you will ever be, you should jump all over these. If you want something that will keep the dew off your shins on morning romps through tall grass, you should keep looking...