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tqup528279 wrote a review of on June 20, 2013

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I am generally a fan of scarpa, the fit on the pairs I have had give a nice snug fit without having to crunch and curl my toes too severely to keep the heel snug. The design of the shoe is comparable to sportiva's solutions and performs just as well, with a shallower heel pocket which fits my foot shape much better (had similar problems with anasazi w/baggy heel). I was able to go a half size up from my normal fit and they are extremely comfy and snug now that they are broken in. Solid stickiness, great toe hooking, the strap cinches down that tiny bit of space for difficult climbs but the fit is so perfect I can easily climb through v4 boulder problems without bothering. I also prefer this shoe to the Boostic which i have also tried. Highly recommend, especially for people who like solutions but have issues w/the depth of the heel pocket.