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tos24k wrote a review of on April 25, 2012

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This was my first venture into the minimalist shoe world. I went with these because they got decent reviews for a wider foot. My feet are high maintenance...I'm military so I do a lot of running, both on the road and in the trails. Ive always been picky with my shoes and always stuck with NB 998s for my road runners. As I became more of a trail runner enthusiast Ive been wanting to give something else a try. I chose these because I trust NB. Once I received them I immediately put them on right in the parking lot (got anxious!). At first they were a little snug and I thought they weren't going to work with my flat feet. I drove to the gym in them and my outer foot was already aching after just a 10 minute ride just driving in them! I took them off and loosened the laces then tightened them to my feet.....and it seems like I haven't been able to take them off every since! Man these are sooo comfortable! I worked out in them that day, lifting and some light cardio on the treadmill. They held up great with only slight soreness in the shins after 3.5 miles on the treadmill. I figured that would be normal. Next morning I eagerly got up for my first trail run in them. Went 5 miles on some great German Terrain and after I just DID NOT want to take them off! Hardly any soreness in the shins as the day prior, no blisters or soreness. The shoe hugged my feet like a glove and none of my toes rubbed on each other as they normally tend to do in tighter shoes. My only quarrel on them was the sole slipped a little bit going up a wet rocky path. They have slightly better traction than my 998 running shoes, but I was expecting a little better traction from a dedicated trail runner shoe. Minimal quarrel though because I love everything else about this shoe. I normally wear a 8.5 and I went with the recommended one half size up. I tried them with my running socks but I do not like the feel. I think if I werel to want tonwear these in my PT uniform I would get another pair a full size up to wear daily with socks. Ive ran all over the place in these things as well as wear them everyday around the gym, lifting and cardio. I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone that is "on the fence" about trying a new style shoe out! Train hard!