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tom2433891 wrote an answer about on March 24, 2013

I live in Vancouver and ski the coast range A LOT. I do a lot of touring so my skis are a little lighter and thiner than most out there. I have an older pair of Stelvio's (2006 version) and a newer pair of K2 Wayback's (2012 version) . The Stelvio's are great on spring corn snow and at the resort, but they take some skill to ski in deep heavy snow. The K2 Waybacks are a lot more forgiving in deep snow and variable conditions. The Wayback's are great beginner skis and very versatile. They're ok in powder, ok in crud, ok on ice, ok on steeps, ok for long tours. They are a little on the skinny side with only 88mm underfoot, but I'm used to skinnier skis. If you want a midfat ski I would look at the K2 Coombacks.




tom2433891 wrote a review of on March 24, 2013

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I've skied this for one season in the Coast Range in BC. They're very versatile skis, which is really important here on the coast. We get the worst crud and the the deepest powder in the same weekend. The soft tip and 30% rocker really help in deep heavy snow. I would recommend these to a beginner or anyone who wants a versatile ski that is light enough to go the distance.





tom2433891 wrote a review of on September 22, 2008

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These will wear out after 30 days in the mountains. Granted I'm using them in the Canadian Back Country, but I am surely disappointed. A good pair of full leather boots have lasted much longer in the same conditions. It's a shame, I wish, because the first day I had them was amazing. They're OK when light is right, but avoid scree slopes at all costs.